Rachel Dominates me.


I was sitting at home watching TV when there was a knock on my door. I wasn't expecting company so I didn't know who it could be as I trudged to the door and opened it. My fifteen year old grand daughter Rachel brushed past me without saying a word and tossed down her suitcases. She had ran away from home about a month ago and no one knew where she was. "Where have you been Rachel everyone has been looking for you?" "Never mind that. Call mom and tell her I'm living with you now." "Do what?" I asked surprised. "You heard me now call her." She demanded. "I don't think that would be wise." I said trying to reason with her. "I didn't ask for your opinion did I?" She said sarcastically as she slammed me against the wall. "Now do as you're told and call her." "Now wait just a minute you.." "THUD!" She drove her fist into my stomach so far she nearly reached my back bone. When I doubled over gasping for breath she took hold of my limp wrist with her left hand and twisted my right arm behind my back. Then she grabbed the back of my collar and forcably marched me over to the phone and threw me down on my knees. "Now pick up the phone and call her or I'll break your arm. Understand old man?" She sternly asked as she viciously wrenched my arm up my back. "YES! YES!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "That's better." I dialed the number and had a lengthly conversation with her mother while Rachel menacingly stood over me with a tight grip on my wrist. Tami explained she could no longer control Rachel so she said good ridence and I was welcome to have her. I couldn't very well refuse with Rachel hovering over me ready to break my arm if I didn't accept so I unreluctantly agreed and hung up the phone. "Good boy." She patted me on the cheek and released my painful arm. As I was rubbing the feeling back into it she sat down and took off her shoes and socks. "Go fix me something to eat and then you can clear your stuff out of my bedromm so I can put my things away." She said it like I had no choice and that pissed me off. "First of all I'm not your slave. And secondly I'm not giving up my bedroom just because you suddenly had the urge to move in." She smiled and slid out of the chair. "I figured I would have to mop up the floor with you and show you who was boss so lets get to it." I attemped to grab her shoulders and shake some sense into her but she easily shook off my pawing hands and nearly broke my jaw. "SMACK!" I dropped like a falling anchor and hit the floor. "Get up old man I'm just getting started." She said with a smile while she wriggled her fingers at me to come and get her. I should have stayed in the floor and let her have what ever she wanted. Because Rachel gave me a terribly painfully beating and mopped up the floor with me like she said she would.