Little Samantha beats up the school yard bully.

Samantha and her friend Michelle were standing outside the grade school building talking. School didn't start for another fifteen minutes so they were in no hurry to enter the building. The two ten year old fourth graders were jabbering back and forth about all kinds of things that young girls talk over. They were minding their own business when the school yard bully noticed them. Melvin was in the sixth grade. He was big for twelve years old at 5 foot 4 inches tall and 158 pounds. And he loved to bully the younger girls at school. The one thing Melvin hated was his name. "Who in their right mind would name their kid Melvin?" He thought to himself. His parents were Dutch so he made everyone call him that. He thought it sounded like a tough guy. Michelle was one of his favorite targets. When he picked on her she would eventually start crying. That made Melvin feel tough and strong. Michelle was talking to Samantha who Melvin thought was cute, even if she was just in the 4th grade and only ten years old. He never bullied Samantha because he wanted her to like him.

Thinking like a bully he decided it would be cool to mess with Michelle while Samantha was there to watch. He thought showing off in front of Samantha would show her he was tough and get her respect. He had been to shy to just walk up to her and start talking. This way she would notice him and maybe even like him because he was strong and could beat people up. Girls liked boys like that and Melvin was the strongest and toughest boy at school. He casually walked by the two girls, and knocked Michelle's books out of her hands. He was laughing because he thought it was funny. "Stop that Melvin and leave me alone." The frustrated young girl told him. "Hey! I told you to call me Dutch. You know I hate that name." He screamed. "Then leave me alone and I will." She said. "You will anyway because I'm telling you to." He said while he pulled her hair. "OWWWWWW!" "That hurt Melvin now stop it and go away." "Who's gonna make me Michelle? Huh? Who's gonna make me?"

Samantha had been standing there watching and decided to say something herself. She didn't really like Melvin even though he never bullied her around. But he did a lot of her friends. Bolstered by seeing her big sister Sherry beat up their two older brothers her confidence in what girls could do was very high. "You leave her alone she wasn't bothering you." The little blond told him "Stay out of this Samantha it ain't none of your business." The bully replied. "Yes it is Melvin. She's my friend and we were talking and not bothering you one bit." "MY NAME IS DUTCH!" "Why can't anybody remember that?" The young boy screamed? "Your name is going to be mud if you don't leave her alone and go away." "MELVIN!" Michelle saw the look on his face and got scared for Samantha. It's OK Sam he didn't hurt me. Don't say anymore or he'll hurt you too." "I'm not afraid of him Shell so he better just leave us alone if he knows what's good for him."

He just stood there and stared at her. This wasn't how he saw it in his mind at all. In fact it was the opposite of what he thought would happen. Cute or not he couldn't let this little 4th grader talk to him like that. The next thing you know everyone would think they could stand up to him if he didn't put her in her place. Besides, she started it by butting in where she didn't belong. "Are you gonna make me Samantha?" The big boy said grinning? "If you don't leave us alone I will, Melvin." The confident little blond replied. "You're kidding right?" The big bully said. "Try me and find out." The fiery little blond told him. That was it. She should have shut her mouth while she had the chance. The big heavy set boy ran over and grabbed her in a bear hug and lifted her 4 foot 6 inch 71 pound young body off of the ground. Michelle let out a big gasp as she threw her hands over her face in fear of what the big bully would do to Sam. Thinking of what her sister Sherry would do, Sam made a small fist with her dainty right hand and punched him right in the nose. "SMACK!" The boy let out a loud scream and dropped her when he grabbed his sore nose.

Samantha stepped back a bit so he couldn't surprise her the next time. He was standing there holding his nose and checking to see if it was bleeding. Michelle had giggled when Sam had punched him in the nose and she could see the hate in the big boys eyes when he glared at her. Melvin looked up at Sam and she had her small hands on her hips and was smiling. This really pissed him off. She was going to pay for hitting him. He charged at the small young blond like a stampeding bull elephant. Samantha waited until just the right time then shot out her right leg and drove her foot into the charging boy's soft stomach as hard as she could. "WHAM!" He stopped dead in his tracks and dropped to his knees with a sick feeling in his fat stomach. She had buried her tennis shoe in pretty deep because of his momentum coming at her. Thinking of Sherry Sam knew what her next move should be. She bent her leg and kicked the big boy in his scrunched up face. "WHAP!"

Melvin flopped over on his big back and started crying. Samantha ran over and began kicking him anywhere she could reach. His back, legs, arms, head and big butt were open targets for the young fighting female. "STOMP!..STOMP!..STOMP!..STOMP!" The bell rang for class to start so Samatha quit kicking him. She gathered her things and hurried to catch Michelle, leaving the large bully on the ground crying his eyes out. "See you later MELVIN!" The proud young girl told him as she and Michelle walked off giggling. Word had gotten around pretty fast about Samantha beating up Melvin. He could see the kids hiding their faces and snickering at him every where he went. If he confronted them they would quit giggling or run away but it was really getting on his nerves. They didn't seem to be that scared of him anymore and he had to do something about that. That was the one and only thing Melvin had going for him. The kids feared him and moved out of his way. He even made some of them give him their lunch money. Being the one person everyone was afraid of was something he could not give up.

Luckily the 4th, 5th and 6th graders had recess at the same time. He couldn't wait for it to come. He would pay that little brat Samantha back. Then everybody would be afraid of him again and quit laughing behind his back. He smiled at what he planned to do to her. She was going to be very sorry she messed with Dutch. He ran off a few more snickering kids and went to class. Finally the time came. He watched the three 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers that chaperoned them while the kids played. They were huddled up by the door talking and not paying much attention to the kids. Melvin spotted Samantha out in the yard. She was holding one end of a long jumping rope while other silly girls dove in and jumped up and down. Girls do some stupid things. He thought to himself. Keeping an eye on the teachers he strolled that way.

This was working out great. She had her back to him so he could sneak up on her and make her pay for embarrassing him this morning. Samantha was swinging the rope around and around and laughing with the other girls that were there playing. The thought never crossed her mind that Melvin would try and get her at recess. There were teachers watching over the kids so she didn't think he would try anything. Then she saw the big shadow on the ground in front of her with it's fist raised and about to hit her from behind. She quickly stepped to her left, just as the punch was coming at her head. The move caused him to miss and she stuck her slim female leg in between his two large bulky ones and tripped him. Melvin went down on his face and fat stomach hard. The nimble young blond jumped in the air and drove her knees into his broad back. He screamed in pain. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" But with so many kids there making noise the teachers never heard it.

His large thick arms automatically went to his back where the pain was. Seeing this, Samantha grabbed his big elbows and pushed them in towards him, making his arms go further across his back. The quick little tomboy raised her knees and pinned his mighty arms down. She reached down and grabbed one of his fingers sticking out and began to twist it. He let out another loud scream of pain. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sam was worried the teachers would hear him and come running. Keeping his arms pinned on his back and twisting his finger Sam reached up and pushed his face down in the grass. "Eat some grass Melvin and shut that big mouth of yours before you get us in trouble." The big boy was squirming for all he was worth but she had him pinned securely. Samantha rubbed his face back and forth in the grass while everyone around them was laughing. She pushed harder on his face, driving it in the ground hard while she twisted his finger again.

"I said eat some grass boy now get with it or I'll break this pitiful little finger of yours." Melvin started crying again. He couldn't say anything because his face was covered in grass and the dirt that had come up from having his face pushed so hard into it. He tried to buck her off but it failed and made her twist his finger harder. "Eat that grass Melvin and I'll let you up." She told him smiling. He tried to shake his head no but she was controlling it. So he couldn't move it on his own. One final push on his head and hard twist on his finger brought a muffled scream from the crying young boy. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "EAT IT MELVIN RIGHT NOW! OR THE NEXT TIME I'LL BREAK IT!" With tears flooding the grass around his face he opened his mouth and took a bite of grass. "NOW CHEW IT UP AND SWOLLOW IT!" The frightened young bully had no choice. She was about to break his finger and he couldn't breathe with his face shoved into the grass.

Just as the bell rang to return to class Melvin swallowed the grass. "Good boy Melvin. You just saved your finger by minding me." Samantha climbed off of him and all of the girls headed back to class laughing. The large bully lie on the ground crying like a baby. "See ya later Melvin." Sam said giggling. The big boy picked himself up from the ground and wiped his red eyes. He was spitting out the grass and dirt he hadn't swallowed as he headed back inside. This was becoming a nightmare. She beat him up both times and now all of the kids were laughing at him behind his back. The whole school seemed to know except the teachers. And he wasn't about to go tell a teacher that a ten year old 4th grade GIRL beat him up. He had to get her back somehow. He knew he was stronger then her but she was tricky. If he could keep her from tricking him and get her down he could beat the shit out of her. All thoughts of him thinking she was cute and wanting her to like him were completely gone

Lunch time came and he went looking for her. He had checked the lunch room and she hadn't been there. She wasn't in the gym or the library either. He wandered outside and finally found her tossing a big rubber ball back and forth with that stupid Michelle. He went right for her, determined not to let her trick him this time. Samantha saw him coming and grinned. After beating him twice her confidence was sky high. She loved it when she made him eat and swallow the grass. That was great. "Hi Melvin did you come for your next beating?" The little blond gladiator asked him? "Shut your mouth Samantha. It's my turn to beat you up you little brat." "Well you have to do better then the last two times wimp. Because I'm going to beat you up again if you come over here." Melvin charged at the mouthy little brat with destruction on his mind. She would sing a different tune when he was through with her this time. Samantha smiled as she waited for him.

When Melvin got about three feet away Samantha threw the big rubber ball at his head. When the big boy threw his hands up to knock it away and dodge his head she was on him. She jumped over to where he stood and kicked him in the shins. "WHACK!" "YEEEOOWWW!" When he screamed out and reached over to grab the painful spot she punched him on the chin with an uppercut. "CRACK!" Melvin screamed in pain and dropped to his back holding his mouth. "OUCHHHHH!" Samantha ran over and stomped him in his fat stomach. "STOMP!" When he doubled up in pain she kicked him in the face. "WHAP!" He dropped back to the ground crying for the third time today. Sam sat her small butt down on his large right arm and pinned it to the ground. She grabbed him by the hair and wrapped her slim legs around his neck and across his throat. He grabbed for her legs with his huge left hand to try and break her hold. Sam took it in both of her small hands and bent all of his fingers back.

In about a minute the twelve year old school yard bully was pinned and helpless by the blond ten year old tomboy and was crying and screaming out in pain. Samantha applied pressure to her scissor hold across his neck and his large fat face turned fire engine red. She bent his fingers back harder and laughed while she taunted him. Gurgling screams tried to escape his trapped throat. "I told you I would beat you up again if you came after me Melvin. I bet you're sorry you didn't listen to me now. Ain't you boy? Now say, I give up Samantha because I'm a wimp and you're to strong for me." The foolish young boy just lie there kicking his big thick legs trying to get out of her solid holds. It was useless because she had him trapped and helpless. But he didn't want to admit it. "If you don't say it Melvin I'm going to really hurt you."

She gave him a few seconds to say what she told him to and the stubborn boy just lie there crying. "OK Melvin I warned you. But I guess you're stupid as well as a wimp." She squeezed his throat harder and bent all of his fingers way back. His eyes grew as big as saucers and a loud muffled scream came out of his trapped throat. "AARRGGHHHHHHHHHH!" His tears came flooding down his fat cheeks a lot faster. "NOW SAY IT MELVIN OR I'LL BREAK YOUR FINGERS AND CHOKE YOU UNTIL YOU GO TO SLEEP!" The boy tried to say what she wanted to hear but she was choking him so hard he couldn't breathe let alone talk. When her anger cooled down she realised he wasn't being stubborn he just couldn't talk with her legs wrapped so tight around his throat. She loosened the pressure and asked him again.

"This is your last chance Melvin. If you don't say it this time you'll be sleeping with broken fingers. So you better mind me boy. Now say, I give up Samantha because I'm a stupid wimp and you're to strong for me." The crying boy opened his mouth to say it but he felt so humiliated and embarrassed to be beaten up for the third time today by a girl in the 4th grade that he started bawling harder. Sam thought he was being stubborn again and not going to say it. She tensed her firm leg muscles to clamp down on him again and readied her small hands to bend his fingers as hard as she could. He sensed that she was going to hurt him again and screamed out like a frightened little girl. "WAITTTTTTTTTT!" I'll.. say.. it.. Samantha.. please.. don't.. hurt.. me.. again.." "It's about time boy. Now say it like you mean it or I will hurt you."

"I give up Samantha because I'm a stupid wimp and you're to strong for me." "Good boy Melvin. You're starting to mind me real good." The beaten boy lie there bawling like a little baby while she released her holds on him and stood up. "School is about ready to start Melvin you better get cleaned up and get to your room. The victorious little blond told him. She and Michelle walked off laughing at him again. "See ya later little Melvin." Sam said giggling. The rest of the day went really bad for the school yard bully. The kids were laughing at him right in his face now. They didn't even try to hide it anymore. They would still run off when he threatened them but they were still laughing while they were running. The only thing on the large young boys mind was to beat up that brat Samantha and get his reputation back. He was more then twice her size. If he could just get her on the ground he could make her pay.

The bell rang for school to get out and Melvin ran as fast as he could out of the building. Samantha walked home and he knew which route she took. She would be passing by the back of the school building taking the short cut to her house. That was the perfect place to catch her. The teachers would be going out the front of the building to their cars so they wouldn't see what was going on and stop him from beating her up. Melvin leaned against the brick building with a big smile on his chubby face. He couldn't wait for her to get there so he could have his fun. She was going to be very sorry she messed with Dutch. He was going to make her cry and beg him to leave her alone while he just laughed at her and beat her up some more. Everyone would hear about it sooner or later and would be scared of him again. Nobody else would try and stand up to him.

Samantha came around the corner with Michelle and three other stupid giggling 4th grade girls. "Samantha! "You shouldn't have messed with me you little brat. I'm going to make you cry and beg me to leave you alone. And I'm just going to laugh at you and beat you up some more." "You just don't learn do you Melvin. There won't be any bell ringing to call us back to class and save you this time. So you had better run on home before I really hurt you." Sam warned him. The little 4th grader talking to him like that really pissed him off. Standing there threatening him in her pink shorts and top with that big smile on her face below her girly blond hair was to much to take. Rage filled his chubby face and total annihilation was in his heart and mind. This little mouthy blond brat had to go down and go down hard. He charged at her to rip her apart.

Samantha calmly handed her books to Michelle and waited for him to reach her. When he got close she dodged to her right and kicked him in his big butt as he went flying by. The big boy halted his running pace and turned to face her. This time he cautiously walked to her and threw a large fat fist punch that was so slow because of his big girth that Sam was able to avoid it easily. Seeing her grinning he fired three more heavy handed punches but she evaded them too. Really getting pissed because she was making him look like a fool and embarrassing him he let loose with a deluge of punches designed to wipe that grin off of her face and gain some respect. Samantha ducked and dodged just like she had seen Sherry do and they all missed there targets. The young bully was getting more frustrated by the minute at not being able to hit the spry little tomboy.

After he missed ten more hard punches Sam decided to try her own luck. "SMACK!" She punched him right on his sore nose she gave him early that day. When he stopped and grabbed his nose in pain she let him have it with a few more. "SMACK!..SMACK!" They hurt his eye and mouth. His face boiling over with rage he went crazy throwing punches to get back at the young girl that was hurting him. They too missed their target. He was breathing very hard and had to slow his attack. All of his weight was a disadvantage in a long fight because he had no stamina. If he didn't hit her soon or get her on the ground he knew he was going to be in big trouble. While he was trying to figure out how to do that Samantha took advantage of his confusion. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" His fat cheeks bounced up and down as the little blond peppered him with quick female punches.

Between his inability to hit her and the punches she was tagging him with his frustration made him start crying again for the fourth time today at the hands of the young blond warrior. With his tears flowing down his pudgy face the bystanders began to laugh at him again. The two fighters had drawn quite a crowd of young boys and girls from all six grades of the school. Feeling humiliated he again fired off thick pudgy fists at his nemesis who was shaming him. Samantha kept her cool and danced, dodged and ducked them all until he ran out of gas. Then she opened up on him with a smile. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" Her hard punches hurt his face and caused tears to pour out of his sore eyes like a faucet had been turned on behind each lid. Sam turned her attention to his wide fat stomach for a change of pace. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" The big bully dropped to his knees crying.

She ran around behind him and wrapped her slim arm around his thick neck. She put all of her female strength behind the choke hold and he was frantically trying to claw her arms away from his throat. He managed to do it after a while but the choke hold had taken it's tole on the big boy and he was coughing when he finally got loose from the little blond hellion. Samantha decided it was to early to get into a wrestling match and ground war because he still had quite a bit of strength left in his large fat arms. She would have to do some damage to them first before she tried something like that again. His stamina was already waining so if she could reduce the strength in his arms he was as good as beaten.

She backed off and waited for him to get to his feet while she taunted the large bully. "You always seem to be crying when you're around me Melvin. And earlier today you admitted I was stronger then you are. Do you remember boy? I don't know how you ever became the bully here at school because you're such a wimp. A big cry baby wimp little Melvin. And if you get up I'm going to make you cry some more. So maybe you should just tell me you're sorry for being a cry baby wimp and beg me to stop hurting you." That made the large crowd that had gathered start laughing harder at the big young bully. Melvin came out of the crouch he was in and bolted at the mouthy little tomboy screaming with rage. Samantha stuck out her foot again and buried it deep in his large fat stomach. Just like she had done earlier that morning. The large young boy instantly dropped to his knees and his head went to the ground. A loud wailing sound escaped his wide open, air sucking mouth. "AAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Samantha stepped up to the downed bully and pinned his head to the ground with her tennis shod foot. She reached down and pulled his right arm out from under him and raised it in the air with both of her small hands. She twisted it to the right and then pulled it back toward her with all of her young female strength. A very loud scream was forced out of the crying boy. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He struggled to get his arm and head released from her holds. Her grip on his arm and the leverage her slim body had on his pinned head was to good and he couldn't budge either one. Samantha worked on his arm while he could only lie there and scream. His tears flowed much harder. When she was satisfied she had rendered it useless she dropped it to the ground. It flopped down like it was lifeless. He couldn't move it after she let it go so she was certain she had tortured it enough to keep it out of the fight.

She reached for his left arm and he screamed. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" He pushed it further under his large body so she couldn't get a hold on it. Placing her left hand on his broad back to help her with her balance she leaned over and punched him in the ribs. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" His arm shot out from underneath him to try and block her punches and she quickly grabbed it and pulled it up in the air. She began twisting and pulling like she did before and he screamed and cried like a frightened little girl. "AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" When she was through with that arm she dropped it to the ground and it was as useless as his right. Samantha knew she had him now. He didn't have any arms to defend himself and would be easy prey for the young blond fighter. She released his head and kicked him over on his back. The large boy used his feet to squirm his big body around to kick at her so she couldn't get near him. Samantha faked right and left a few times until he was totally confused and then charged around him and stomped on his stomach again. "STOMP!"

When he doubled up in pain she kicked him in the head. "WHAP!" His big fat body flopped to his back and he screamed again while his tears flooded his entire chubby face. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" She walked down by his feet and stomped on his ankle. "STOMP!" When he raised it in the air because of the pain she stomped on the other one. "STOMP!" He really began to wail then with his mouth wide open and his tear filled eyes shut tight. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Samantha calmly sat down on the ground and removed her tennis shoes and pink socks. The crowd was murmuring to each other wondering what she was going to do next to the school yard bully they had all feared. They were laughing and enjoying themselves because he had picked on most of them ever since they started school there. No one wanted to help him out of this predicament he was in.

Samantha took her pink socks and crawled over to the big boy whom she had beaten up so easily. Bending him to her will was the next step. She had watched her big sister Sherry when she beat up their two older brothers and knew that this was what came next. Make them so afraid of you that they never bothere you again. Take their self esteem and male pride away from them and leave them a shell of what they once were. Leave them with nothing but fear of you. She crawled across his huge fat body and easily pinned his big useless arms to the ground with her knees. His mouth was already wide open from bawling and screaming in pain so she stuffed her pink sock in his big mouth. The whole crowd let out a big roar of approval while tears were coming to some of their eyes from laughing so hard at the ex school yard bully. Samantha looked up at them and grinned and a big round of applause erupted from the crowd.

She folded her other pink sock and started to rub it in his tear stained face. Melvin began shaking his head back and forth to get away from her smelly sock. "Hold your head still you wimp. I'm in charge now." "GO TO HELL BRAT!" He screamed through his sock filled mouth. "Now that's no way to talk to me little Melvin. I'll beat you up some more if you don't shut that kind of talk up." "KISS MY ASS SAMANTHA!" Was clear enough through the sock. Sam calmly laid her sock down on his broad chest. "I guess I have to teach you some manners little boy before we can continue." She raised her small feminine fists and went to work teaching him to mind her. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" His chubby face was made fatter as she swelled it up with her firm young fists. "Now lets try this again Melvin." She put the sock on his face again and his head went back to flopping around. "You really are a stupid little wimp. Now hold your head still or I'll really hurt you." "NO!" He screamed through her sock. "Leave me alone."

Samantha again laid the sock down on his chest. "OK boy have it your way. But it's going to be very painful for you." "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" His eyes were turning black and his chubby cheeks were getting purple. His mouth was split and his nose was broken and bleeding. He was wailing like a banshee when she stopped beating him and asked if he had learned his lesson. "Are you going to hold still or do I beat your ugly face to a pulp?" He just lie there crying his eyes out and didn't utter a word. "That's fine with me little Melvin I can do this as long as I have to. It's not painful for me like it is for you boy." "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" "Had enough you big cry baby? Or do you want me to beat you up some more?"

"STOPPPPPP!".. "Samantha.. pl.please.. st.stop.. I.. give.. up.. I.. g.give.. up." The beaten young man mumbled through her sock. "Good boy Melvin now hold your big fat head still for me." She took the pink sock and rubbed it all over his tear stained, swelling fat face. The crowd of young boys and girls were in hysterics when they saw her do that to him. He cried and cried but he kept his head still. Samantha smiled. She had beaten him into letting her humiliate him out of fear of what she would do to him if he moved. He was hers. When she thought she had humiliated him enough she stopped and put her sock aside and took the one out of his mouth. "Are you going to be a good little boy from now on Melvin? Or will I have to teach you some manners again? No more bullying kids here at school or anywhere else. The next time I'll beat you up real bad. You know you can't stop me because I'm stronger then you and a much better fighter. So be a good boy from now on and I won't hurt you anymore." "IS THAT CLEAR WIMP?" The beaten ex bully shook his head yes. "Good boy Melvin good boy."

"Now I'm going to let you up and I want you to kiss my bare feet to show me you'll mind me and be good from now on." "No Samantha please don't make me do that." He whimpered. "Yes Melvin you will do it. And you had better do a good job or I'll beat you up again right now. You will mind me wimp or I'll hurt you. That's all you need to remember." Samantha climbed off of his broad chest and stood near his battered head. "Now kiss em Melvin and I'll leave you alone so you can run on home." The large beaten boy rolled over on his big stomach and planted wet kisses on her soft bare feet and toes until she told him he could stop. "Good boy Melvin good boy. Now remember what I said. No more bullying or you'll be beaten up again. Now get your big fat butt up and run on home."

The large ex school yard bully picked himself up from the ground and stood there crying. His big shoulders were drooped down in defeat and his chin lie on his thick chest. All of the kids were laughing at him and what Samantha had made him do but he didn't hear them. He was shut up in his own world of humiliation and shame. Beaten up by a 4th grade GIRL four times in one day was to much for the big young boy to accept. Samantha put her tennis shoes back on and put her tear soaked pink socks in her pocket. She and Michelle and the other young girls headed for home. Looking over her shoulder she smiled and said. "See ya tomorrow little Melvin. If you come back to school that is." They all laughed as they walked off, leaving the big boy standing there crying his eyes out.