Bullied by Yolanda.

Yolanda and I were pretending to be going steady in a cute little game she started. At least I thought we were pretending. Yoland is a beautiful fifteen year old girl with blond hair and sparkling green eyes while I was a forty year old man. So it couldn't have been anymore then a game. Right? Well in Yolanda's eyes it was real. When she heard I was arm wrestling with Dana she gave me a terrible beating for holding hands with another girl. Then she threatened to hunt me down and give me another beating if she heard I had been spreading rumors about her. Sadly that's exactly what happened. A friend and I were out driving one day when we passed a group of girls standing in a yard. He commented about the beautiful blond he saw standing in the middle of the pack and it happened to be Yolanda. I told him she was beautiful alright but crazy as hell. He pressed me for more information but I refused to tell him anything more. Somehow Yolanda got word that I called her crazy and she came looking for me with fire in her eyes.

Yolanda and two of her friends Dana and Synobia saw me and two friends of mine pass them on the street. They turned their car around and followed us to my friends home. I had no idea she was behind us when I stepped out of the car and headed for his front door. Just as I started up the steps I heard her scream for me. "Come here you little wimp I want to talk to you." I froze in my spot and began to tremble. "Y.Yolanda. What are you doing here?" I asked while I fearfully backed up to the door. "You know exactly why I'm here you lying bastard." She said while coming for me with a hateful look on her beautiful face. I didn't wanna look like a wimp in front of my friends but the look in her eyes scared me to death. I backed my way into his house and quickly closed the door. "A closed door isn't going to stop me you big sissy." She angrily said while she stormed up the steps. "Now hold on a minute." My friend said as he stepped into her path. Yolanda merely shoved him into Synobia's arms and charged into the house after me. Synobia put him in a hammer lock half nelson combination hold and marched him in the house behind Yolanda. While my other friend was standing there in shock Dana put him in a full nelson and dragged him into the house. The two young girls were only fifteen years old and my friends were in their forties but they easily handled them like they were children. Dana and Synobia threw my friends down on their knees in front of the couch and sat down behind them. They held their prisoners in their unbreakable holds and settled in with a smile on their face to watch Yolanda deal with me. My friends were struggling with everything they had to free themselves but the young teenage girls were just to strong. Tears were in their eyes when they finally gave up their useless struggling and passively knelt there feeling huimiliated. "Good boy. If you give me any more trouble I'll throw you across my lap and paddle your ass. Do you understand me you little pansy ass?" Synobia asked her captive. "Yes.. miss." My friend answered like a docile little lamb. "That goes for you too you little wimp. If you mess with me I'll blister your ass until you can't sit down. Got it?" "Yes.. Miss.. what.. ever.. you.. say." He submissively answered with quivering lips. "Good boy. Now keep your mouth shut and watch what happens to your sissy friend. Yolanda is pissed so it won't be pretty."

"Come back here you big pussy." Yolanda screamed while she chased me through the house. I managed to stay ahead of her until I circled around to the living room and saw my friends were helplessly pinned down in the arms of Synobia and Dana. I stood there in a trance for a few seconds before I realised I better get moving. Unfortunately when I started to take off Synobia stuck her foot out and tripped me. Before I could get up and escape Yolanda yanked me off of the floor and firmly held me in her strong arms. "I've got you now you lying pussy bastard. My friends tell me you've been spreading rumors that I'm a crazy blond bitch. Didn't I tell you to keep your mouth shut or I'd shut it for you?" She asked while her green eyes bored into mine. "I didn't say that Y.Yolanda. I swear I didn't." I whimpered while I trembled in her grip. "I see. So my friends are all lying to me. Is that what you're saying?" I knew better then to say yes. I didn't want to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life to see if another fifteen year old girl had cornered me to kick my ass. So I hung my head and kept my mouth shut. "That's what I thought. I'm proud of the fact that I always keep my word you lying pussy. I told you I would beat you to a pulp if you opened your mouth but I guess you didn't believe me. Big mistake asshole. As you can see my friends are in control of your buddy's and they can't help you so let's get started shall we." I tried to shove her away from me and run but Yolanda was to strong.

"SMACK!" I hit the floor in a daze. Yolanda slipped her shoes off and dragged me to my feet. "I'm a lying crazy bitch huh?" "SMACK!" I keeled over and went down in a heap. "Come here you little wimp I'm just getting started." "NOOOOOOOOO! Please Yolanda." I pitifully whimpered while she jerked me up in her arms. "Keep begging boy. It won't do you any good but I love to hear men beg." "SMACK!" She gave me a black eye and dropped me at her feet. My friends violently began to struggle again when they saw me hit the floor. Dana and Synobia increased the pressure on their holds until they screamed like frightened little girls and gave up. "AAIIIEEEEEEEE! I GIVE I GIVE!" The one in Synobia's arms blubbered. "AAIIIEEEEEEEE! ME TOO ME TOO! LEMME GO!" Dana's victim screamed. The girls dragged them to their feet and held their trembling bodies up with a smile. "I warned you not to cause any trouble you little wimp." Synobia scolded while she drew back her fist. "SMACK!" He was out cold when he dropped like a dead man and landed at her feet. "Didn't I tell you not to mess with me you little sissy." Dana jerked his frightened face up to hers and smiled while she cocked her fist. "SMACK!" He collapsed like his legs had been cut out from under him and was sound asleep when he landed at her feet. Synobia and Dana proudly sat down on the couch and pinned their heads to the floor with their foot while they watched Yolanda deal with me.

"Get your ass back up here little boy." Yolanda yanked me off of the floor and laughed at the undeniable fear showing on my face. "You're about to piss your pants aren't you you little wimp?" "SMACK!" I hit the floor like a wet sack and started crying. "AAWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWW!" "You always were a pussy you big cry baby." She said while she picked me up. "I told you I would hunt you dowm and wipe up the floor with you if you ran your mouth." "SMACK!" I folded up like a card board box and hit the floor. "C'mere you big sissy I'm not done with you yet." "AAWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWW!" Sniff sniff. "AAWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWW!" I squalled like a lost little boy while Yolanda dragged me to my feet and jerked me up to her face. "You can cry and beg all you want you useless piece of shit. Nothing is going to save you." "SMACK!" I hit the floor like a limp dish rag and cried my eyes out while I fearfully stared at her white sock covered feet. "Don't worry cry baby you'll have them in your face in a few minutes." She said while she hauled me off of the floor. "Please Yolanda don't hit me anymore. I give up." I whined with tears running down my swollen cheeks. "That's my boy. Listening to you beg really turns me on so keep it up pansy ass." "SMACK!" I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes and laid there feeling sorry for myself while I bawled like a new born baby. "AAWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWW!" It didn't faze Yolanda one bit. She jerked me up in her arms and held me in front of her. "Beg me you little wimp. You never know I might take pity on you. Now beg." "Please.. Yolanda.. I'm.. sorry. I.. won't.. say.. anything.. about.. you.. again. Have.. mercy." I pleaded like a pathetic little bitch. "Not bad but you can do better. Don't worry you've got all day to practice." "SMACK!" She broke my nose and dropped me at her feet.