Dominated by Susan Anton.

Susan Anton

My friend Derrik is married to a beautiful woman named Susan Anton. I was always envious and jealous of Derrik because Susan is so damn gorgeous. Until the day I found out Susan is a manipulative bitch who expects to get her way. Actually she demands you do what ever she says whether you like it or not. Unfortunately that discovery was not only a complete shock it was extremely painful and humiliating. You just don't look at a hundred and twenty five pound female with perfect curves in all the right places and see her as a threat to your health. Especially when she's up against two large males who out weigh her by more then a hundred pounds each. But Susan easily proved how wrong we were in assuming she wouldn't stand a chance of winning a fight with us. She handled us like we were little boys with hardly any effort at all. When Susan was through with Derrik and I we were begging for mercy while we fearfully crawled at her feet. The memory of that terrifying day is etched in my mind forever. This is the unbelievable story of how Susan Anton completely dominated Derrik and I at the same time.

Me and Derrik used to do everything together before he met Susan. Then about a month after they were married he began to avoid me whenever I called. He was always to busy or didn't feel well enough to hang out. So I decided to stop by and see what the hell was going on. He really looked nervous when he opened the door and saw me standing there. But I barged in before he could come up with some excuse and told him I wasn't leaving without an explanation. He was so jittery his body was trembling like he was standing in a freezer. "What the hell is wrong with you Derrik? You look like death warmed over." "Uhh.. nothing Rich. This just isn't a good time for you to be here. Go home and I'll give you a call sometime this week." He answered wringing his sweaty hands. "No way man you're not getting rid of me that easy. I knew we wouldn't see much of each other when you and Susan got married but you've completely dropped off the face of the earth in the last month. What gives old buddy?" Before he could answer my attention was drawn to Susan as she entered the room. She had on a pair of hip hugging jeans that were perfectly molded around her gorgeous ass and long sleek legs. The red crop top barely hung below her magnificent breasts allowing a nice view of her flat stomach. I was mesmerized by her beauty until I saw the scowl on her beautiful face. "My delicate under garments have been sitting in the washer for the last ten minutes and I don't hear the vacuum cleaner running. I've had it with you little man. You know better then to make me angry." Derrik's face turned as white as a sheet when he saw Susan push her sleeves up her arms. "No Susan please I'm sorry I'm sorry." He pleaded as he backed away waving his shaky hands in front of him. "Not as sorry as you're going to be when I'm through giving you another attitude adjustment. Now come here." I stood there in a trance and watched the unbelievable scene unfolding before my eyes.

Susan roughly grabbed him by the shirt and punched him in the face. "SMACK!" Derrik hit the floor like a sack of potatoes and laid there crying. I finally came out of my stupor and intervened on his behalf. "What the fuck?" Susan whirled and glared at me with her hands on her shapely hips. "Mind your own business and get out or you'll join him in the floor." "Are you threatening me?" I asked in shock. "I'm simply stating the facts. Leave this house or I'll beat you senseless and throw you out. Is that clear enough?" She replied with a confident smile. "You can't be serious? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." "Another idiot male with a big mouth." She said as she drilled me in the stomach with a powerful right. "THUD!" My knees instantly buckled and the air rushed out of my lungs. Susan casually grabbed my limp body and flipped me over her hip like I was a rag doll. "SLAM!" I hit the floor next to Derrik like she said I would. "No one disobeys me in my house. Derrik eventually learned that and you will too. Now both of you get your ass up here so I can teach you a lesson in obedience." She ordered. She didn't have to tell me twice because I was pissed. If the stupid bitch wanted a beating then I was more then happy to give her one. Derrik seemed to find his courage and quickly leaped up to stand beside me. "She surely can't whip both of us at the same time Rich. This is my chance to escape the nightmare I'm in and get my life back. Let's show her who's boss." "You got it buddy." I answered with bravado. Everything is pretty fuzzy after that so I don't remember to clearly.

Derrik and I were filled with confidence when we went on the attack. But Susan quickly and easily put us in our place with her hard hitting fists and inescapable wrestling holds. Susan avoided my murderous punch and crushed my jaw with a powerful right cross. "SMACK!" It scrambled my brain and knocked me half way around. While I stood there in a stupor she swatted Derrik's punch aside like it was thrown by a child and drilled him in the mid section. "THUD!" "UUNNGGHHHHH!" He clutched his aching stomach and doubled over in pain. Susan cupped his chin with her right hand and spun him in a half circle until they were standing back to back. She pulled his head down on her right shoulder and held him there to deal with me. While I stood there in a daze she reached over my shoulder to cup my chin and pulled my head down on her left shoulder. Both of our bodies were awkwardly bent over backwards and off balance. Susan firmly held us in her grip while we frantically flailed our arms to stay on our feet so we wouldn't fall and injury ourselves. "You two will be docile and obedient when I'm done with you. Your mind your body and your will will be under my control. My pleasure will be your only desire while you're groveling at my feet in fear. I guarantee it. Now let's continue shall we?" "SLAM!..SLAM!" Derrik and I hit the floor like a ton of bricks when Susan released us. We gathered ourselves and went back on the attack with extreme determination.

"WHAM!" Susan drove her foot into my mid section like a battering ram and stopped my muscular body dead in it's tracks. As I dropped to my knees trying to catch my breath she nailed Derrik with a solid left hook and then sank her fist so far in his stomach it seemed to reach his back bone. "SMACK!..THUD!" He collapsed on his knees next to me gasping for air with his eyes wide open. She casually slammed our heads together and smiled as our limp muscular bodies landed at her feet. "WHACK!..WHACK!" "PLOP!..PLOP!" "Do you still think I can't mop up the floor with you two wimps at the same time?" She taunted as she listened to our pitiful whimpering. Susan knelt down between us and yanked Derrik and I up on our knees by the collar. We were defenseless and unable to stop her from wrapping her arms around our throats and bending us back in a dragon sleeper. Our feeble efforts to break her hold so we could breathe were useless and ineffective. Both of us were close to passing out when Susan turned us loose and laughed when we fell flat on our face.

"Let's go boys you have a lesson to learn." She said as she nudged our sleepy faces with her bare foot. We were groggy and listless when we climbed to our feet. Susan could tell we were in bad shape and unable to defend ourselves so there was a knowing smile on her lovely face when she casually curled her fingers in our shirts and got a firm grip. Suddenly she leaped up to plant her feet in our stomachs and pulled us down as she dropped to the floor. Her legs shot upward like they were spring loaded and sent us flying over her body. "SLAM!..SLAM!" Derrik and I were helplessly delirious when we hit the floor. We were so far out of it we could offer no resistance when Susan stepped on the side of our head and walked down our spreadeagled bodies like we were door mats. "Come on boys you can't whip my ass if you're lying at my feet. Get up and show me how tough you are." She taunted with a smile. We slowly stood up and vigorously shook our heads to try and clear the cobwebs. When my vision cleared I saw the confident smile on her face and it irritated me all to hell. "I'm gonna wipe that fucking smile off of your face you smart ass bitch." I hatefully told her. "You couldn't wipe your runny nose without help or instructions you big pussy and neither can Derrik. So I wouldn't make idle threats if I were you because you're both to weak to carry them out." That was all I could take. "Let's rip this bitch apart and show her who's boss Derrik." "I'm with you Rich. She needs to be taught a lesson and put in her place where she belongs."

Extreme determination filled our muscular bodies as we stepped up to take her down a notch. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to over come her superior wrestling and fighting skills. I reached her first and let fly with a thunderous punch that would have separated her head from her shoulders. Susan easily avoided it and slammed her knee into my stomach. "WHAM!" The air rushed out of my lungs and I slumped to the floor on my knees. While I was kneeling at her feet trying to suck life giving oxygen into my lungs she blocked Derrik's combination like it was the easiest thing in the world to do and roughly bitch slapped his surprised face. "SLAP!..SLAP!" The stinging slaps caused him to temporarily lose his senses and left him wide open for the powerful punch that slammed into his stomach like a wrecking ball. "THUD!" Derrik clutched his destroyed mid section and dropped to his knees beside me. Susan smiled and spread her fingers over our color drained faces to put us in a claw hold. We feebly pawed at her slender wrists to break her hold but we didn't have the strength. The brutal stomach punches had not only taken our breath away our muscular arms had turned to mush and were completely useless. Susan proudly stood over us and laughed at our pitiful attempts to free ourselves. "No one escapes from my death claw so you might as well stop fighting it and close your eyes. That's my good little boys." Our muscle bound arms lifelessly dropped to our sides and remained there while we drifted off to sleep. Susan turned us loose and laughed when our sleepy faces landed at her feet. "You boys are just putty in my hands. You'll soon be crawling at my feet where you belong and begging me to end your suffering. Then you'll kiss my feet in tribute to your Goddess and unconditionally accept my superiority like all males have."

Susan slapped us awake and dragged our sagging bodies to our feet. We were so weak and helpless it was no trouble at all for her to wrap her arms around the back of our necks and pull our heads up snug to her sides. Our muscular arms were limply dangling down by her denim clad legs while Susan easily held us in her grip and slapped our sleepy faces with the soles of her feet. "You weaklings will be docile and obedient when I'm through with you. "WHAP!" My face was crushed by her right sole. "You'll instantly obey my orders without question and keep your mouth shut." "WHAP!" Her left sole slammed into Derrik's blank face. "If I raise my voice you'll be so frightened you'll piss on yourself." "WHAP!" Her sole met my face again. "Your pathetic male bodies will tremble with fear when I look at you." "WHAP!" Derrik's face was mashed by her sole. "Your spirit will be broken and your will will belong to me." "WHAP!" Her smooth sole shattered my nose. "You'll lavish my feet with tender kisses because I say so." "WHAP!" His lips swelled up to twice their normal size. "Pleasing me will be your only desire." "WHAP!" Both of my eyes were swelling up and turning black. "No resemblance of the men you used to be will remain." "WHAP!" Derrik's nose was badly broken. "You'll be completely under my control and crawl at my feet like submissive slaves."

"WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!" We were both out on our feet and defenseless while Susan beat our faces to a pulp with the soles of her feet. When she finally released us we landed at her feet sound asleep. She left our broken bodies lying in the floor and went to fix herself a cold drink. We were still unconscious when Susan returned twenty minutes later and slapped us awake. "Get on your feet and put me in my place boys." She taunted as she wiggled her fingers and invited us to attack. We slowly crawled off of the floor and stumbled towards her on rubbery legs. Susan could see we were beaten and no longer a threat but she was enjoying herself to much to finish us off and end our misery. Actually I think she knew all along we were never a threat and we were beginning to believe it ourselves. Susan womanhandled us like we were little boys and we were to weak to stop her. She laughed at our pathetic struggling as she grabbed me by the back of my collar to keep me in place and wrapped her right leg around Derrik's left to put him in an abdominal stretch. Then as unbelievable as it sounds she put her left leg over my right and put me in one too. I would have sworn it was virtually impossible for a slender female to put two muscular males in an abdominal stretch at the same time and keep them under control. But Susan did it and made it look easy. When she bent us over the agonizing pain was so terrible we screamed like frightened little girls and cried like babies while we continuously begged to be released. Susan laughed and twisted us like a pretzel while completely ignoring our pitiful pleas for mercy.

"AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "I GIVE SUSAN I GIVE!" I screamed while huge tears ran down my cheeks. "I GIVE UP TOO! LET ME GO SUSAN IT HURTS!" Derrik wailed. "Don't be such a wuss boys. I'm just a weak female who couldn't possibly beat two muscle bound men at the same time. Remember? Now quit whining and use those big strong muscles of yours to get out of my hold." She teased. We broke down and cried our eyes out. "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. Susan decided to toy with us while we were helpless in her grip. A huge smile appeared on her luscious lips when she noticed our wide open mouths were just inches apart. "If you boys are gonna cry like pansy ass sissy's then you might as well act like one." She put her hands on the back of our heads and pushed our scrunched up faces together until our lips were touching. "Stick that tongue in your lovers mouth and give him a French kiss Derrik." "MMMFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "MMMFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Muffled screams of mercy was all we could make with our squalling mouths crushed against one another. "I guarantee you two losers will learn to obey me by the time I'm finished with you." She scolded as she twisted our pain racked bodies.

"MMMFFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "MMMFFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Heavy tears poured from our sorrowful eyes by the bucket full while we screamed and screamed until we were ready to pass out. "Now do as you're told and give each other a passionate kiss or I'll break your useless bodies in half." She sternly threatened. Our slobbering tongues instantly darted into each others mouth while we cried in shame. "That's my good little boys. Now close your eyes and swirl your tongue around like you're in love." Humiliation filled our bodies like an out of control virus while we submissively followed her order. Susan had broken our spirits and bent our will to her own. She had turned us into cowards who no longer had the courage to stand up to her. "Judging from the slurping sounds you little pussy's are making I'd say you're turning each other on. You boys are simply adorable." We completely fell apart. "AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. "AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "Ahhh don't cry boys I won't tell anyone you're in love. Bide your time and comfort each other until you're ready. When you're no longer ashamed to tell people you're queers you can come out of the closet." She teased while we French kissed each other and cried with a broken heart.

When Susan let us out of her hold and threw us in the floor we were completely broken. Our over inflated egos and foolish male pride had been thoroughly crushed and beaten out of us. Our tear stained faces were battered and swollen and our muscle bound bodies were writhing on the floor in agonizing pain. Totally destroyed in the powerful arms of a beautiful female at the same time. Susan knew she owned us and could do what ever she wished. We laid there like meek little lambs while she placed our muscular arms on our backs in a double hammer lock and pinned them there with her feet. Then she crossed one leg over the other after bending our knees and got a firm grip on our outside ankle. We didn't attempt to struggle because we were afraid Susan would hurt us.

"I told you boys I was to much woman for you to handle but like typical macho males you didn't listen. Judging from the condition of your severely swollen black and blue faces and the sound of your pathetic whimpering I'd say you believe me now. But I must be absolutely sure you know your place and will remain obedient." We were suddenly in excruciating pain when Susan pulled our legs off of the floor in her double Boston crab. The strain on our legs and groin was unbearable and our backs were at the breaking point. We screamed like frightened little girls and repeatedly begged her to turn us loose. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEE!" "AAIIIEEEEEEEEE!" "I GIVE I GIVE" "Who's in charge?" She asked knowing the answer. "YOU!" We screamed in unison. "Do you admit I easily wiped up the floor with you?" "YES! YES!" "We quickly agreed. "Are either of you going to give me anymore trouble?" "NO! NO!" We fearfully replied. "You belong to me. I'll beat you to a pulp or put you in a wrestling hold and make you scream until you pass out from the pain if you don't instantly obey my orders. Is that understood?" "YESSSSSSSS!" We yelled while our tears soaked the carpet.

My body hurt so much I was afraid to move when she dropped our legs and stepped off of our backs. I could see Derrik was also in bad shape while I watched his tortured body rise and fall with heavy sobs like mine was doing. "Have you pathetic weaklings learned your lesson?" I nearly pissed on myself when Susan sternly spoke to us. My aching body wouldn't stop trembling when I turned my throbbing head and saw her toes in front of my tear stained face. "I asked you a question wimps. You better answer me if you know what's good for you." "Yes yes please don't hurt me." I whimpered like a pussy. "I've learned my lesson too." Derrik whined. "Good boys. Kiss my feet and show me you're going to behave yourselves." Derrik immediately put his lips on her toes and covered them with kisses. But I was so repulsed by her order I hesitated and pissed her off. Susan dragged me to my feet and painfully reminded me who was in control. "I didn't think you had the courage to disobey me you spineless pussy but I can see I was wrong. Fortunately I can remedy that mistake in judgment. "SLAP!..SLAP!" She bitch slapped me like I was her possession. "You'll do what I say whether you like it or not." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "I don't care if my order sickens you because your feelings are not my concern." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "The next time you disobey me I'll blister your ass until you can't sit down." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Do you understand me?" Derrik stopped kissing her foot to see what she was doing to me and severely got reprimanded for his actions. "Mind your own business and keep kissing Derrik or you'll be next." You could clearly see the fear on his face when he passively went back to kissing her toes.

The hatred in her cold blue eyes was so frightening my battered body was uncontrollably shaking. It scared me so much my bladder broke loose and filled my crotch with piss. I was so ashamed of myself for pissing in my pants because I was afraid of a female barely half my size. But I was. Deathly afraid. And Susan knew it. "I'm.. s.sorry.. I'm.. sorry. Please.. don't.. hurt.. me.. anymore." I blubbered. "Then do as you're told. This is your last warning. Disobey me again and I'll beat you black and blue. Is that clear?" "Yes.. S.Susan." I submissively whimpered. "Good. Now put those lips on my foot and kiss my toes like you're in love." She scolded as she roughly threw me down in the floor at her feet. I was squalling like a lost little boy as I crawled over and tenderly caressed her toes with kisses. "That's better." She said as she crossed her arms over her ample breasts and watched me degrade myself. We obediently made love to her feet without the slightest bit of resistance until Susan was sure we were broken and under her control.

"That's enough groveling wimps now kneel in front of me." Derrik and I slowly climbed up on our knees and waited for further instructions. Susan clutched the front of Derrik's shirt with both hands and jerked him up to her face. "Because of your ridiculous rebellion my under garments are covered with mildew. Take them out and carefully soak each item in the sink with warm water. Then gently put them back in and wash them again. If they don't pass my inspection I'll whip your ass until it's covered with welts and bleeding like a sieve. Is that understood?" "Yes.. S.Susan." He meekly answered in fear. "It better be. Now get your ass in the laundry room and go to work." Derrik ran off like the Devil was chasing him. "As for you." She said as she hauled me off of the floor by my shirt and glared into my tear filled eyes. "The tedious chores around here would be completed much faster if there was two useless males doing the work. So I've decided to keep you against your will and make you my servant. If you would like to argue the point then by all means speak up. I would be more then happy to beat you until you change your mind and agree with me. It's your choice. Take my advice and make the right decision." She said as she shoved her fist in my face and dared me to challenge her. "I would love to be your servant." I meekly answered with tears in my eyes. "That's what I thought." She replied while patting my cheek like I was a child. "The vacuum is in the hallway closet. Start in here and work your way back. When you're finished you and Derrik can make dinner. It's a nice day so I think I'll work on my tan. Call me when dinner is ready." She released me and walked away with a smile. My shoulders slumped down in defeat while I shuffled off to do her bidding.

Susan Anton

I've been trapped in this horrible nightmare for more then a year now and I don't see a way out. I tried to escape one time but Susan found me and dragged my unconscious body back after giving me a terrible beating. So I don't have the courage to try again. Derrik and I work like slaves to serve his beautiful domineering wife because were afraid to challenge her authority. She beats us regularly and tortures our weakened bodies in extremely painful wrestling holds to keep us in line. We're not man enough or strong enough to stop her and she knows it. So we're doomed to spend the rest of our lives prostrated at Susan Anton's feet. I can still taste her toes in my mouth and it sickens me more then you can imagine. But kissing and licking her feet or sucking on her toes is far less painful then a severe beating. So I keep my mouth shut and obediently follow her orders like Derrik does. Susan easily proved she's strong enough to handle both of us at the same time and we don't have the courage to challenge her again. So we'll be her slaves until she tires of us.