Teresa humiliates me.


My Mom left when I was six years old and I was stuck with my Step-dad who didn't care for me much because I looked like my Mother. From that moment on I was nothing more than a slave for him while he spent my Dads pension check on booze and women. I spent every evening after school doing household chores and late evenings doing my homework so I could pass my classes while he laid around and got drunk. I never got to go anywhere and I didn't have any friends because he kept me busy cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. For six straight years my life was nothing but misery and heartache and I thought it would never end. But I was wrong. Fifteen year old Teresa Dunn moved in next door and changed my life forever. Along with my asshole Step-dads. She came over to talk to me one day while I was in the front yard raking leaves and we instantly became friends. Her Mother had passed away four years ago and she was an only child too so we just seemed to bond together. She told me some wild stories about how she could do what ever she pleased because her Dad was afraid of her but I didn't believe them. Although I wasn't about to call her a liar and lose my only friend so I just smiled and kept my mouth shut. Then fate took charge and I got the surprise of my life. And so did my asshole Step-dad Richard. Teresa had been telling the truth all along and I was about to see it with my own eyes.