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Marie makes me her puppet.


"I was sleeping peacefully when my fifteen year old sister Marie threw my door open and charged into my room. "Get up Richard it's time to start your slave training." She ordered as she stood over me with her hands on her hips. I groggingly threw back the covers and reached for my pants. "You won't need your clothes Richard those boxer shorts and your T shirt will do just fine. Now get your butt in the living room." I slowly slid out of bed and trudged towards the door. "Move your ass young man." Marie demanded as she shoved me out of the room. I whirled and glared at her with clenched fists. "Do you really wanna test me again Richard? You know I'll wipe up the floor with you if you do." I went ballestic. "Enough is enough Marie. I'm not gonna take it anymore. Now back off before you get hurt." "I love it when you try to act tough you little wimp. It's really cute. I guess I'll have to remind you who's in charge around here." She said as she slipped off her shoes and stood in front of me with a confident smile on her face. I'm five years older and a hundred pounds heavier so I was sure I had nothing to worry about. Plus my body was solid and muscular while hers was femininely soft. "You asked for it you little bitch." I snarled as I fired a bone shattering haymaker at her irritating smile. Marie simply leaned her upper body back to make me miss and crushed my jaw with a powerful left hook. "SMACK!" I staggered for a few steps and fell flat on my face. "GET UP!" She sternly ordered. I leaped to my feet and cut loose with a barrage of deadly punches that would quickly take her out of the fight and put her at my mercy. Marie easily danced around my heavy handed blows with no effort at all. When I stopped to catch my breath she stepped up and got right in my face. "I'm gonna mop up the floor with you you little wimp and there's nothing you can do about it. When I get through with you there won't be any doubt in your mind which one of us is boss." "Fuck you bitch." I growled as I tried to wipe that smirk off of her face. Marie blocked my murderous punch like she was fighting with a child and nearly broke my jaw with a right cross. "SMACK!" I slumped over and hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.

"Get on your feet you little wimp."