Twelve year old Linda humiliates me and her brothers.


Linda's Foot.

Linda's feet.

I went to Bob and Vernon's house one day and found out Bob was baby sitting while Joe was working out of town and Gleva was in the hospital. The three of us were sitting in the living room watching a ball game while Linda and Roger were in the kitchen playing cards. They started arguing and Bob told them to knock it off but they didn't listen. Their argument got louder and all of a sudden we heard a punch and one of them hit the floor. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" Bob jumped up in a hurry and ran to the kitchen. Linda was standing over Roger while he laid at her feet and cried. "What the fuck is going on?" He asked but Linda didn't answer him. "You keep your fucking hands off of him Linda." He told her while he bent down to check on Roger. "Make me." She defiantly told him. Me and Vernon looked at each other and smiled knowing she had fucked up. Linda is only twelve years old while her older brother Bob is eighteen. Vernon is sixteen and I was seventeen at the time so there is no way in hell we could have been prepared for what happened to us. Twelve year old Linda Mathias wiped up the floor with the three of us at the same time and made it look easy. When she was through we were crawling at her feet with severely swollen faces and begging for mercy. Linda had turned nearly six hundred pounds of solid male muscle into frightened cowards who obediently kissed her bare feet at the snap of her fingers. I know it sounds unbelievable but I swear on my life it's true. I wish with all my heart I had stayed home that day and escaped the terrible nightmare Linda put me through.


When Linda said make me Bob went totally in sane and charged her like a fucking angry rhino. "Why you little bitch." Me and Vernon was about to get up when we got the surprise of our life. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" We smiled thinking Linda went down until we heard her voice. "Stay down or you'll get some more." We rushed to the kitchen to see what was going on. Bob was lying flat on his back with a huge fat lip. His eyes were glassy and he was staring into space like he was in a trance. "What the hell?" Vernon said while he went into shock. "Mind your own business or you'll get some too." Linda threatened. Vernon made the mistake of thinking she wasn't a threat like Bob did. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" He angrily asked while he grabbed for her. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" The next thing I knew Vernon was laying next to Bob with a broken nose. I stared down at them in disbelief and went into shock myself. I noticed Linda's bare feet coming my way but I was to stunned to move. Linda casually walked up and curled her fingers in my shirt. "What about you you little wimp? Have you got something to say?" "Who are you calling a wimp?" I asked as I grabbed her wrist to break her grip on my shirt. My eyes bugged out when I pulled on her arm as hard as I could and her hand never budged. "I'm calling you a wimp you little pansy ass. Do you wanna do something about it?" I stood there struggling with all my might to break her grip on my shirt but I couldn't even pry off one of her fingers. Linda jerked me up to her and laughed in my face. "Why don't you get down there and join em you pathetic little weakling." "SMACK!" "PLOP!" I whimpered and hit the floor with a black eye. "That'll teach you big sissy's to mind your own business." She said while she brushed off her hands and walked out with a smile. The three of us shook it off and charged into the living room to make her pay. Linda was in the bathroom so Bob took a position on one side of the door and Vernon on the other while I stood in front of it to lure her into our trap. Roger just sat down on the couch and cried.

We knew by the noises in the bathroom she was ready to come out so we readied ourselves for the attack. When she opened the door I drew her attention so Bob and Vernon could surprise her. "I'm gonna kick your fucking ass you little bitch." I threatened while I invited her to come out and fight. But Linda wasn't the easy mark we thought she would be. When she stepped through the door she quickly closed it behind her and ducked. Bob's sledge hammer punch harmlessly sailed over her head and his fist slammed into the door. "BAM!" "AARRGGGHHHHHH!" He screamed and clutched his injured hand to his chest. Vernon was distracted when Bob hit the door and stopped his punch in mid swing while I simply stood there staring at both of them wondering what the hell had gone wrong with our plan. Linda took advantage of our stupidity and took us apart. "SMACK!" She back fisted Vernon in the face and knocked him over the chair behind him. "SMACK!" Then she turned to Bob and dropped him in the floor like a wet sack. I stood there like a statue and didn't react while she snapped her leg up and crushed my jaw with her toes. "WHAP!" I slumped to the floor and landed at her feet. "Stay on the couch Roger I'll deal with you later." She told him while she smiled and picked Bob up.

"Your sneak attack didn't work to well did it Bobbie boy?" "SMACK!" He hit the floor like a ton of bricks. She yanked Vernon off of the floor and chastised him for trying to interfere. "You should have stayed out of my business like I told you to Vernon." "SMACK!" He hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. I was rapidly blinking my eyes trying to bring them into focus so I didn't see her when she came after me. "It's your turn you little wimp." She said while she dragged me to my feet. "I've always wanted to beat you up Richard so I'm really gonna enjoy this." "SMACK!" She turned me loose and dropped me at her feet. Roger was scared out of his mind but he couldn't take his eyes off of her while he watched his twelve year old sister mop up the floor with three boys more than twice her size. "Let's go Bobby boy I ain't got all day." She scolded while she grabbed his shoulders and hauled him up off of the floor. "You're not as tough as you thought are you big brother?" "SMACK!" He fell apart like a house of cards and landed on his face. "C'mon Vernon get you butt up here." She picked him up and smiled at the blank look in his unfocused eyes. "You didn't think your little sister could beat you up did you sissy pants?" "SMACK!" He toppled over like a sawed off tree and slammed into the floor. "Don't worry you little wimp I didn't forget about you." She pulled me up on my feet and laughed at the terrorizing fear showing on my face. "What's the matter tough guy are you afraid?" "SMACK!" I slumped to the floor like a stringless puppet and landed at her feet.

Twelve year old Linda Mathias proudly stood there without a scratch on her while three older males with muscular bodies languished at her feet. They had no idea where they were at while they helplessly laid there with swelling faces and bruised egos. Sadly for the three poor males Linda wasn't through teaching them a lesson. "Upsy daisy Bobby boy." She held his limp body up and drew back her fist. "You'll never pick on me again you big sissy." "SMACK!" The floor came up and met his swollen face. She easily lifted Vernon up and held him in front of her. "That goes for you too sissy boy." "SMACK!" He collapsed like a dangling skeleton and hit the floor. "C'mon tough guy get on your feet." She dragged my sagging body off of the floor and roughly jerked me up to her smiling face. "That's a nice looking black eye you've got there you little wimp. Let me give you a matching set." "SMACK!" I hit the floor like a limp noodle and landed at her feet with two black eyes. "Let's go boys. Get up fight if you've got the nerve." Linda said with a smile while she looked down at the male bodies lying at her feet. Bob was the first to get up but his legs were shaky and about to collapse. "Atta boy big brother now show me what you've got." Bob fired a left at her smart ass mouth but Linda easily avoided it and put him back down. "SMACK!" I heard him whimper and saw tears drip from his eyes when he hit the floor.

"OK boys who's next?" Vernon and I just laid there trying to gather our strength. "Oh come on now can't one of you find the courage to get up?" It pissed me off she was talking to me like I was a fucking pussy so I climbed to my feet. "That's my boy. Now give me your best shot Richard." I threw a punch with everything I had to wipe that fucking smile off of her face. Linda's left arm came out of no where and slapped my pitiful punch down like it was nothing. "THUUUD!" Her fist plowed into my mid section so hard it nearly reached my back bone. My eyes bugged out and my mouth dropped open gasping for breath while I clutched my aching stomach with both hands and dropped to my knees at her feet. The pain was so excruciating I quickly passed out and slumped against her thigh. Linda watched with a smile on her face while I slowly slid down her leg with my useless arms hanging by my side and came to a stop with my puffy lips resting on her toes. Vernon was creeping up behind Linda trying to surprise her while she was dealing with me but somehow she knew he was there. Just as he reached for her she threw a back fist over her shoulder without even looking in his direction and smacked him right in the face. "SMACK!" Vernon lost control of his senses and slumped to his knees. Then he fell forward and buried his face in her ass. He was hanging there with his droopy eyes shut and his lifeless arms dangling by his sides. "Look at this Roger. A sixteen year old boy is kissing my butt and a seventeen year old boy is kissing my foot because they're afraid I'll beat em up. And big brother Bob who you thought was going to save you is out cold over there on the floor. I told you I could whip his ass." Roger stared at her like he was in a trance. What his twelve year old sister was doing to three older boys was absolutely unbelievable. Linda stepped away and let our sleepy faces hit the floor. "THUMP! THUMP!"

Bob was dizzy and incoherent when she picked him up and curled her fingers in his shirt. "Why don't you take a nap Bobbie boy while I wipe up the floor with Richard. Say good night big brother you're going to sleep." "SMMMACK!" Bob was sound asleep when she dropped his lifeless body at her feet. Vernon wasn't in any better shape when she yanked him up on his feet and held him in front of her. "Go to sleep for me sissy pants while I teach Richard a lesson. I'll wake you up when it's your turn. Nightie night you little weenie." "SMMMACK!" He was out cold when his battered body hit the floor and bounced. "It's just you and me now tough guy. Let's have a talk about that big mouth of yours." She said while she snatched me off of the floor and jerked me up to her face. "If you ever call me a bitch again I'll beat you to a pulp. Understand boy?" "SMACK!" I meekly whimpered and hit the floor. "Get back up here you little wimp I'm just getting started." I followed her order like a fucking idiot and slowly climbed to my feet. "Good boy. We all know you're a pussy but try to fight like a man." I wanted to close her fucking mouth for good but my punch was so weak and pathetic she easily caught my fist in her left hand and crushed my fingers in her vice like grip. "AAIIIEEEEEE!" My knees buckled from the excruciating pain and I screamed like a pussy. "Does your little hand hurt? This should take your mind off of it. "SMACK!" She shattered my nose and dropped me at her feet. "Get up and try again you little wimp." She ordered with her hands on her hips.

She broke several fingers on my right hand so I had no business getting up. But her condescending mouth was pissing me off and I wanted to close it more then anything in the world. "That's my boy. Maybe you're not such a chicken shit after all." She said when I got up and raised my fists. I was afraid to attack with an injured hand so I stood there and waited on her. "I think I spoke to soon. You're so scared you're about to pass out. Ain't you Richard?" Linda confidently stepped up and stuck out her chin. "Here you little wimp does this help" I bet you can't even hurt me." I wanted to cram my fist down her throat and shut her up so bad I was frothing at the mouth when I aimed at her chin and threw a punch with all the strength I had left. (pat) It was so pitifully weak it didn't even move a single strand of black hair on her head. "Aaaaaaa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa." Linda laughed in my face and destroyed my stomach. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" Her hard fists completely sucked the air out of my lungs and dropped me to my knees. I clutched my aching stomach and fought to catch my breath but my frantic efforts were useless. My face turned three shades of blue before I eventually lost concousness and slumped over towards the floor. Linda smiled while she turned her back to me and bent her right leg up behind her. My sleepy face met her creamy smooth sole and stopped me dead in my tracks. I hung there in mid air with my lifeless arms dangling inches from the floor while she placed her right hand on the back of my head to keep me pinned down and rubbed her soft skinned foot in my face. Roger was fascinated while he watched his twelve year old sister completely humiliate a seventeen year old boy.

I came to a few minutes later and feebly pawed at her foot to get it out of my face but I was to weak from the terrible beating she had given me. Linda easily over powered my muscular arms with just one hand and kept my face pinned down on her foot. "Go back to sleep you little wimp I'm enjoying this to much to let you ruin it." I whimpered when my right hand slipped off of her foot and uselessly fell in my lap. I was quickly losing control of my senses and was to weak to do anything about it. "That's my boy. Quit fighting it and go to sleep for me." A few seconds later my left hand limply dropped off of her toes and I went to sleep without a fight. "Yeah there you go. Good night my little wimp. Don't piss your pants if you dream about me." Linda kept my sleeping body hanging there for another minute to make sure I was out. She rubbed her soft sole across my fat lips when she removed her foot and smiled when my face thumped on the floor behind her heels.

xxxxxxxxxxxx Linda was about to slap me awake when she heard Bob moaning on the floor. While he was trying to get on his feet she jerked him up on his knees and wrapped her arms around his throat in a sleeper hold. "Go back to sleep big brother I'm not through teaching Richard a lesson. I'll wake you up when it's your turn." Bob meekly struggled to break her hold so he could breathe but Linda had him firmly under her control. When his dead weight arms dropped like they had been amputated he gave up struggling and went to sleep. "Good boy. Now don't interrupt me again until I'm ready for you. Understand?" His unconscious body made a loud thump when it hit the floor. Linda slapped my face with her foot until my eyes came open. "Get up you little wimp I'm not done with you yet." I slowly climbed to my feet and vigorously shook my head to clear the cobwebs. "That's my boy. Now show me what you've got." I went at her like a mad man to put her in the floor and get my revenge. But Linda made a complete fool out of me and made it look easy. (block)(swat)(swat)(block)(swat) "SMACK!" She batted my murderous punches down like they were nothing but a pesky nuience and busted me in the mouth. I staggered back with a whimper while she walked me down. (swat)(block)(block)(swat) "SMACK!" She nearly broke my jaw and came after me again when I stumbled back out of control. "Quit running you little wimp you can't get away. (swat)block)(block)(swat)(swat) "SMACK!" I was completely delirious when I lost my balance and fell on the couch. Roger scampered out of the way and sat down by the arm at the end.

Linda pulled me up to a sitting position and sat down in my lap. I was to far gone to resist when she leaned me towards her and took hold of my limp wrists. She wrenched my arms behind my back and wrapped her legs around my waist. While I helplessly sat there she entangled her feet in my hands and arms until they were firmly pinned against my back. Then she pushed me up and shook me awake. I started to punch her in the mouth when I saw her smiling face in front of me and was surprised to find out my arms were trapped behind my back. I used every ounce of strength I had to try and free them but they were locked down tight and wouldn't budge. Linda smiled when she saw my face turn white with fear. "I love the terrifying look on your faces when you pussy's realise I'm gonna beat you to a pulp and there's nothing you can do about it." "Let me go you fucking bitch." I whined while I uselessly struggled against her legs and feet. "What did I tell you about calling me a bitch you little wimp? You're even dumber then I thought. Fortunately I have you at my mercy and I know exactly how to shut that big mouth of yours." I nearly had a heart attack when she lifted my chin and doubled up her fist. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed in terror. "YESSSSSSSSS!" She said with a smile while she beat me senseless. "SMACK!..SMACK!" Tears dripped from my painful eyes while they swelled up. "I never have liked you Richard." "SMACK!" "You're always strutting around here like you're mean and tough." "SMACK!" "But you're not are you you little wimp?" "SMACK!" "You're just a big pussy who pretends to be tough." "SMACK!" "Until a girl calls your bluff and stands up to you." "SMACK!" "Then you get scared and pee all over yourself." "SMACK!" I fought like a demon to free my arms but they were hopelessly intertwined with her legs and feet and firmly pinned down on my back. Several of my fingers were trapped between her toes and I thought they were going to snap when she squeezed them. "AAIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I screamed like a sissy and cried my eyes out while Linda kept me in her hold and beat me to a pulp with a smile on her face. "SMACK!" "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "There's nothing like using a boy as a punching bag and listening to him cry like a baby to make a girl feel good." She said while she lifted my drooping chin to admire her work. I begged like a pathetic little bitch.

"I give Linda I give. Please don't hit me anymore." She just laughed. "Awww did I hurt the little wimp? Poor baby. As usual when a girl is enjoying herself there's always some boy who wants to ruin her fun. Luckily for me I'm the one in charge. Understand punk?" She asked while she roughly squeezed my cheeks and glared at me. I was so afraid I completely fell apart and squalled like a frightened little girl. "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Linda just laughed and continued to beat me. "SMACK!" "Beg me some more tough guy." "SMACK!" "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. "I said beg boy." "SMACK!" "AAAWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "Do as you're told you little wimp. Now beg." "SMACK!" "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "Stop crying like a baby and beg you big sissy or I'll really beat you up. Understand?" "SMACK!" "Please Linda I give up. Don't hurt me." "SMACK!" "Not bad but you can do better. Try again." "SMACK!" "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "Please Linda have mercy. Don't hurt me anymore. I give up. I give up" I pleaded with tears in my eyes. I felt so helpless I was overwhelmed with shame. A twelve year old girl was giving me a terrible beating and all I could do was cry and beg her to stop hurting me because I couldn't get out of her hold. "That's my boy. I love it." "SMACK!" "You're not tough at all are you Richard?" "SMACK!" "You're just a big pussy with a loud mouth." "SMACK!" "Let me hear you say it." "SMACK!" AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "Please Linda." I shamefully blubbered. "Don't argue with me you little wimp." "SMACK!" "Now say it." "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "I'm a pussy." I meekly whimpered. "SMACK!" "I said a loud mouth pussy now say it again." "I'm a loud mouth pussy." "That's better." "SMACK!" "Now it's time for you to take a nap tough guy so beg me to knock you out." "NOOOOOOOOOO! Please don't make me Linda." I shamefully pleaded. "You heard me boy." "SMACK!" "Beg me like the pussy you are." I hated myself for being such a coward but I didn't have the courage to defy her. "Please.. L.Linda.. knock.. me.. out." "Good boy. Now say good night." "AAAWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "SMACK!" "Say it you big sissy." "Good night L.Linda." I submissively whimpered with a broken heart. "Good boy." She said while she laughed in my face. "Now go to sleep you little wimp." "SMMMACK!" As soon as her fist crushed my jaw I was sound asleep. Linda freed my arms and spread her hand over my badly swollen face. "I'll be back to finish you off after I take care of my pussy brothers." She shoved my over on my back and slid off of the couch. Roger nearly fainted when he saw my mangled black and blue face. He started crying because he was afraid Linda would do that to him.

Vernon came to while she was on her way to work Bob over so she had to make a detour. "You two are really pissing me off. You were supposed to stay asleep until I was ready for you." She scolded. Linda put him in a full nelson and listened to his painful screams while she patiently waited until his arms were numb and useless. Then she bent his right arm behind his head and grabbed his wrist with her left hand. While she easily controlled both of his arms with her left arm and hand she covered his mouth and nose with her right hand and smothered him to sleep. Vernon slumped over and landed on his face when she turned him loose. "Now stay asleep until it's your turn or I'll spank your little butt." She scolded while she walked off. Bob was still out cold when she slapped him awake and dragged him to his feet. "Wake up Bobby boy it's my turn to bully you. You've had this coming for twelve years so let's have some fun." When she turned Bob loose he was so weak he could barely stand. But he didn't think he had anything to worry about because he had bullied Linda for most of her life. "Fuck you bitch. I'll rip your head off." He threatened while he doubled up his fist. "Ohhh I'm sooooooo scared Bobby boy." She taunted with a smile. Bob threw a murderous punch at her grinning mouth to shut her up but Linda easily slapped it down and beat the poor boy to a pulp. "SMACK!" He collapsed and hit the floor like a slab of beef. "Get up you big pussy so I can whip your ass." Bob stumbled to his feet and tried his best to take her head off. Linda swatted down his punch like it was thrown by a child and dropped him at her feet. "SMACK!" He hit the floor with a whimper. "Let's go hot shot get on your feet." Linda ordered. Bob tried to get up and make her pay but he just didn't have the strength. When his arms folded up and dumped him back in the floor he laid there and cried his eyes out. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!"

"Another tough guy who turns into a big cry baby when a girl stands up to him. I should have known. Come here you big pussy." Linda dragged him to his feet and laughed at his feeble efforts to break her grip and escape. "You're such a wimp Bobby boy. I should have beat you up years ago." "SMACK!" He went down in a heap and landed at her feet. "Get up tough guy I'm not done with you yet." Bob was so far gone he couldn't make it to his hands and knees let alone his feet. "I said get up you big pussy." She scolded while she dragged him to his feet and turned him loose. "Now see if you can hit me." Bob aimlessly wandered around on rubbery legs until his back was to her and threw a punch at nothing but air. Linda laughed and tapped him on the shoulder. "I'm over here Bobby boy." Bob turned around and tried to focus his glassy eyes so he could find her but Linda didn't give him time. "Can you see me now?" "SMACK!" She nearly broke his jaw and dropped him at her feet. "Get up big brother this is fun." She said while she yanked him off of the floor. Bob stumbled one way and then the other on noodle like legs and would have collapsed if Linda wasn't holding him up. "Can't you stand on your own two feet you little wimp?" "SMACK!" Down he went with a broken nose. Linda picked him up and smiled when she pried open one of his droopy eyes. "No wonder you can't stand up Bobby boy there's nobody at home in there. I think I'll put you down for a nap and work on your sissy brother for a while. Sweet dreams you big pussy." "SMMMACK!" It sounded like a grenade going off when her fist slammed into his jaw. Bob fell straight down on his badly swollen face and landed at her feet. Linda shoved her toes into his gaping mouth and smiled. "I love being the bully Bobby boy it's a lot of fun. But I don't think you'll like being the victum. Will you big brother? That's to bad because I don't really care. I'll be back to finish you off after I turn Vernon into a coward so don't go anywhere. Sleep tight my little pussy."

Linda decided to give Roger a scare before dealing with Vernon. When he saw her coming he was trembling so bad he nearly had a heart attack. She snatched the front of his shirt with both hands and jerked his frightened face up to hers. "I haven't forgotten about you little brother. When I'm done teaching those three pussy's a lesson I'm gonna spank your ass good for calling me names and taking a swing at me." "Please Linda I'm sorry." He whimpered with tears in his eyes. "Begging and crying isn't going to save you Roger. You knew better then to make me mad because I've whipped your ass before. But you were stupid enough to do it anyway. You thought Bob would protect you so you got brave and run your mouth. But Bob can't even protect himself. I can whip his ass with one hand and spank you with the other if I want to. So just sit there and keep your mouth shut until I'm finished. If you run I'll beat you senseless when I catch you and then give you a spanking. So I would advise you to stay put. Understand?" "Yes.. L.Linda." He whined through quivering lips. "Good boy. You're so cute when you're afraid." She said while she roughly squeezed his reddened cheeks and walked away with a smile. Roger was close to pissing his pants when he saw the evil in her cold blue eyes. He quietly sobbed while he thought about the painful spanking she was going to give him. But running away would be commiting suicide. He knew Linda would carry out her threat and beat him to a pulp and he was to weak to stop her. So he was hopelessly trapped with no way out and no one to save him. Roger hung his head and cried like a baby.

Vernon was on his feet when Linda reached him but his legs were wobbly and he couldn't get his blurry eyes to focus. "Hey there sissy pants are you ready to play somemore?" She asked smiling at him. "I'll kill you bitch." He threatened. "That's what Bobbie boy said before I put him to sleep." Linda said as she easily dodged the murderous punch he threw and hooked Vernon's arm with hers. Before Vernon could stop her she stepped behind him and manuevered his body into position. While he was defenseless and at her mercy she wrapped her arms and legs around him in an agonizing abdominal stretch and viciously bent him over. "AARRGGGHHHH! AARRGGGHHHH! LET ME GO LET ME GO!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. "Make me sissy pants." She said while she twisted his tortured body. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHHH!" I GIVE LINDA I GIVE I GIVE!" "Don't be such a sissy Vernon. You wanted to kill me remember. Now use those strong manly muscles of yours and get out of my hold." She teased. "I CAN'T LINDA YOU'RE TO STRONG! LEMME GO!" He pitifully whimpered. "Not until I'm done with you little boy. Now beg me like the pussy you are and I might take pity on you." She twisted his tortured body like a pretzel and smiled at his little girl screams. "AAIIEEEEEEEEEE!" "I GIVE I GIVE I GIVE" "You can beg better then that you big sissy now try it again." "AAAWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Vernon broke down and cried his eyes out. "Are all you boys big cry babies? I tell you to beg and you just start squalling. I'm glad I was born a girl." She teased while she easily held Vernon's sagging body in her strong arms.

"I'm waiting boy you better start begging." "Damn you Linda let me g.." "AAIIIEEEEEEEEE!" She nearly broke him in half. "Shut your stupid mouth and beg sissy pants or I'll really hurt you. Now beg." "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! PLEASE LINDA IT HURTS! LEMME GO! LEMME GO!" "That's a little better but it still needs work. Now try it again." "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "C'mon sissy you can do it." "Please Linda I'll never pick on you again." He pleaded with tears in his eyes. "I already knew that Vernon. By the time I'm done with you you'll piss your pants if I snap my fingers. Now beg." "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! Sniff sniff. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "I'm not gonna tell you again. Now beg me you little wimp." She ordered while she twisted his pain racked body. "AAIIIEEEEEEE!" "I'M BEGGING I'M BEGGING! PLEASE LINDA I'M BEGGING! HAVE MERCY! I GIVE I GIVE! I GIVE!" "You big pussy's are absolutely pathetic at begging. But you both have years to practice so I'm sure you'll improve. Now come here." She said as she turned him loose and jerked him around before he collapsed. "Let's see how you like being bullied sissy pants." "SMACK!" Vernon slumped to the floor and laid there crying. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" "Let's go little boy I'm just getting warmed up." She said while she dragged him to his feet. "Why do you look so scared Vernon? You're not afraid of your little sister are you?" "SMACK!" He dropped like a ton of bricks and landed at her feet.

Vernon tried to crawl away but Linda pinned his head to the floor with her foot and laughed while she watched him squirm. "Look Roger a macho sixteen year old boy is trying to run away from a twelve year old girl. I told you he was a pussy." "You should be ashamed of yourself big brother." She scolded while she hauled Vernon to his feet and jerked him up to her face. "C'mon sissy you've pushed me around for years. Teach me a lesson and put me in my place." "SMACK!" He slumped to the floor with a swollen jaw. When Linda picked him up his eyes were glassy and he couldn't stand without her support. "You're out on your feet and don't even know where you're at. Do you you little wimp? Would you like to take a nap sissy pants? Huh? Let's put you to sleep." "SMMMACK!" Vernon collapsed like a dead man and landed at her feet out cold. "I don't know why I was ever afraid of you two pussy's. I'm pretty sure I could have beaten both of you up when I was six years old. I guess I must have felt sorry for you. But not anymore sissy pants. You and Bob will be doing what ever I say when I'm done with you. And so will Richard. I guarantee it." She left Vernon and Bob's badly beaten bodies lying in the floor and came to check on me.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Wake up you big sissy and tell me who's boss." I managed to raise my drooping head and blankly stare at her through a small slit in my badly swollen black and blue eyes. "Say it Uncle Richard. Sarah is the boss. Now say it." Tears ran down my puffy red cheeks as I broke down and submissively followed her order. "Sarah.. (sob) is.. the.. boss." "Say it again you little wimp." "(sob) (sob) Sarah.. is.. (sniffle) (sniffle) the.. b.boss." "Again." "Unnnnnn hun hun hun hunnnnn.." "SLAP! SLAP!" "Do as you're told you little pansy ass or you'll get some more. Now say it." "S.Sarah.. (sob) (sniffle) is.. the.. boss." "Good boy. Now lets put you to sleep. Good night Uncle Richard." "SMMMACK!" "Shut up bitch. The only one who'll be laying in the floor is you. Get her boys." I said as the three of us charged at her from different directions. Linda melery toyed with us before she put us to sleep and dropped our limp bodies at her feet. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there. Linda beat all three of us to a pulp at the same time and we never laid a finger on her.

I went straight at her like a charging Rhino but she easily stopped me dead in his tracks. When I was a few steps from her Linda snapped her leg up and caught me under the chin with her toes. "WHAP!" I toppled over backwards like a sawed off tree and laid there moaning. Vernon went at her on her right and Bob approached on her left. Both of them threw a monstrous punch at her beautiful face to take her out of the fight in a hurry but unfortunately they didn't connect. Linda ducked under their powerful swings and the force of their missed punches caused them to stumble past her. They quickly stopped their momentum and turned to attack her from behind. Linda and fired a double back fist over her shoulders without even looking in their direction. "SMACK!..SMACK!" The destructive punches caught them flush in the face and they were instantly out on their feet. Their knees buckled and their arms fell lifeless to their sides. Linda looked down and held my gaze while she threw her fists back and drilled them both in the stomach with two breath taking punches that immediately dropped them to their knees. "THUD!..THUD!" "UUNNHHH!..UUNNHHH!" "Flop!....Flop!" Both were completely out of it while they helplessly knelt behind her.

Eleven year old Julie Kilman.

Linda kept looking at me while she snatched Vernon by the hair and pulled his head down. When he was in position she repeatedly snapped her bare foot back into his sleepy face. "WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!" Vernon was sound asleep when she dropped his body next to her right foot. Her eyes continued to bore into mine while she grabbed Bob by the hair and slapped him in the face with the sole of her left foot. "WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!" He was out cold when she deposited him in the floor next to her left foot. I shook my head to clear the cob webs and climbed to my feet. "You're dead bitch." I threatened as I leaped at her. "WHAP! Her foot exploded in my face like a grenade going off and put me back in the floor. Linda smiled and dragged me to my feet.

Eleven year old Julie Kilman.

I laid there and wailed like a lost little boy while I fearfully looked up at her beautiful face. An eleven year old girl was going to degrade and humiliate me and I wasn't man enough to stop her. Julie lifted her foot and planted it right in my face. When I felt her soft skin against my lips and saw her smiling face through the opening between her toes I was so ashamed of myself I wanted to die. Julie knew I didn't have the courage to turn my head away because I was a coward. One punch on my glass jaw and she could do what ever she wanted to me while I slept at her feet. So my only choice was to passively lie there while she used my face as a door mat. But I hated myself for accepting it like a spineless pussy. "Bring all the friends you want Richard they can't save you. You'll still be groveling at my feet where you belong while they sleep in the floor. I own you and I always will." I closed my tear filled eyes against the shame rushing through my muscular body while Julie rubbed her foot in my face. "Kiss it you little wimp." She said with a smile. I submissively pressed my trembling lips on her smooth sole and kissed her foot. "Good boy. Now get up." Julie grabbed my shirt with both hands and roughly hauled me to my feet. I sagged in her grip with my shoulders slumped and my head down on my chest.

Eleven year old Julie Kilman.

Julie marched me over to her vanity and pulled the bench seat out. "Drop your pants." She ordered. I gave her a pleading look but the mind me or else glare in her squinting blue eyes made me surrender. Tears of shame ran down my red cheeks as I obediently followed her order. Julie threw me across the bench and picked up her hair brush. I laid there crying with my face just inches from the floor and my ass sticking up in the air. Julie sat down and twisted both of my arms up my back in a hammerlock. She spread her fingers around my wrists and got a firm grip so she could keep them pinned there with her left hand. Then she placed her right leg over both of mine to keep me from kicking and slid her left foot under my face. "Put your lips on my foot and leave em there. Every time they come off you'll get an extra swat for disobeying me so you better do as I say. Understand?" "Yes Julie." I sobbed with a broken heart as I put my trembling lips on her soft smooth skin. "Good boy." She tightened her grip on my wrists and raised her arm in the air.

Eleven year old Julie Kilman.

"I told you what I would do if you ever bothered me or David again but you didn't listen did you Richard? I'm gonna whip your butt good for not minding me. Now hold still." "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" When her brush struck my ass I raised my head and squealed in pain. "That's one extra swat Richard. Put those lips back on my foot and don't move em again." "I'M SORRY JULIE I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" I screamed as I pressed my lips on her foot. "To bad. Now shut your mouth and do as you're told." "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" I shut my eyes and wailed like a lost little boy. I hated myself for being such a coward but I was afraid to challenge her authority. Julie could knock me out anytime she wanted so she was the boss. "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" My ass was on fire and in excruciating pain but I kept my lips on her foot. They would slide up to her toes every once in a while and the smell was disgusting but I managed to keep them tightly pressed against her skin like she ordered. "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!"

Eleven year old Julie Kilman.

"AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" I cried and cried but Julie didn't show me any mercy. When she finally stopped spanking me and let go of my arms I was completely broken. My spirit was crushed my pride was gone and my will belonged to her. Julie held my head down and rubbed her toes and soft skin on my mouth and nose. I passively laid there and accepted the humiliation without a struggle. When she was satisfied I was broken and belonged to her she dragged me up on my knees and smiled. "Stay where you are while I take care of your friends. If you get up and try to help them I'll knock you out cold and give you another spanking. Is that clear?" "Yes Julie you're the boss." I pitifully whimpered in shame. "Good boy. Pull your pants up and cover that ugly thing between your legs so I don't have to look at it. I'll be back to deal with you when I'm finished with your friends so behave yourself and stay on your knees." "Yes Miss Julie." I mumbled in despair.

Eleven year old Julie Kilman.

"SMACK!..SMACK!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..SMACK!" Johnny was sleeping like a baby when he hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. Julie picked Bob up and worked him over. "SMACK!..THUD!..THUD!..SMACK!..SMACK!..CRACK!" He was sound asleep when he collapsed like a lifeless rag doll and landed at her feet. Ronnie tried to fight back but he didn't stand a chance. She cut him to pieces like he was a little boy and dropped him at her feet. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..THUD!..THUD!..WHAP!" Julie dragged their battered bodies to the middle of the floor and slapped them awake. They were docile and obedient while she put all three in a wrestling hold and pinned them down. Bob and Johnny were bent over backwards in a dragon sleeper with their arms wrenched up their back in a hammerlock. She easily controlled both of their arms with only one hand while she held them on their knees. Ronnie's head was trapped between her legs in a scissors hold with his arms pinned down behind him. When she was satisfied they were under control she looked at me and snapped her fingers. "SNAP!" "Get over here and put your head between my feet." I scurried over and submissively did as she ordered. Julie wrapped her feet around my neck and firmly pressed her toes against my nose and mouth. "Good boy. Now go to sleep you little wimps." She applied pressure to her holds and sternly scolded us for pulling such an idiotic stunt while we cried our eyes out and continuously begged to be released. When Julie was through chastising us she smiled and tightened her grip. Ronnie Johnny and Bob instantly began to wail like frightened little girls while they feebly struggled in her inescapable holds. But their useless efforts to free themselves from her strong arms and powerful legs were in vain. I meekly laid there while she smothered me with her cute little toes. Eleven year old Julie easily kept us under control and laughed at their crying pleas for mercy while she put all four of us to sleep at the same time.

"SLAP! SLAP!" "You better leave my stuff alone from now on you little brat." "You play with my toys." Lori whimpered. "SLAP! SLAP!" "I can do anything I want cause you ain't big enough to beat me up." "SLAP! SLAP!" "And he ain't either." "SLAP! SLAP!" "So do as you're told or I'll really hurt you." "SLAP! SLAP!" "Understand?" "AAWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWW!" When I finally came to my mind was mired in fog and my eyes were glassy. I laid there trying to remember where I was at when I heard Lori crying and it all came back to me. Six year old Tammy had easily tied me up in an unbreakable wrestling hold and put me to sleep so she could beat up Lori without being interrupted. My mid section was still painfully throbbing and I couldn't focus my blurry eyes but I knew I had to get up and stop Tammy from terrorizing her sister. "Damn you Tammy leave her alone." I muttered as I helplessly floundered on the floor trying to get up. "SMACK!" "SLAM!" She dropped Lori's limp body in the floor and grabbed my shoulders to yank me up on my knees. I pulled at her arms trying to pry her hands loose but I was to weak from being knocked out. Tammy just laughed at my feeble attempt to free myself while she easily shook my pawing hands off and curled her fingers in my shirt to hold me up. "It's your turn you little wimp." "SMACK!" "Don't ever put your hands on me again." "SMACK!" "You're not the boss of me." "SMACK!" "This is my house and I can do what I want." "SMACK!" "You sure ain't big enough to stop me." "SMACK!" "Are you you little wimp?" "SMACK!" "So stay out of my business and keep your hands to yourself." "SMACK!" "Or I'll break your arms." "SMACK!" "Understand boy?" "CRACK!" Her small fist crushed my jaw with a powerful uppercut and sent my upper body flying back. Tammy turned her body as I sprang back up and and slapped me on the side of my face with her bare foot. "WHAP!" I dropped next to Lori with our heads nearly touching and cried like a baby. "AAWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWW!" Tammy casually walked up and pinned our heads to the floor with her feet. Lori and I were hurt to bad to try and escape so we just laid there and cried. Tammy proudly stood on our heads with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face. "Are you two gonna mind or do I have to beat you up some more?" We continued to cry and didn't answer her so Tammy stepped down and roughly jerked Lori up in her arms. She tried to wiggle free but Tammy was just to strong. "SLAP! SLAP!" "I asked you a question you little brat." "Stop hurting her Tammy." I pitifully whined as I fought to get up. "WHAP!" She kicked me in the face and dropped me back at her feet. "Shut up you little wimp I ain't talking to you." "AAWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWW!" I laid there crying my eyes out while Tammy pinned my head to the floor with her foot. When she was satisfied I couldn't get up she smiled and looked into Lori's fearful eyes. "Listen to him cry Lori. I told you I could beat him up." "SLAP! SLAP!" "Are you gonna mind me you little brat or do you want some more?" "Yes Tammy I'll be good. I promise." She mumbled through trembling lips. "You'd better. Go to bed and stay there til I say you can get up. Understand?" "Yes Tammy." She whimpered. "Good girl. Now get in there." Lori scurried off and jumped into bed like she was told.

I was so frightened I closed my eyes and pissed all over myself. When she curled her fingers in my shirt and jerked me to her I broke down and bawled like a new born baby. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!" Sniff sniff. "You're not very bright are you Richard?" "SLAP!..SLAP!" "You should have known better then to pull a ridiculous stunt like this." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Did you really think your pathetic friends could stop me from beating you up?" "SLAP!..SLAP!" "They're a bigger wimp then you are." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "My brother and the baby sitter better be alright." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Because if they're not I'll beat you and your idiot friends to a pulp." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Understand sissy?" Julie threw me down in the floor and stood over my trembling body.