Linda turns me into a coward.


Linda's feet.

Linda Mathias is the neighborhood bully. She is always picking on her 17 and 18 year old brothers and making them cry. Which really surprises me because Linda is only 12 years old and weighs about 70 pounds. But every time I saw Bob and Vernon they had severely swollen faces and bruised bodies because she beat them up. Or she would force them into wrestling with her and nearly break their arms or legs. They finally got tired of being hurt and asked me to make her stop. I decided to help them out and end her reign of terror. I'm 25 years old and weigh a whopping 225 pounds. It should have been easy for me to make her leave Bob and Vernon alone. So I went next door and told Linda to lay off of her brothers or she would have to deal with me. It was the biggest and most painful mistake of my life. I still cringe in fear every time I think about it. This is the story of my complete and undeniable annihilation at the hands of twelve year old Linda Mathias. Linda came out her back door and was on her way to their pool when I got there. Her petite young body was so small it amazed me how she was able to beat up her brothers so easily. She was wearing a blue bikini and I could see she was beginning to develop curves in just the right places. Her cascading black hair was flowing around her small shoulders and her bright blue eyes were sparkling. But I wasn't there to admire the view. Her older brothers needed to be protected from this mean little bully and it was my job to save them. So I didn't waste any time issuing my ultimatum. A 12 year old 70 pound girl against my massive 225 pound 25 year old frame was no contest. It would take me less than two minutes to put the bullying little bitch in her place and settle this matter. So I had nothing to fear. Boy was I ever wrong.

"Linda. I'm tired of seeing your brothers with swollen faces and battered bodies. If you hurt one of them again I'm gonna whip your fucking little ass. So leave them alone or else. Is that Understood?" Linda placed her hands on her slender hips and smiled as her blue eyes bore into mine. "So the little pussy's found a grown man to fight their battles for them huh? They'll pay for that when I get my hands on them. And so will you if you don't shut your mouth and mind your own business. You don't scare me Richard. Now get out of my yard or I'll give you a good beating and throw you out. Got it?" I stood there in shock. She couldn't possibly believe she could kick my ass. I'm a fully grown man who is more than three times her size and over twice her age. "You've got to be kidding Linda. I really don't want to hurt you but I will if you force me to. Now leave your brothers alone." She slipped off her flip flops and came at me. "I warned you big mouth. Now I'm going to turn you into a begging little sissy and make you cry like a baby." I reached down to grab her up in my strong hands and shake some sense into her before she forced me beat it in. But Linda's right leg snapped up and her bare foot caught me right in the face. "WHAP!" It surprised me more than it hurt but the unexpected kick left me wide open for her next attack. "THUD!..THUD!" Her small fists drilled me in the stomach and bent me over in pain. Linda turned her back to me and reached behind her to wrap her right arm around the back of my neck. The next thing I knew I was flying over her shoulder and slammed into the ground. "SLAM!" The hard landing left me stunned and vulnerable. Linda lifted me to a sitting position and sat down behind me. She put me in a full nelson and spread her legs around my waist in a body scissors and crossed her shapely ankles in my lap. "You should have run away when I told you to Richard. Now I'm going to show you why my pussy brothers are afraid of me."

Linda shoved my chin down to my chest and raised my arms in her full nelson. Then she tightened her legs and squeezed my ribs. I came out of my stupor and tried to power out of her full nelson with my muscular arms but my attempt miserably failed. She easily held me in her strong grip and laughed at my pitiful struggles. "You might as well stop trying to get out of these holds because you're not strong enough. Do you give?" She asked with a cute smile. "Fuck you Linda." I stubbornly said through tightly clenched teeth. Her sarcastic mouth really pissed me off so I increased my efforts to free myself. But Linda was simply to strong and I couldn't break her hold. I was completely helpless and under her control. "You're not a very fast learner are you Richard? I guess I'll have to prove I'm stronger than you. This is going to hurt sissy." Linda poured more power to her holds and I was instantly in extreme pain. My muscular arms were nearly ripped from their sockets and my ribs felt like they were ready to crack. I couldn't stop myself from screaming like a frightened little girl. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Do you give now?" She asked smiling. "YESSSSSSSSS!" I screamed with tears in my eyes. "Are you sure you want to give?" She teased. "YESSSSSSSSSS! LET ME GO YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I said getting mad. "You asked for it wimp. I don't like people calling me names." She increased the power to her holds and I felt like I was being ripped apart. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I screamed again and started crying. "Say you're sorry for calling me a bitch." She ordered. "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY! PLEASE LINDA YOU'RE HURTING ME!" I pleaded. "I know you little wimp. Quit begging and scream for me again." She applied more pressure to her full nelson and I nearly passed out. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE! PLEASE LINDA I'M SORRY I'M SORRY! LET ME GO!" I shamefully begged as I stared at her bare feet and cried. "You're not very strong for a grown man are you Richard? Those great big muscles of yours are completely worthless. You can't even beat a twelve year old girl in a wrestling match. What a wimp." Linda released me from her painful holds and stood up. I slumped to the ground crying and whimpering. My arms were completely numb and useless and my ribs were painful and sore. "I'm going to break you Richard. You'll do what ever I say when I'm through showing you who's boss. Now get up." I laid there sobbing and tried to collect myself. "You heard me sissy. If you want me to stop picking on those pussy brothers of mine then get up and make me. Or are you afraid?" "Kiss my ass you little bitch." I said as I jumped to my feet. "I warned you about calling me names. I'm going to have fun bending you to my will. Now show me what you've got." I tried to nail her with a sneaky punch but my muscular arms were in so much pain they wouldn't cooperate. Linda grabbed my wrist and jerked me forward to slam her knee into my mid section. "WHAM!" "UMMMPPPHHHH!" I collapsed to my knees trying to catch my breath and flopped to the ground on my face. Linda grabbed me by the wrists and lifted my muscular arms in the air. Then she put her bare foot on the side of my face and pinned my head to the ground. "I've got you again you big pussy. Let's see if I can make you give up with this hold."

She stretched my arms out and roughly tried to push them together. I instantly screamed my head off and kicked my feet like a child throwing a temper tantrum. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "How about it wimp do you give?" "YESSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSS!" I frantically screamed while I began to cry. "I can't hear you. Say it again cry baby." "I GIVE! I GIVE! PLEASE LINDA IT HURTS!" "You're pathetic. Whipping your ass is going to be so easy." Linda let go of my painful arms and stepped back. I laid at her feet whimpering and felt completely humiliated. I was so embarrassed because I couldn't stop myself from crying. Especially since she was standing over me laughing. My muscular arms were so painful I could barely move them. And my entire body felt like I had been in a terrible car wreck. But I couldn't handle listening to her laugh while she made fun of me. "Are you ready to admit you're a loser? Tell me I'm the boss and I'll let you crawl home with your tail between your legs. I'm going to keep hurting you if you don't so speak up or get up and fight." "Enough is enough you little bitch. Your ass is mine." I said while climbing to my feet. "You have to get me in a hold first Richie boy and I don't think you're man enough. You've been screaming like a sissy and you're face is all wet from crying like a baby. So I would say I'm making a complete fool out of you. Wouldn't you agree?" "YOUR DEAD YOU MOUTHY LITTLE BITCH!" I screamed as I leaped at her. Linda calmly landed a powerful left and right to my swelling eyes and stopped me dead in my tracks."SMACK!..SMACK!" I lost control of my senses and was unable to resist when she wrapped her arms and legs around my muscular body to put me in an abdominal stretch. Once again I was completely helpless and under the control of an twelve year old girl. "I know this hold will make you scream like a sissy and cry like a baby." She bent me over with a smile and it felt like my body was being ripped in half. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE! PLEASE LINDA I GIVE!" My tears were falling by the bucket full while she held me in her strong grip and laughed at my loud sobbing pleas.

"God I love it when they beg. Are you sure you want to give up?" She taunted. "YES! YES! PLEASE LINDA YOU'RE HURTING ME!" I begged like a bitch. "No kidding you little wimp, I meant to. Now shut your mouth and scream for me again." "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I immediately followed her orders and bawled like I've never bawled before. "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Sniff sniff. "PLEASE LINDA I GIVE I GIVE! LET ME GO! I GIVE UP I GIVE UP!" "AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA!" She laughed in my ear and turned me loose. I dropped to the ground like a lifeless rag doll and laid there crying my eyes out. "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWWWW!" "Get up cry baby I'm not through with you yet." I wasn't in any condition to continue but I was determined to shut her fucking smart ass mouth and pay her back for making me cry. I struggled to my feet and glared at her. "SHUT YOUR SMART ASS MOUTH YOU LITTLE BITCH OR I'LL SHOVE MY FIST DOWN YOUR THROAT!" I boldly threatened. "Ooooooooooooooooo!" I'm so scared." She said with a grin. "I'LL KILL YOU!" I screamed while I attacked. But Linda was to fast. She casually stepped to her left and kicked me in the stomach. "WHAM!" Then her upper foot slammed into in my face. "WHAP!" My head was spinning and I couldn't focus my eyes when I dropped to my knees. Linda got behind me and leaned over to grab my wrists in her hands. "This is so easy Richard." She whispered in my ear. She wrapped my arms around my throat and yanked me back so she could lay down. Then she crossed her legs and placed them up on my shoulders with the back of my neck resting in the crease of her ankles. She firmly pressed her toes and upper foot against the sides of my head and roughly pulled on my arms. I was completely under her control again and unable to break free. Linda laughed while she choked me until my face turned blue. "It looks like I've got you in another hold you can't get out of Richard. What a wimp." I knelt there feeling sorry for myself.

"Do you give weakling or do you want me to choke you until you pass out?" I managed to croak out my answer. "Yes I give. Please Linda I can't breathe." She stretched her toes out to rub them in my face and made me whimper. "Come on Richard you're a big strong man. Try and get out of my hold." "I can't Linda you're to strong. Please stop you're choking me." I pitifully whined. "If you kiss my toes I'll think about it so pucker up Richie boy." I started crying again and begged like a bitch. "Noooooooooooooooo I don't want to. Let me go Linda I'm begging you." "You heard me you little sissy. Kiss my toes or I'll put you to sleep and shove em in your mouth while you're out cold." "NOW KISS EM!" I was thoroughly ashamed of myself while I submissively kissed her toes and cried my eyes out. "That's a good boy. Your whiskers are tickling my toes but I like it. Now stick out your tongue and lick em." I totally lost control and fell apart. "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWWW!" Sniff sniff sniff.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "Don't make me do that Linda please don't make me do that." I blubbered. "LICK EM I SAID OR I'LL BEAT YOU SENSELESS! NOW DO IT YOU LITTLE WIMP!" "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWW!" I wailed like a child with a broken heart and licked her wiggling toes "That's better. If I have to tell you twice again I'll knock you out. Is that clear you big cry baby?" "Yes." I sorrowfully replied. "It better be. I won't put up with it Richard. You'll do what I say or else." Linda released me and I slumped to the ground a broken man. There was no courage or fighting spirit left in my muscular body. Linda had taken them away with her strong arms and painful wrestling holds and totally humiliated me in the process. All I felt was absolute fear of the twelve year old girl standing over me. "It looks like my idiot brothers picked the wrong man to save them. You're nothing but a pussy Richard. I could whip your ass with one hand tied behind my back. Isn't that right wimp?" Shame filled my muscular body like an incurable virus when Linda lifted my head slightly off of the ground and rubbed her foot in my face. She laughed while she pressed her soft skin and cute toes against my mouth and nose and moved it around. I meekly accepted it without a struggle. I've never been so afraid in my life. I was scared to death of the powerful young girl who was degrading and humiliating me like I was her bitch. She owned me and we both knew it. "You like smelling my foot don't you sissy? I'll bet you'd like to suck on my toes too. But not right now. Maybe I'll let you suck on them later if you're a real good boy. Now get up so I can show you who's boss." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed in terror. "You're the one who wanted to fight Richard. Now act like a man and get up." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LEAVE ME ALONE LINDA!" I pleaded. She didn't listen.

"I SAID GET UP! NOW DO AS YOU'RE TOLD WIMP!" She yelled while she dragged my muscular body off of the ground. "PLEASEEEEE STOPPPPPP LINDAAAAA" I screamed in fear while I broke down and wailed. She grabbed a handful of my shirt to keep me from getting away and looked into my frightened eyes. "When I tell you to do something you better do it you pathetic little wimp." "SMACK!" "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWW!" "Or I'll beat you until you learn to obey." "SMACK!" "Do you understand me Richard?" "SMACK!" "I'm the boss." "SMACK!" Sniff sniff. "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWWW!" "We both know you're to weak to stop me from hurting you." "SMACK!" "So mind me like a good little boy." "SMACK!" "Or I'll wipe up the floor with you you big cry baby." "SMACK!" Sniff sniff Sniff. "AAWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWWWWWWWW!" I was nearly out on my feet. My muscular body was sagging in her powerful grip while I cried like a little baby. Her hard punches broke my nose and split my lips and both of my eyes were swelling and beginning to turn black and blue. I was scared out of my mind and trembling like a leaf. My bulky legs were shaking so bad I would have collapsed if Linda wasn't holding me up.

"You know what cry baby? I think I'll go get those pussy brothers of mine and give them a good beating for asking you to fight their battles. So take a nap until I get back." Linda spun me around and put me in a sleeper hold. My feeble struggles to escape from her strong arms were completely useless. In less than a minute my droopy eye lids closed and my muscular arms fell to my sides. "Sweet dreams wimp I'll be back in a jiffy." I slumped to the ground out cold while Linda smiled and walked away. A few minutes later she slapped me awake. "Open your eyes sissy I want you to watch while I beat these two pussy's to a pulp." Bob and Vernon were down on their knees crying. Each one was clutching a limp arm to his chest while trying to rub some feeling back into it. They looked at me for help with pleading eyes and I dropped my head in shame. "You're wasting your time if you expect him to save you. That pussy is more afraid of me then you are. He screamed like a bitch because he couldn't get out of the wrestling holds I put him in and his eyes are all red and puffy because I made him cry like a baby. So if you think he's going to stop me from hurting you you're sadly mistaken. Now come here weaklings." They both let out a high pitched scream when Linda grabbed them. They begged and cried for nearly thirty minutes while Linda beat them like spoiled brats. Both of them repeatedly screamed my name and pleaded for help but I knelt there like a coward with my hands over my ears and my tear filled eyes closed. When she finally threw their battered bodies on the ground and came towards me my face turned as white as a sheet and I nearly pissed my pants. "It's your turn cry baby. I'm going to teach you a painful lesson for challenging my authority. I run this neighborhood and everybody does what I say. That includes you Richie boy. Now come here."

I didn't attempt to fight back when she hauled me to my feet. She had broken my spirit and bent my will to hers while turning me into a sniveling coward who feared her. "SMACK!..SMACK!..THUD!..THUD!..WHAP!" Linda beat me black and blue without an ounce of remorse. I begged and pleaded and cried and whimpered but she simply ignored my blubbering pleas and kept hitting me. "THUD!..THUD!..SMACK!..SMACK!..WHAP!" Twenty minutes later I was barely conscious when I landed at her feet. My face was severely swollen and my muscular body had been completely destroyed by her hard hitting fists. I shamefully kissed her toes and silky soft skin while I groveled at her feet and begged for mercy. I felt no humiliation because of what I was doing. Only fear. I was terrified of the twelve year old girl proudly standing over me. She was now my Master and I was her obedient slave. I was willing to obey any command she gave me to hopefully save myself. Linda grabbed her brothers by the collar and dragged their bodies over to kneel beside me. All three of us were crying our eyes out and shamefully trembling in fear. "Pay attention wimps. I'm going into the house and get my hair brush so I can blister your asses. You know what I'll do to you if you're not here when I get back so take my advice and stay put. Understand?" We all nodded our heads yes while heavy tears flowed from our sad eyes. "Good boys. Stay on your knees and keep your mouths shut. If I hear any of you talking you'll all get another beating so you better mind me." Linda turned and walked into the house without looking back. She knew we wouldn't dare disobey her. A few minutes later she returned carrying a hair brush with a metal back. Tears welled up in our eyes while we stared at the horrible looking thing but we remained on our knees like meek little lambs and didn't attempt to run away.

"Go kneel down by my lounge chair." She ordered. The three of us instantly scurried over and dropped to our knees. Linda was chuckling as she followed along behind us. She sat down and pointed at Bob her 18 year old brother. "Pull your pants down and crawl across my lap." He was wailing like a banshee but he didn't hesitate to obey her. When he was positioned over her lap she turned to Vernon with an I dare you to disobey me look. "Kneel right there and don't move. When I'm through with Bob you'll be next. Understand?" He merely nodded while his tears puddled on the ground below him. "SNAP!" Linda snapped her fingers to get my attention. "Move down to the foot of the chair." I immediately hustled over and did as she ordered. "Good boy. Now bend over and put my big toe in your mouth. If it slips out of your mouth while I'm whipping Bob's ass I'll beat you black and blue. Got it." I shook my head yes. "Good. Now stick it in your mouth and start sucking." I engulfed her big toe with my slobbering mouth and sucked like my life depended on it. Linda laughed and raised her arm in the air.

"WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" She mercilessly beat Bob's ass raw while she laughed at his painful screams. He shed enough tears to fill a fifty gallon drum. She only stopped once to reprimand me for not doing my job correctly. "MOVE YOUR HEAD UP AND DOWN YOU IDIOT! Are you so stupid you can't even suck a toe right? Now slide it in and out of your mouth before you piss me off." I was so frightened when she raised her voice I nearly pissed my pants. I bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could and prayed her toe wouldn't slip out of my mouth. "That's better. Don't make me tell you again Richard I'm not in the mood. Do your job right or I'll put you to sleep." Linda turned her attention back to her sobbing brother. "OK pussy let's try this again. Now hold still and quit that damn squirming." "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" When she finally stopped and shoved him off of her lap his ass was bright red and covered with bleeding welts. "It's your turn sissy, assume the position." She told Vernon. He passively crawled across her lap and shut his tear filled eyes. Linda looked at me with a smile and snapped her fingers again. "SNAP!" "My left foot needs some attention wimp. Switch toes and keep sucking until I tell you to stop." "Yes Linda." I whimpered as I quickly stuffed her left toe in my mouth and tightened my lips around it. "Good boy. Remember to keep it in your mouth if you don't want me to beat you senseless. Now get to work." I sucked in my cheeks and rapidly moved my slobbering mouth up and down her big toe. "That's my boy. You're learning." Linda said as she smiled and viciously brought the hair brush down as hard as she could on Vernon's bare ass. "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" His ass was on fire and also covered with multiple bleeding welts when she dumped him on his knees beside Bob. Linda cupped their chins with her strong hands and got right in their teared stained face. "If you two pussy's ever ask someone to fight your battles for you again I'll mop up the floor with you. Now get out of my sight and go to your room before I change my mind and give you another beating." They hiked their pants up so they wouldn't trip over them and ran into the house as fast as they could.

"SNAP!" "Get over here." Linda commanded as she snapped her fingers and pointed to the ground at her left side. I hurriedly crawled over and passively knelt on the spot. She clutched the front of my shirt and jerked me up to her face so she could look into my fearful eyes. "Who's the boss Richard?" "You are Linda." I whimpered with trembling lips. "Are you going to give me anymore trouble?" "No Linda." I meekly replied. "Are you ever going to challenge me again?" She sternly asked. "No Linda." I answered submissively. "Tell me you're a pussy." She ordered. "I'm a pussy." I said with tears in my eyes. "You certainly are. You're also a sissy, a weakling, a pansy ass, a cry baby, a loser and a coward. Is that correct?" "Yes Linda." I shamefully agreed. "Very good. I'm proud of you." She said while patting my cheek like I was a toddler. "I think you've learned a valuable lesson today." Linda stood and turned her back to me until her left cheek was in front of my face. "Kiss my ass." I firmly put my lips on her flawless skin without hesitating and kissed her butt cheek. "Good boy. You're very obedient when you're afraid aren't you Richard?" "Yes Linda." I said as tears filled my eyes. "Good boy. Now kiss my other cheek." I instantly obeyed. "Very good. Now bury your nose in my butt and take a real deep breath when you kiss it. Understand?" "Yes Linda." I pressed my badly swollen face against her blue bikini and kissed the crack of her ass. I breathed in the aroma for at least five seconds so she wouldn't get mad and give me a terrible beating. "Excellent. You're very easy to train. I love a man who does what he's told. Now one last thing and I'll let you go home. Would you like that?" "Yes Linda. Thank you." I said with a sigh of relief. "Good. Then get up."

I obediently climbed to my feet and waited for her instructions. "I'm going to give you one last punch to remind you never to challenge my authority again. I'm the boss around here and you'll obey my rules or else. You're to weak to put up a decent fight so you really have no choice. For a grown man with huge muscles you're absolutely pathetic at wrestling. So be a good little boy and mind me from now on. Understand?" "Yes Linda. You're the boss." I said while trembling with fear. "Good boy. Now stand still and lower your chin for me." I did what she said and closed my tear filled eyes. "That's perfect. Now stand still and don't move a muscle." "SMMMACK!" It sounded like dynamite going off when her hard fist exploded on my jaw. Linda simply turned and walked away. She didn't have to stand there and watch. She knew I would be asleep when my muscular body hit the ground and she was right. I woke up an hour later and stumbled home crying with a large wet stain in my pants. I never challenged Linda again after that painful day. She still beats up her brothers and me when ever she feels like it or humiliates us in one of her painful wrestling holds until we cry and beg for mercy. She easily proved we'll never be man enough to win a fist fight or a wrestling match against her so we do what ever she says and keep our mouths shut. Linda is the boss and we submissively accept her authority out of fear.