Marie tames me with her bare feet.

The beautiful Marie Osmond

I had just finished showering after doing my chores and was on my way to the gym to play basketball with the guys. When I passed through the living room I noticed my younger sister Marie sitting on the sofa. Her bare feet was resting on the coffee table in front of her and Mother doesn't allow anyone to put their feet on the furniture. I love to annoy Marie and get her into trouble with our parents. So this was a perfect opportunity to get on her case and have some fun. "You know mom doesn't like your feet on the coffee table Marie." "Shut up and mind your own business Richard." She spitefully replied. "Why are you sitting there watching television anyway? Didn't mom tell you to do the laundry and wash the dishes?" I asked. "I'm not in the mood to put up with your crap Richard so you better back off." She said giving me an icy glare. "To bad Marie. I'll tell mom you didn't do what she said and you'll get in trouble. So you better get to work" I answered with a grin. "I'm sure you will. You always were a mamas boy you big sissy. Now get lost."

She knows I hate it when she calls me that. "Stop calling me a mamas boy Marie. If you say it again your ass is in trouble." I angrily threatened. "Ohhhh I'm so scared. Now beat it mamas boy before I pull your pants down and spank your little butt." "Dammit Marie I mean it. Now knock it off before I hurt you." "Make me mamas boy." She challenged. I couldn't believe she said that. Marie is only fifteen years old and weighs about 110 pounds. While I'm a twenty year old man and eighty pounds heavier. She couldn't possibly think she could stop me if I wanted to shut her up. "This is your last warning Marie. If you call me a mamas boy one more time I'm gonna kick your ass." "Don't make me laugh Richard. You couldn't whip me if I had my arms tied behind my back. Now shove off or I'll prove it to you mamas boy." She said without even looking at me.

That was the last straw. "You asked for it Marie." I said as I charged at her. She sat there like she didn't have a care in the world and continued to watch TV. When I got there and reached for her my life was virtually changed forever. Marie's arms were stretched out on the back of the sofa. Just as I went to grab her she doubled up her fist and crushed the side of my jaw with a sledge hammer right. "SMMMACK!" I instantly dropped to my knees next to the coffee table with the left side of my head resting on her lower leg. Marie used her left foot to push my head forward a little until my face was right up against her right foot. Then she crossed her ankles and hooked her feet together so she could firmly keep me pinned there. My mouth was flush against her silky soft skin and my nose was flattened to my face by her toes. She was easily able to put me in her foot hold without any resistance because I was completely stunned by her punch. In less then five seconds I was down on my knees and at the mercy of my fifteen year old sister. Marie put her arms on the back of the sofa again and looked down at me with a smile.

"Wake up mamas boy. Open your eyes so you can see the hold I've got you in." She said as she used her feet to shake me. I slowly came out of my stupor and opened my droopy eyes. When I realised my face was mashed against her disgusting foot I fought like a wildcat to get loose. But Marie had me securely pinned down and under her control. "What's the matter mamas boy are you to weak to get out of my hold?" She asked taunting me. "MMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" My response was garbled because her foot was tightly pressed against my face. "I thought you were supposed to be strong and tough Richard. So why can't you break my hold and get away? I'm not even using my hands and arms to help me keep you pinned down. You're a twenty year old man and I'm only a fifteen year old girl. But it looks to me like I'm a lot stronger then you are. Like I said Richard you're just a weak little mamas boy. I can't wait to tell the kids at school I beat up my older big brother. I'll bet they'll really get a kick out of it. Don't you think so you little wimp?" "MMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" Was all I could manage to say.

When I heard Marie laughing at me I increased my efforts to free myself. I used every bit of strength I had in an attempt to separate her legs or pry her feet apart. But nothing I tried worked. Her legs were to strong and her feet were firmly locked in place. "I wish you could see yourself Richard. It's really funny watching you struggle to get my foot out of your face. How does it smell by the way? I took a shower this morning but I've had my shoes and socks on all day. I'll bet it stinks a little doesn't it? It's a shame you're not man enough to beat a fifteen year old girl at wrestling. I guess you'll just have to smell my foot until I decide to let you go. Because your puny muscles don't have any strength in them. I really feel sorry for you Richard. Everyone is going to laugh and make fun of you because your little sister can beat you up. What a wuss."

I knew how embarrassed I would be if Marie told her friends she beat me in a wrestling match. Especially if they found out she only had to use her legs and feet to keep me under her control. I had to get out of her hold and beat her or I would never be able to show my face again. So I resumed my efforts with renewed determination. Marie smiled when she saw me panic and tightened her foot against my face. Her soft skin and rigid toes shut off most of my oxygen and it was hard for me to breathe. With her foot smothering my face and me exerting a lot of energy to try and break her hold, it wasn't long before I started feeling dizzy. "It's getting easier to keep you pinned down Richard and it wasn't difficult to begin with. Your useless struggles are getting weaker by the second. Do you have any strength at all in those great big arms of yours? It's like I'm wrestling with a little boy. Are you really that weak or are you about to pass out? Is it time for your nap mamas boy?" Marie teased.

Fear and shame quickly spread throughout my body at the horrifying thought of Marie putting me to sleep with her feet. She would tease me for the rest of my life and never let me forget it. And she would be sure to tell everyone we knew how she easily beat me up and humiliated me. I couldn't let that happen. I just couldn't. But constantly struggling to break her hold was wearing me out. And I was fighting to keep my eyes open because I was really getting drowsy. Despair set in and I felt like crying. "OK mamas boy I'm going to loosen my feet so you can breathe. I don't want to put you to sleep just yet because I'm having to much fun making a fool out of you. So take some deep breaths and get a good whiff of my foot." She said laughing at me. Sadly for me that's exactly what I had to do. I instantly sucked air in my lungs and the disgusting aroma of her foot filled my nostrils. "That's it Richard. You like smelling my foot don't you? How would you like to kiss it? I think that's what I'll make you do after I finish showing you who's boss. Would you like that mamas boy?" She asked smiling.

I knelt there trying to devise a plan of escape while I waited for my breathing to return to normal. Unfortunately Marie loved being in control and wasn't through toying with me. I was gathering my strength for another attempt at freedom when Marie decided to completely humiliate me while I was at her mercy. She began to rub her soft skin and toes over my mouth and nose while giggling like a young school girl. When I grabbed her smooth sole and tried to rip it away she tightened her foot against my face again. "Oh no you don't mamas boy. Take your hand off of my foot and leave your arms down by your side. Or I'll smother you to sleep and cram my foot in your mouth. We both know you're to weak to stop me so you better pay attention. Now do as I say before I knock you out." She scolded. I refused to listen and continued to pry on her ankle and foot. "I warned you Richard. Say good night mamas boy you're going to sleep."

Her silky soft skin flattened my nose to my face and completely covered my mouth. Suddenly there wasn't any oxygen getting through and I couldn't breathe at all. I panicked and started to flop around like a fish out of water while I frantically clawed at her legs and feet. But she was simply to strong and her hold was to secure. Eventually my eye lids got heavy and began to droop while my fierce struggling turned weak and pathetic. "That's it Richard. Just stop fighting it and go to sleep. Yeah there you go. You're such a good boy." In a few more seconds my eyes slowly closed and my hand slipped off of her foot to lifelessly flop down on the coffee table. Marie had put me to sleep.

Marie released me from her hold and grabbed me by the hair. Then she dragged my sleeping body to her so I was kneeling at her feet. She roughly slapped me awake and smiled as she got right in my face. "Are you going to mind me from now on mamas boy? Or do I have to wipe up the floor with you again and show you who's boss?" She asked in a no nonsense tone. I hadn't fully recovered my senses and was still worn out from losing the battle with her foot. But the arrogant tone in her over confident voice really pissed me off. I doubled up my fist and tried to hit her in the mouth to shut her up. But Marie easily blocked my powerless swing and numbed my jaw with a powerful left. "SMACK!" The solid punch nearly put me back to sleep. "You just don't learn do you?" Marie shoved my face down to her feet and easily put me back in her foot hold. Now I looked even more ridiculous with my head trapped between her feet and my ass sticking straight up in the air. "I've had it with you mamas boy. You're going to smell my foot until you learn to behave. And if you ever try to hit me again I'll paddle your butt until you can't sit down." Marie got comfortable and tightened her foot against my face again.

When I regained my senses and saw I was pinned down in her foot hold again I hopelessly surrendered. I just didn't have the courage to resist her any more. Fifteen year old Marie had bent my will to hers and turned me into a coward. I felt so ashamed when I started crying but I couldn't stop myself. I was being dominated by my little sister and totally humiliated in the process. And there was nothing I could do to stop her. I felt completely lost. "Awwww I'm sorry Richard. Did I make mamas boy cry? I should be ashamed of myself for being such a bully. It's not nice to pick on little boys who are to weak to fight back. I guess you're not a man after all. That's a shame." She said taunting me. Unfortunately she was right. I didn't feel like a man anymore. A young girl who I should have been able to handle with ease had me helplessly pinned down in a wrestling hold. And I didn't have the strength to free myself. I could only kneel there and cry my heart out.

She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up so she could look into my teary eyes. "Are you going to behave yourself mamas boy?" She sternly asked. "Yes.. M.Marie." I answered submissively. "Good boy. Now I want you to wrap your lips around my big toe and slide it in your mouth. Understand?" "Noooooooo. Please.. Marie." I whimpered. "Don't argue with me Richard you're not man enough. I can put you back in my hold and make you smell my foot for another hour. Is that what you want?" "No." I whined as I shut my eyes tight against the shame I felt. "Then stop arguing and do as you're told." I softly wept while I engulfed her big toe with my slobbering lips and slowly moved my head up and down. "Good boy. Now let me give you fair warning. If my toe slips out of your mouth I'll pull your pants down and paddle your bare butt. So you better be careful mamas boy." I was crying like a lost child while I dejectedly followed her humiliating order. Marie smiled and leaned back to get comfortable.

About fifteen minutes later she pulled her toe out of my mouth and snapped her fingers. "SNAP!" "Kneel in front of me Richard." I instantly obeyed. Marie gripped my shirt with both hands and jerked me up to her smiling face. "Now listen carefully. My soaps are coming on and I don't want to miss them. So I want you to put a load of laundry in the washer and then do the dishes for me. Is that clear?" "Come on Marie, that ain't fair." I meekly protested. "Richard Richard Richard. Why do you continue to defy me when you know I'm stronger then you are?" Marie laced her fingers with mine and gave me an evil smile. Suddenly my fingers were bent back in her powerful grip and excruciating pain raced up my arms. I let out an ear piercing scream. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "YOU'RE BREAKING MY FINGERS! PLEASE MARIE I GIVE UP! I'LL DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT! LET ME GO! PLEASE LET ME GO!" Marie crossed her legs and guided my scrunched up face down to her dangling foot. "You must learn to mind me and stop arguing Richard. I won't put up with it. Now kiss my foot and apologise for your behavior." I immediately put my lips on her soft smooth skin and covered the top of her foot with kisses. "I'm truly sorry Marie. Please forgive me." I whimpered like a pussy. "That's better. I'll forgive you this time but it better not happen again. Is that understood?" She sternly asked. "Yes Marie." I passively answered while I continued to fearfully kiss her foot. "Good boy. Now get up and go to work." She said as she shoved me away from her. "Yes Marie." I meekly replied as I crawled off.

When I finished doing the dishes I transferred the wet clothes to the dryer and put in another load. As I walked out of the laundry room I heard Marie call for me. I hated myself for answering her call but I was afraid to stand up to her. She was sitting at the end of the sofa with her legs resting on the cousin beside her. "Ahhh there you are. Get over here mamas boy I need you." My shoulders drooped down in defeat and I hung my head as I hurriedly obeyed her command. "Get down on your knees." She said as she pointed to the floor below her feet. I dropped to my knees and waited for further instructions. "Finding out I'm stronger then you was very exhilarating. And watching you helplessly struggle to get out of my foot hold was especially thrilling. But the best part was hearing you cry when you finally realised you couldn't escape. I love having a grown man under my control and doing my bidding. So I've decided to make you my slave." She said nonchalantly. I went into shock.

"You've got to be kidding." I said when I found my voice. "Hush mamas boy I never gave you permission to speak. "Now wait just a damn min.." That's as far as I got before Marie gave me a stern look and back handed me in the mouth. "SMACK!" "I SAID BE QUIET! NOW DO AS YOU'RE TOLD!" She reprimanded. I completely lost it and reached for her throat to strangle the fucking crazy bitch. Marie grabbed my wrists and twisted them behind my back in a double hammer lock. She did it so quickly and easily I never had a chance. Then she spread the fingers on her left hand around both of my wrists and got a firm grip. After securing her hold she wrenched my arms up my back and shoved my head down on the sofa. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The terrible pain shooting through my arms was unbearable. I screamed like a banshee and fought like hell to break her hold. But I couldn't move my arms even a fraction of an inch. I felt like a child trying to break the strong grip of an adult. Marie easily held my muscular arms in place with only her left hand and taunted me for being so weak.

"Do you see why I call you a mamas boy? My left hand against both of your arms and you can't get loose. You really are a wimp Richard." "GOD DAMMIT MARIE LET ME GO!" I angrily shouted. "Make me mamas boy." I began to fiercely struggle again but it done me no good. Marie was in complete control and I couldn't break her firm grip "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" I screamed in frustration. "Sure you are. This should shut you up you pathetic little weakling." Marie pulled my face over to the soles of her feet and laughed. "NO NO NO!" I insanely screamed while I strenuously fought to get away from them. "YES YES! YES!" Marie teased. "I love to feel your tender lips on my feet. And it's been a while since you've had the pleasure of smelling their sweet aroma. So quiet down and enjoy yourself mamas boy." When she started rubbing her creamy soles in my face I wanted to cry.

"Please.. Marie. Don't.. do.. this.. to.. me." I pleaded with a heavy heart "Hush mamas boy. I've discovered I adore the sensation I get when I feel your warm breath on my soles. And using your ugly face to massage my feet is very arousing. So I'm afraid you'll just have to suffer the consequences and do as you're told. Because you're just to weak to challenge my authority. Now lie still and keep your mouth shut so you won't spoil my pleasure. Or I'll give you a good spanking and send you to bed." I fell into the depths of despair and lost all hope. Finding out I was no match for my younger sister had turned Marie into a cruel and ruthless female. I was at her mercy and completely powerless to stop her from controlling my life. I languished in self pity while Marie casually sat there and rubbed her soft soles all over my red face. Being used as a door mat by my fifteen year old sister was so terribly degrading I wanted to die so I could escape the hell in was in.

My arms were so numb I couldn't feel them any longer and my knees were cramping up from being in the same position for nearly an hour. My tear ducts were bone dry because I had excessively cried through the entire humiliating experience. But there wasn't a morsel of sympthy in Marie's callious heart for my discomfort. I could hear her softly moaning with pleasure while she continued to press her soles against my face. My deep depression clouded my mind and made me forget she had ordered me to remain silent. Which regretably turned out to be a very painful mistake. "Please let me up Marie my legs are killing me." Her feet suddenly stopped moving and her hand tightened around my wrists. Then my shoulders were nearly ripped from their sockets when she roughly yanked my arms up my back. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "I told you to keep your mouth shut and not interrupt my pleasure. You've spoiled my mood and made me very angry Richard. I can see you need to be taught some discipline so you'll learn to behave. I guarantee you'll mind me after I severely punish you. Now come here."

Marie bent my upper body back to the floor and jammed her left foot over my throat to keep me pinned down. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them down to my knees to expose my bare ass. I tried to fight her off but my lifeless arms were completely useless. When she removed her foot and roughly dragged my squirming body over her lap I was scared out of my mind. If my fifteen year old sister spanked my bare ass like I was a small child it would completely destroy me. My pride would desolve like snow under a hot sun and my male ego would be crushed forever. And if she told all of our friends she spanked me I would die of shame and humiliation. Unfortunately I was to weak and helpless to stop Marie from doing what ever she wanted. She was in total control and determined to discipline me for misbehaving. "BAD BOY!" "SWAT!" "BAD!" "SWAT!" "BAD!" "SWAT!" BAD!" "SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!" "You will learn to mind me Richard." "SWAT!" "I won't put up with your unruly behavior." "SWAT!" "Your poor attitude had better change young man." "SWAT!" "I'll blister your bare butt every day if I have to until you learn." "SWAT!" "Do you understand me you little wimp?" "SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!" "This is your last warning." "SWAT!" "Now behave yourself or else." "SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!..SWAT!" I squalled like a lost little boy while Marie spanked my ass raw. My spirit was completely broken so I didn't attempt to resist. I surrendered to her authority and meekly laid there until Marie was satisfied I had been adequitly punished. Marie finally stopped spanking me and dumped me on my knees in front of her. She put her hands on my red cheeks and looked into my tear filled eyes. "Are you going to give me anymore trouble?" "No.. M.Marie." I submissively answered. "Good boy. Behave yourself and you won't get punished. But if you disobey me one more time I'll wipe up this floor with you. Do you understand me Richard?" "Yes.. Marie. I'll.. be.. good." I whimpered while trembling like a leaf. "You better be mamas boy." She said with a stern look.

Marie tightly curled her fingers in my hair and crossed her right leg over her left. Then she forcibly shoved my ashen colored face down to her foot. "Kiss it. If I don't believe your kisses are sincere I'll beat you to a pulp. And we both know you're to weak to stop me. Isn't that right mamas boy?" She asked, daring me to call her a liar. "Yes.. Marie." I shamefully answered as I shut my eyes tight. I wet my dry lips and firmly kissed her soft skin. "Again." She ordered. I quickly obeyed so she wouldn't get mad and carry out her threat. Marie had me scared to death and she knew it. "Good boy. Now breathe deep and gently kiss each toe like you're in love with it." I took a deep breath and lovingly kissed her pinky. When I was sure she was satisfied I moved to the next toe and made love to it. By the time I finished worshipping her big toe Marie was blissfully sighing. She placed her finger under my chin and gently raised my head so she could look me in the eyes. "That was very nice Richard I'm extremely pleased. You're going to make an excellent slave."

"Thank you Marie. I'm glad I made you happy." I sadly muttered through quivering lips. "Good boy. Now that you know your place I shouldn't have to discipline you so often. But if you step out of line I won't hesitate to painfully remind you who's boss. Is that clear?" I couldn't stop my body from trembling. "Yes Marie. Very clear." I passively whimpered. "Good. Now hurry up and finish the laundry so you can crawl into bed. I want you well rested for our training session tomorrow so don't dilly dally. Good night and sweet dreams." She said as she smiled and turned me loose. "But it's barely mid day Marie and I'm starving." I protested. She immediately grabbed me by the shirt and jerked me to her. "Are you arguing with me?" "SMACK!" "You know better you little wimp." "SMACK!" "Now keep your mouth shut and do as you're told." "SMACK!" "Or I'll beat you black and blue." "SMACK!" "Now get your butt in that laundry room and go to work." "SMACK!"

I was crying like a new born baby when I rose to my feet and stumbled to the laundry room. My face was extremely painful and slightly beginning to swell. But that didn't worry me as much as the terrorizing fear rapidly spreading over my body. Everytime I pictured Marie's face in my mind I felt like cowering in the corner. And I desperately had to fight off the urge to piss on myself when I thought about her raised fist or unbreakable foot hold. A fifteen year old girl was totally in control of my mind and body and I saw no way of escaping the nightmare I was in. I've never felt so helpless in my life. As soon as I was in bed, Marie walked through my door and came towards me with a smile. I know it sounds ridiculious, but I suddenly wanted to hide myself under the covers like a child would do to save himself from the monsters in the dark. She bent over and tenderly kissed me on the cheek. "Good night Richard, pleasant dreams. I'll see you at nine AM sharp for your next training session. Your punishment will be very severe if you make me angry so don't be late. Now close your eyes and go to sleep. You have a long day tomorrow." Marie smiled and pointed at her foot as she reached the door. "You have my permission to dream about my feet Richard. I know you love the feel and smell of my soft skin against your lips so dream about them all you want. Now mind your boss and go to sleep." I curled up in a ball and quietly sobbed. I was trapped under the heel of my little sister who derived pleasure from totally dominating me. And I didn't have the courage or the strength to save myself. Suffering through eternity in hell couldn't be worse then this. Fifteen year old Marie had won.

Marie pointing at her foot to remind me who's boss.