Dominated by Marilyn.

Denny Shull and I worked together and were very good friends. One day at work he asked me to come over that evening and help him clean up his back yard. His wife Marilyn wanted all of the trash and weeds cleared out so her flower garden would flourish and she wanted to plant a vegetable garden. I agreed to help him when he said his wife would make chili for supper. So that night after work I went with him to his house and met his wife for the first time. Marilyn was absolutely gorgeous. She had ash blond hair that swirled around her shoulders and bright blue eyes that would put you in an hypnotic trance if you stared into them to long. Her skin was creamy smooth and her magnificent body had perfect curves in just the right places. When she smiled and thanked me for coming over to help Denny I got the empression she was courtious and sweet. But I quickly found out there was a domineering female under that sweet exterior that demanded complete obedience from all males. It was a very painful and humiliating experience to be womanhandled so easily by a beautiful female and one I'll never forget. When Marilyn was through teaching us a lesson there was no doubt in our mind who was boss. Since that day Denny and I have spent our lives crawling at her feet and obeying her wishes while she precided over us like a Goddess.

Denny and I had cleared away part of the rubble from a broken down shed and pulled numerous weeds along the fence row for about two hours when I felt the urge to use the restroom. When I started for the house I saw Marilyn watching us from a window and never thought much about it. I said hi as I walked into the house and made my way to the bathroom. After I finished I washed my hands and strolled towards the door to join Denny in the back yard. Marilyn called my name so I stopped to see what she wanted. When I saw her coming towards me I day dreamed about how nice it would be to have a beautiful wife like her who was thoughtful and caring. But my dream suddenly turned into a nightmare when she grabbed me by the shirt and jerked me up to her face. "I've been watching you two work around my flower bed and you're getting pretty recklous. If any of my flowers get damaged you clumsy idiots are going to be in a world of pain. Now watch what you're doing or I'll wipe up the floor with you. Understand?" Her authoritive tone and agressiveness took me by surprise and I didn't know what to say. Especially when I saw the determination on her beautiful face and the cruelty in her narrow blue eyes. I wilted in her grasp and trembled like a leaf. "I asked you a question you little wimp. Now speak up." "Yes.. ma'am. I'm.. s.sorry. We'll be careful." I fearfully mumbled. She smiled and patted my cheek like I was a child. "Good boy. I'll call you when dinner is ready so run along." I was still shaking in my shoes when she turned me loose. "Yes ma'am right away." I passively answered as I hurried out the door. When I told Denny what she said his face turned as white as a sheet and he looked scared to death. That really worried me.

Forty five minutes later I heard the door open and saw her coming towards us. Denny stopped what he was doing and I could clearly see his bottom lip quivering while he waited for her to say something. Marilyn slowly walked down the flower bed with her arms folded over her breasts and closly inspected it. When she stopped and knelt down to check one of the flowers I thought Denny was going to have a heart attack. "Come here. Both of you." She said with a harsh voice. When I saw Denny obediently scurry over on shaky legs I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I joined them hoping I was worried about nothing. Marilyn grabbed Denny by the scruff of his neck and roughly bent him over. "Do you see that flower with the broken stem? There's another one with half of it's petals missing and one that has been trampled in the dirt. Answer me boy do you see them?" She asked shaking him like a rag doll. "Yes.. D.Dear. I'm.. sorry.. M.Marilyn.. we.. didn't.. mean.. to." He whimpered like a pussy. She snatched me by the back of my collar and got right in my face. "Didn't I tell you to be careful?" I out weighed her by more then a hundred pounds so I don't know why I was so frightened. But I definitely was and I couldn't control my fear. "Yes ma'am. I thought I was. I don't know how your flowers got damaged." I mumbled through quivering lips. "I guarantee I'll find out which one of you is lying. Now come with me." She sternly ordered as she dragged our squirming bodies towards the house.

My mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour while I stumbled along in her grip. The woman only weighed about a hundred and twenty pounds so I don't know why I was scared. I guess it was because Denny was shaking like a leaf and he's one of the toughest guys I've ever seen. So if he was afraid I had reason to be afraid myself. Marilyn marched us into the house and slammed us down in a chair. I nervously watched while she slipped her shoes off and stood at the end of the table glaring at us. "I want to know what happened to my flowers and I want to know now. So one of you better speak up." Denny sat there with his head hanging down so I spoke up to try and save my ass. "You saw me from the window I was working over by the fence." "You were working by the flower bed when we first started and you know it." Denny said jumping in. "No I wasn't you lia.." "SILENCE!" Marilyn shouted cutting me off in mid sentence. "I can see I'm not going to get a straight answer from either one of you. So I'll have to punish you both. Get on your feet." I didn't know what to do or say so I just sat there. But Denny's face was as white as a sheet when he nervously stood up and began to plead. "Please Marilyn we didn't mean to." "But you did and I specifically told you both to be extremely careful." She said as she took off her white cotton socks. "What the hell is going on?" I asked confused.