Little Samantha annihilates her two big brothers.

Ten year old Samantha

Twenty year old John

Ninteen year old Ron


Little Samantha was left in charge of her two older brothers when her sister Sherry went on a week end trip with some friends. Sherry was the boss of the house because she had beaten John and Ron to a pulp one day. They were thoroughly afraid of her and obeyed every order she gave them. Sherry told the two nearly grown men their ten year old sister Samantha was in charge when she wasn't around. So John and Ron was left in her care when Sherry went on her trip. They weren't happy about it at all so they schemed to take over while Sherry was gone. They figured it would be easy for them to take out their little sister. She was only ten years old with a 4 foot 2 inch body that weighed 60 pounds. While John was 20 years old with a 6 foot 2 inch frame and 245 pounds of solid muscle. And Ron was 19 years old with a 6 foot muscular frame that supported 225 pounds. When Sherry came home they would spring their trap and beat the hell out of her before she knew what happened. They had to get out from under Sherry's ruling thumb and get their lives back. And this was the perfect opportunity to do that. At least that's what they thought. Little Samantha was about to prove how wrong they were. Her two older brothers were going to be totally surprised when they found out females were the stronger sex no matter how young or small they were.

Samantha entered the living room carrying her rag doll Molly. John and Ron was lying around watching TV without a care in the world. The living room was a total wreck and Samantha wasn't happy about it. "Look at the mess you two made in here. Get up and clean this room right now." She sternly commanded. "Go to hell." John told the little girl. "Fuck off Sam." Ron added. "We ain't taking orders from a snot nosed brat." "Sherry said I was the boss while she was gone. Now get up and do what I told you to." The defiant young girl replied. "We don't care what Sherry said. Get the fuck out and leave us alone runt." John told her. "You heard him you little bitch. Now beat it." Ron chimed in. Samantha walked over and laid Molly down on the love seat. Then she removed her pink socks that matched her pink short outfit and returned to face her good for nothing brothers. "Get up and clean this room you lazy bums or I'll beat you up and make you do it." The young girl challenged. Ron and John busted out laughing. "Sit the fuck down and shut your mouth before one of us hurts you Sam." Ron said. "Yeah Sam. Go play with your fucking doll and leave us alone." John replied. "I gave you fair warning but you two hard heads wouldn't listen. Now you'll be crying like little babies when I'm done with you." Samantha confidently told them.

You two are gonna be crying like little babies when I'm done with you. Now c'mere.

John jumped out of his chair. "Just relax Ron I'll take care of this." He reached for Samantha without the slightest hint of fear but the little girl was quicker then he realised. Her right leg shot up to bury her bare foot deep in his stomach. "WHAM!" Then she grabbed his right wrist and began swinging his off balanced body in circles. When she had him stumbling and about to fall she turned him loose aiming for Ron lying on the couch. John back pedaled out of control and landed right on top of Ron's relaxed body. The two men got tangled up with each other and flopped to the floor. Ron leaped to his feet madder then hell. "I'm going to kill you you fucking little bitch!" He scornfully threatened. "I'm gonna spank your little butt if you don't stop using those bad words." Samantha said while wagging her finger at him. He charged her with murder in his eyes. Sam wasn't worried at all. She watched Sherry beat these two up many times so she knew exactly what to do to handle the situation. And she beat up the school yard bully and made him cry like a little baby. So her confidence in female superiority was very high. She placed her hands on her hips and waited for Ron to get there.


Ron fired a sweeping roundhouse at her cute little face but Samantha easily avoided it. The momentum from missing the enormous punch brought his head down where she could reach it. "SMACK!..CRACK!" Her left hook landed on his temple before her powerful uppercut dropped him in the floor. When he started to get up Samantha kicked him in the face with her bare foot. "WHAP!" Ron slumped back to the floor in a daze. John saw his brother go down and couldn't believe it so he charged Sam to make her pay. He made the same mistake in thinking it would be easy to take her out. When his hard right missed it's target he was also off balance and in range. "SMACK!..CRACK!" Another left hook stung John's eye. It was followed by a teeth shattering uppercut that deposited him next to his brother. "WHAP!" Then another kick to his face stunned the muscular man. With the two men lying side by side Samantha leaped in the air and drove her knees into both of their backs. "WHAM!..WHAM!" "AARRGGGHHHHHHHH!" Ron screamed from the pain. At the same instant John's scream escaped his mouth. "AARRGGGHHHHHHH!" When their heads came up Samantha grabbed the back of each one with her small hands and slammed them on the floor. "BAM!.."BAM!" Now the two men were really dizzy. Since their heads were in different directions Samantha spread her fingers over their faces and cracked the back of their heads together. "WHACK!..WHACK!" Her two older brothers were barely conscious when their heads flopped back in the floor. Hardly five minutes into the fight and she had both muscular males at her mercy.

She grabbed Ronnie's hair and shoulder to pull him up to his knees in front of her. Then she got a good grip in his shirt with her left hand to hold him steady. Before she started his beating she placed her left foot on the side of John's head to pin him down on the floor. She turned back to Ron with a smile on her face. "You're going first Ronnie for using those bad words. You know better then to talk like that you little wimp. I'm going to give you a good beating to punish you and make you behave. I'm the boss when Sherry's not here and you two will mind me or else." She emphatically told him as she drew back her small fist. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" Her hard fist landed in his unprotected face like a jack hammer. The grown man was completely helpless and unable to stop her from rearranging his facial features. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" Ron's face rapidly swelled up more then twice it's size. She knocked him out after the seventh punch but kept pounding away to teach him a lesson. When John stirred she slammed his head on the floor with her bare foot. "BAM!" He instantly dropped off to sleep. She continued to beat the helpless Ron senseless.

You're first Ronnie for using bad words. You know better then to talk like that you little wimp. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! CRRRACK!

"SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" When she was satisfied with the bad beating she gave Ron a final uppercut was delivered to his exposed chin. "CRRRACK!" His upper body flew back to the floor before rising back up and slumping over at her feet. "Good night little boy. That should teach you not to talk like that. But if it doesn't I'll gladly beat you up again." The cute little blond told her badly beaten older brother. With Ron sleeping at her feet it was time to teach John a lesson. She hauled him up to his knees and pinned Ron's swollen head to the floor with her right foot. After getting a good grip in John's shirt she started his beating with a cute smile on her face. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" John never had a chance. He was nearly unconscious when she dragged him to his knees so it didn't take long to knock him out. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" His face was a total mess when she decided he had been punished enough. "CRRRACK!" Another solid uppercut blasted him on the chin and sent his upper body reeling back. John was sleeping like a baby when he landed at her feet. "I told you two sissy's I would beat you up. The next time you better mind me." She said with a smile.

It's your turn little Johnny. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! CRRRACK! I told you two sissy's I would beat you up. The next time you better mind me.

Two fully grown men with a combined weight of 470 pounds was lying at the feet of a ten year old 60 pound girl. They were both unconscious and had badly swollen, black and blue faces. Samantha had easily beaten them both up and knocked them out in less then ten minutes. And she didn't have a scratch on her. She put John's left arm on the floor in the small space between their bodies. Then she put Ron's right arm down there and pinned them to the floor with her tiny butt while facing their heads. She grabbed John by the hair and raised his head up while she stretched out her right leg. Then she turned her bare foot and covered his mouth and nose with her soft skin and cute toes. She repeated the maneuver with her left foot and covered Ron's face with her silky skin and cute toes. Next she took John's right arm and put it on his back where she could quickly reach it with her right hand. Then Ron's left arm was placed in the same position so she could easily grab it with her left hand. When she was ready she roughly slapped the back of their heads until they woke up. As soon as their eyes came open she gripped their wrists and wrenched their arms up their back in a painful hammerlock. John and Ron immediately began to struggle when they saw they were pinned down with her disgusting bare foot covering their face. Samantha pulled back on their heads until their necks were at the breaking point. Then she giggled as she rubbed her smooth skin and toes all over their mouth and nose while easily keeping both men pinned down in the floor at once.

"You can't get loose cause my legs are to strong for you sissy's. So smell my feet like good little boys." She taunted while she laughed at them. John and Ron ceased to struggle when they realised she was telling the truth. Shame filled their muscular bodies like a flooded river while they submissively lie there and whimpered. Samantha easily kept them pinned down and continued to humiliate her two older brothers. She was having to much fun to end their suffering to quickly. She finally turned them loose and stood up. "OK I'm going to let you two wimps try to beat me up again. I want you to know I gave you every chance to win when you're kissing my feet and begging me not to hurt you anymore. Now get up so I can give you both a good beating and make you behave like good little boys." Both men were thoroughly pissed off she made them smell her stinking bare feet. They leaped up from the floor with murder in their eyes. "I'm going to kill you for that you fucking little bitch!" John hatefully told her. "You're fucking dead Samantha." Ron said while gritting his teeth." "You two weaklings just don't learn do you? After I beat you both up I'm going to spank your bare butts until you're crying like babies for using bad language." She sternly admonished. The two angry males wasn't prepared when Samantha stepped forward and drilled them both in the stomach with a solid punch. "THUD..THUD!" She followed that with a devastating double uppercut that exploded on their chins like dynamite. "CRACK!..CRACK!" John and Ron dropped to their knees in a daze.

Samantha stepped between them and turned around. She wrapped her left arm around Ron's throat and her right around John's. She stepped on Ron's right hand with her left foot and pinned it to the floor. Then John's left hand was pinned down by her right foot. When she had them situated she bent them over backwards and tightened her choke holds. The two men were helplessly staring up at the ceiling while they weakly struggled in her grasp. They were so delirious their feeble attempts to break her holds and escape was totally ineffective. Samantha choked the two muscular males until they were nearly unconscious. They flopped to the floor on their faces when she released them. Samantha walked around to face Ron and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Come on little Ronnie it's time to get up and take your beating." She hauled the barely conscious man to his feet and pulled his head down by his shirt. "There you go. That's my good little boy. Now hold still for me while I punch you in the face and put you back in the floor." "SMACK!" His stout knees buckled and he hit the floor with a whimper. "OK Johnny boy it's your turn. Get on your feet so I can knock you down too." She helped him to his feet and held him steady. "Good boy. Now hold still you little wimp." "SMACK!" John landed at her feet like a limp dish rag. "Very good boys I'm proud of you." She said as she looked down at them and smiled.

There ya go Ronnie. That's my good little boy. SMACK!

Good boy John. Now hold still you little wimp. SMACK!

"OK little Ronnie it's your turn again. Get up for me." She helped him to his feet and held him in front of her. "Good boy. You two are minding real good." "SMACK!" Ron dropped at her feet again and started crying. "Ohhh did I hurt you little boy? Well that's just to bad. I won't put up with that bad language. So I am going to punish you until I break you from using it. Now lie still while I take care of your brother." She told the sobbing man. Samantha helped John back to his feet. He was having a little trouble controlling his rubbery legs. "Whoa. Steady there boy. I have to punish you too for using bad words. Ahhh, there you go. Now hold real still for me." "SMACK!" John was also crying when he landed at her feet. "You two will be completely broken when I'm done with you. I guarantee it." She confidently told her big brothers. Samantha went back to Ron and grabbed his hair and shoulder. "Come on cry baby it's your turn again. Get on your feet." He was barely able to stand when she finally got him up. "You're legs don't want to work either you little wimp. But I have to show you why I'm the boss. So settle down and stand still. Good boy." She said as she pulled his head down where she could reach it. "SMACK!" Ron hit the floor and bounced like a rubber ball. His swollen mouth was lying on her cute little toes. "Not yet little Ronnie you can kiss my feet later. I have to finishing giving you a good beating first." Ron lie there crying his eyes out while she helped John back on his feet. "SMACK!" He collapsed like a house of cards and landed at her feet squalling like a new born baby. "You wimps are being so helpful." She said with a cute little smile.

OK little Ronnie get up. Good boy. You two will be completely broken when I get done with you. SMACK!

Come on cry baby get on your feet. Good boy. I'm the boss when Sherry is gone little Johnny. Understand? SMACK!

Samantha dragged Ron to his feet once again. "SMACK!" And put him back down by hers. Then John was hauled up from the floor. "SMACK!" And deposited back at her feet. "Your turn again little Ronnie. Get up for me." She ordered the crying male. Ronnie began to beg like a bitch. "Pl.please.. S.S.Samantha.. don't.. h.hit.. me.. anym.m.more." "I'm Sorry sissy I have to teach you a lesson. Now shut your whining mouth and stand still." "SMACK!" He landed at her feet and bawled like he had never bawled in his life. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff. "Up you come Johnny boy you need to be taught a lesson too. There you go little one. Now stand still." "SMACK!" When John hit the floor he began to beg. "No.. m.more.. S.Samantha. Pl.please.. st.stop.. h.hitting.. me." "I will for a second you little wimp cause it's Ronnie's turn again. But don't go away cause I'll be right back." She said while she giggled at her little joke. John fell apart and squalled like a broken hearted child. "AAAWWWWWWWW!" "HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff. "On your feet little Ronnie." She commanded while she pulled him up and looked into his tear filled frightened eyes. "Awww, are you scared you big sissy? You should have listened when I told you I would beat you up if you didn't mind me. The next time you better do what I say when I give you an order. Now hold still you little wimp." "SMACK!" Ron landed at her feet sobbing his heart out.

Please Samantha don't hit me anymore. I have to teach you a lesson little Ronnie so stand still. SMACK! AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

Please Samantha no more. I told you I would beat you up if you didn't mind so shut your whinning mouth. SMACK! AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

Samantha smiled and picked John up again. "Stand still little Johnny you're wobbling to much. That's better." "SMACK!" John's swollen lips ended up on the soft smooth skin of her bare foot. "You have to wait to kiss my foot just like your brother little Johnny. You both need a good beating first. Then you can kiss my feet and beg all you want." She went back to the sobbing Ron and hauled him back up. "I'm very proud of you boys for doing what I tell you. You should have minded me from the start. Then I wouldn't have beat you up. Now hold still little man." "SMACK!" Ronnie was nearly unconscious when he hit the floor. John's muscular body was shaking like a leaf when Samantha helped the sobbing man up. "I know you're scared little Johnny but I have to do this. It's for your own good. Now stand still like a good little boy." "SMACK!" John dropped like a ton of bricks. She grabbed Ron by the collar and helped him back up. His muscular body was also trembling and his eyes were glassy and unfocused. "OK weakling it's your turn again. My my you're really dizzy aren't you?" "SMACK!" Ron splattered on the floor like a wet sack.

Stand still little Johnny you're wobbling to much. Good boy. SMACK!

I know you're scared little Ronnie but I have to do this. It's for your own good. SMACK!

She went back to John and dragged him to his feet once again. He had a blank stare in his eyes and was weaving back and forth. "It's your turn little Johnny. Now steady as she goes." "SMACK!" John dropped like dead weight and cried like a spoiled brat. Sam smiled and went back to Ronnie. "Come on weakling get up here." Ron was scared out of his mind and completely fell apart. "AAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff, sniff. "I'm afraid crying is not going to help you you big sissy. So shut your mouth and hold still." "SMACK!" He dropped like an anvil and bawled like a baby. "AAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff, sniff. "You're such a cry baby you little wimp." She said chastising him. John was really squalling when Sam dragged him to his feet. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. "I said crying is not going to help you little sissy's so you're just wasting your breath." "SMACK!" John hit the floor and squalled even louder. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff, sniff. Samantha jerked them both up to their knees and cupped their chins in her strong hands. "You two weaklings can cry, beg, plead and grovel all you want. It won't do you any good. You deserve a good beating and I'm going to give you one. So you might as well shut up and accept it. Because you two wimps are to weak to stop me." She scolded.

You don't know where you're at do you you little wimp? SMACK!

You won't be giving me anymore trouble after this will you little Ronnie? SMACK!

You two weaklings can cry, beg, plead and grovel but it won't do you any good. I'm gonna beat you up and there's nothing you can do about it. CRACK! CRACK!

"CRACK!..CRACK!" A powerful uppercut to both of their chins dropped the two fully grown men at the feet of their ten year old sister. "Now let's continue. It's your turn Ronnie so be a good little boy and get up." "NOOOOOOOOO!" "I can't Samantha. Please don't make me." He pleaded "I'm tired of repeating myself. You two weaklings are making me real mad. Now get your butt up here." She commanded. He was to afraid to disobey her. He struggled to his feet with his swollen face as white as a sheet. "SMACK!" Ron was a thoroughly broken man when he landed at her feet. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. "Get on your feet little Johnny and I better not have to tell you twice." John was frightened to death when he staggered to his feet. "That's my good little boy." "SMACK!" He slammed into the floor on his swollen face and completely gave up while he sobbed his heart out. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff, sniff, sniff. Samantha thought it was time to thoroughly humiliate them. She smiled when she dragged Ron to his feet. "Hush little Ronnie this is your last one for a while. Now go to sleep you big cry baby." "SMMMACK!" Her powerful punch slammed into his chin like a sledge hammer. Ron slumped to the floor like his bones had suddenly been disconnected. He was peacefully sleeping at the feet of his ten year old sister. "Good night little one. Sweet dreams." She said with a cute smile. "OK little Johnny it's time to finish you off and put you down for a nap." She said while she picked him up. "Say good night you little wimp." "SMMMACK!" Her right cross blasted his jaw so hard it sounded like dynamite going off. John was out cold before he hit the floor. "You two won't be giving me anymore trouble after this." She said as she proudly walked off to get a cold drink.

Get up little Ronnie. Please Samantha don't make me. I'm the boss you little wimp now get your butt up here. SMACK! AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

On your feet little Johnny and I better not have to tell you twice. Please Samantha. C'mere you little wimp. NOOOOOOOO! SMACK! AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

Hush little Ronnie this is your last one for a while. Now go to sleep you big cry baby. SMMMACK!

OK little Johnny it's time to finish you off and put you down for a nap. Say good night you little wimp. SMMMACK!

Samantha took her time stripping her unconscious brothers. They weren't going to wake up for quite a while. The two grown men had severely swollen black and blue faces. Samantha felt proud of herself for handling them so easily and knocking them out. She now understood how Sherry felt when she beat her two older brothers to a pulp. The overwhelming feeling of being so strong and powerful was flowing through her young body like a drug. Her two older brothers would never pick on her again. Because they were going to be frightened to death of her by the time she was through with them. If she raised her voice they would piss their pants. And when she walked in their direction they would be so afraid they would nearly pass out. When she finally had them naked she went to her bedroom to get her hair brush. She laid it down on the love seat next to Molly and went to fix herself a cold drink. Then she stood over her sleeping brothers and quenched her thirst while she tried to figure out how to spank them. She decided to use the ottoman so she could spank them both at the same time. But she was going to need their cooperation to get them situated. As strong and powerful as she felt, she knew she couldn't lift their heavy bodies all by herself. So she devised a plan. Samantha placed the square ottoman in the middle of the floor where she would have plenty of room. Then she went to collect her first victim.

She wrenched John's right arm up his back in a hammerlock. Then she slapped him until his eyes flew open. She grabbed a handful of his hair with her left hand and ordered him to his feet. "Come with me wimp and don't give me any trouble or I'll break your arm." She threatened. John's mighty strength was completely drained from his body because of the severe beating she gave him. So he submissively followed her command without any thought of trying to escape. Sam laid him face down on the ottoman so his butt was sticking up on one end and his head was slightly hanging over the other. "I have to go get your brother so don't move or I'll beat you up again. Understand?" She sternly asked her beaten brother. "Yes Samantha." He pitifully whimpered. "Good boy. I'll be right back. She handled Ron the same way and led him over to the ottoman. He was so weak he couldn't walk in a straight line. Samantha giggled at his stumbling steps and guided him as best she could. When they got there she laid his battered body on top of John's to make a cross. Then she retrieved her hair brush and stuck it in the back pocket of her pink shorts for the time being. Samantha crawled up on John and sat down on his upper back below his shoulders. She put both of Ron's useless arms on his back in a double hammerlock and spread her small fingers around his thick wrists. They were so weak she was easily able to keep them pinned on his back with only her left hand. Next, she bent her legs under John's dangling arms and hooked her bare feet on the back of his neck in a sort of backwards full nelson. Now that she had them securely pinned down she took her hair brush out of her back pocket.

"It's time for you naughty boys to get a spanking for using bad words. I don't wanna hear you use that kind of language again. It's not nice. So you better do what I say and stop it." From her dominate position she could easily reach all four of their butt cheeks. She started with Ron's bare butt and then went to John's. "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" Humiliation and shame rushed through their muscular bodies while they screamed and squalled their heads off. Receiving a brutal spanking while helplessly pinned down at the same time by a ten year old girl was the ultimate humiliation. And not being man enough to stop a young girl half their age and one third their size was the ultimate shame. In that moment they gave up and accepted their place. Little Samantha had completely broken her older brothers and proved she was the boss. "YOU!" "WHACK!" "WILL!" "WHACK!" "STOP!" "WHACK!" "USING!" "WHACK!" "BAD!" "WHACK!" "WORDS!" "WHACK!" "I!" "WHACK!" "WILL!" "WHACK!" "NOT!" "WHACK!" "PUT!" "WHACK!" "UP!" "WHACK!" "WITH!" "WHACK!" "IT!" "WHACK!" "DO!" "WHACK!" "YOU!" "WHACK!" "UNDER!" "WHACK!" "STAND!" "WHACK!" "ME" "WHACK!" "LITTLE!" "WHACK!" "BOY?" "WHACK!" "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" John and Ron were wailing like new born babies by the time she decided to stop punishing them. When she climbed off of their trembling bodies they instantly prostrated themselves at her feet and lavished them with kisses. She proudly looked down at the two sobbing males she had easily broken while they pleaded with her to end their suffering. When she agreed they groveled at her feet again and repeatedly thanked her for showing them mercy.

Don't ever use bad language like that again. I won't put up with it. Understand? WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! You little wimps will behave yourselves or else. Is that clear? WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

Please Samantha don't hurt us anymore. (kiss)(kiss)(kiss)(kiss) That's my good little boys.

Sherry dropped her bag in the corner and slipped off her sandals when she walked through the door Sunday evening. "I'm home Sammy. Did the boys behave themselves while I was"... She stopped in mid sentence when she rounded the corner and saw their swollen faces. John was on his knees painting her right toe nails pink while Ron was kneeling next to him sucking on her left big toe. "Well I guess that answers my question." She said while smiling at Sam. "Hi Sherry I'm glad you're home." The young girl replied. "Thanks Sammy I'm glad to be home." She answered as she started to walk over and sit next to her little sister. That's when she noticed John and Ron were buck naked. "OH MY GOD!" "You two go put some clothes on." She commanded. They scurried over and covered her bare feet with kisses while continuously thanking her. When she looked down to dismiss them she saw their flaming hot asses. They were covered with welts and bleeding in several places. "You better put some lotion on your butts as well. Now move." They immediately obeyed her and ran off. Sherry sat down to explain things to Samantha. "Sam, you can't let your brothers run around naked." "Why?" She asked. "Well it's just not right." "Why?" Sam repeated. "For one thing mom and dad would have a heart attack if they knew John and Ron were naked in front of you." "Why?" Sam asked again. "Just trust me sweetie. You'll understand when you get older." She replied with a smile. "OK Sherry If you say so." Sam answered shrugging her small shoulders. "Good girl. And another thing. Their butts look awful. How many times did you whip them while I was gone?"

You two put some clothes on right now. NOW MOVE!

"Well, I spanked them yesterday afternoon for using bad words. Then they didn't want to go to bed last night when I told them to so I had to spank them again to make them mind. And this morning at breakfast John burnt my toast and Ronnie spilled my milk. So I gave them another spanking for being so stupid." She said like it was no big deal. Sherry couldn't stop herself from smiling. "I agree they needed to be punished Sam. But you can't spank them that many times in a row. Their butts are in to bad of shape to do their chores. You'll have to think of another way to discipline them when they don't mind." She explained. "OK Sherry. The next time I'll just slap them silly." She said giggling. "By the looks of their black and blue faces I see you didn't have any problem handling them." Sherry said. "Nah. They was easy to beat up. They're nothing but little wimps. Molly would be harder to beat up then those two sissy's." Samantha answered. "Yes I imagine she would." Sherry replied with a smile. "I'm very proud of you Sammy. You're one tough little girl." She said while hugging her sweet little sister. "Thanks Sherry. I ain't as good a fighter as you but I'm learning real fast. And I got two big cry baby dummies to practice on." She answered while she hugged her idle back as hard as she could. Both girls were giggling when they went to check on their punching bags.

You can't repeatedly spank them Sammy their butts are in bad shape. OK Sherry. The next time I'll just beat em up or slap em silly. They're to weak to stop me.