My little sister puts me in my place.


Linda's feet.

While I was watching my little sister Linda for two weeks she taught me a lesson I'll never forget. Linda is only twelve years old and weighs about 80 pounds. While I'm a thirty six year old adult male with a 240 pound muscular frame. So I'm more than three times her size and three times her age. But none of that made a damn bit of difference. Linda repeatedly tied me up in painful wrestling holds and made me beg to get out of them. And she beat me with her fists while I cried my eyes out and pleaded with her to stop. But Linda just laughed and taunted me for being so weak while she continued to hurt me. And it was so easy for her too. It was like she was the adult and I was the child. Now she orders me around like a slave because she knows I'm afraid to challenge her authority. And she's right. I'm scared to death of her. Here's how my life was changed forever by my twelve year old sister.

Linda was giving me trouble all day long. She kept playing her music to loud and wouldn't get off of the phone. Numerous times I threatened to spank her if she didn't mind but she just ignored me and did what ever she wanted to. I continued to let her get away with it because I really didn't wanna listen to her cry. But she was beginning to get on my last nerve. It finally came to a head at nine o'clock when I told her to go to bed. "I'm not ready to go to bed so get out of my room and close the door." She said nonchalantly with her back to me. That was the last straw. "I don't give a damn if you're ready or not young lady. Now go to bed or I'll spank your fucking little ass and put you there." I sternly threatened. "Make me." She said with her back still to me. I merely laughed. She couldn't possibly believe she could stop me from making her mind. "I mean it Linda." She put her hands on her hips and turned around to give me a hateful look. "So do I Richard you're not the boss of me. Now get out of my room and stay out or I'll beat you up and throw you out." She confidently told me. "You can't be serious you crazy little bitch. Now get your ass in bed before I blister it good." I threatened. "You should have listened to me Richard." She said coming at me.

When I tried to grab her arm I got the surprise of my life. Linda doubled up her fist and punched me right in the face. "SMACK!" "OW!" "WHY YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I screamed while I went to slap her. But Linda skipped away and I missed her by a mile. "You have to do better then that if you want to spank me big brother." I was infuriated. I rushed over to grab her up and shake the shit out of her. But Linda had other plans. Just as I got within reach she kicked me in the mid section and bent me over."WHAM!" "UUNNGGHHHHH!" Then her bare foot exploded in my face. "WHAP!" I staggered back and almost went down. "How's that tough guy? Now get out of my room or I'll give you some more." She said with a smile. I completely lost control. "THAT'S IT GOD DAMMIT! NO FUCKING SPOILED BRAT IS GOING TO KICK ME AND GET AWAY WITH IT! YOUR ASS IS MINE YOUNG LADY!" I charged her like a bull elephant and cut loose with a multitude of bone breaking punches. I didn't care how much trouble I could get into for beating a young girl with my fists. She asked for it and by God I was going to give it to her. At least that's what I thought. But Linda easily showed me I was wrong.

Some how she was able to avoid every punch I threw. When I saw her standing there laughing at me I went totally in sane. I threw one bomb after another to wipe that taunting smile off of her face. But Linda was so elusive I couldn't catch up to her. Her black hair was flowing around her small shoulders and her bare feet seemed to glide over the carpet like she was ice skating. Her dark blue shorts and light blue top were just a blur while she danced around my murderous punches with ease and laughed at me. It wasn't long before I wore myself out from missing so many hay maker punches and was breathing heavily. I stood there panting like I had asthma with my hands on my knees. Linda was grinning while she teased me for being totally incompetent. "If that's the best you can do I won't have any trouble beating you up big brother." That smart ass remark sent me over the top. I went at her again and swung for the fences. A few minutes later I was so exhausted I couldn't hold my muscular arms up and my trembling legs were about to collapse. Linda smiled and moved in for the kill. "It's my turn tough guy. I'm going to make you cry like a baby and beg like a dog. Now come here."

I tried to dodge the punch she threw but Linda was to fast and I was out of gas. "SMACK!" She busted my top lip and I could feel it swelling up. "SMACK!" Then her left hook bruised my jaw and snapped my head to the side. "See how easy it is tough guy. I'll bet you wish you could do that." She teased. "You little bitch." I gasped while I threw a pitiful punch. Linda simply slapped it away and taunted me with a smile. "What a wimp." "SMACK!" My left eye was suddenly in a lot of pain. I threw another weak punch but she easily blocked it as well. "You're not very good at this are you Richard?" "SMACK!" Now my bottom lip was beginning to swell. "I should have beat you up a long time ago." "SMACK!" My right eye was throbbing like a tooth ache. "Shut your fucking mouth you little brat." I wheezed while I threw another pathetic punch. "Make me." She repeated as she batted it down and beat me around the room.

"SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" I was wobbling on rubbery legs and ready to go down so Linda finished me off. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" I hit the floor with a whimper. "You better stop cussing and calling me names Richard I won't put up with it." She sternly scolded. "Kiss my ass bitch." I said as I stumbled to my feet. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" Linda broke my nose and put me back down. "I mean it Richard. I'll beat you senseless and knock you out if I have to." "Fuck you." I defiantly said while I slowly crawled up on my knees. "SMACK!..SMACK!" "PLOP!" Both of my eyes were swelling up when she dropped me at her feet. My twelve year old sister was handling me like I was a little boy and I felt like crying. "This is your last warning Richard. I can do anything I want and you're to weak to stop me. So you better do what I tell you or I'll put you to sleep." My strength was completely gone so I was defenseless against her. But I was a grown man and I couldn't stand listening to a twelve year old girl give me orders.

"Go to hell you fucking bitch." I stubbornly said while I fought to get up. Linda grabbed me by the shirt with both hands and roughly yanked me up on my feet. "You asked for it." "SMACK!" "I'm tired of telling you." "SMACK!" "So you better do what I say big brother." "SMACK!" "Because I'll beat you to a pulp if you don't." "SMACK!" "You're not as tough as you think you are." "SMACK!" "You're just a weak little man." "SMACK!" "I can beat you up anytime I want to." "SMACK!" "And you can't do anything about it." "SMACK!" "Understand?" "SMACK!" I was barely conscious when she turned me loose and dropped me at her feet. "PLOP!" Linda nudged my swollen face with her bare foot to get my attention. "Have you learned your lesson or do I have to beat you up some more?" I tried to slap her disgusting foot away and that made her mad. "I've had it with you Richard. I'm going to break you down and turn you into a coward. When I get through you'll pee your pants if I tell you to. If I snap my fingers you'll crawl to me like a whipped dog because you'll be afraid I'll beat you senseless if you don't. Now come here."

Linda grabbed my shoulders and jerked me up to my knees. I tried to fight her off but I was to weak. She just laughed at my feeble struggles and slipped her arms under mine to put me in a full nelson. I used what little strength I had left to try and power out of her hold but it was useless. She was easily able to hold me in her strong grip and keep me under her control. "This will teach you to mind me you little wimp." She increased the strength in her full nelson and I couldn't stop myself from whimpering like a sissy. "UUNNHHH!" "It hurts doesn't it? Do you give you little wimp?" "No." I said with a scrunched up face while I weakly struggled to free myself. "You can't get out of this hold until I let you so you might as well quit trying." She used more power to shove my chin down to my chest and viciously lifted my arms way up. My shoulders were close to ripping out of their sockets and were causing me a great deal of pain. "Do you give now tough guy?" She asked with a smile. "YESSSSSSSSS!" I screamed while tears poured out of my eyes. "Are you sure?" She teased. "YESSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSS! PLEASE LINDA YOU'RE HURTING ME! I GIVE I GIVE!" I screamed in fear. "I thought you would. You really aren't very strong are you Richard. What a wuss."

I was a beaten man when Linda turned me loose. I dropped to the floor and cried like a little baby. My arms were numb and completely useless to me and my face was badly swollen and turning black and blue. My courage and fighting spirit had deserted me and was quickly replaced by fear. I was merely a play thing for my little twelve year old sister and she owned my will. Linda had broken me like she said she would. Unfortunately she wasn't through toying with me. She was having fun shaming and humiliating me and didn't want it to end. Linda grabbed my trembling body and dragged me to my feet. She curled her fingers in my shirt to hold me up and smiled as she looked into my frightened tear filled eyes. "Is that fear I see in your black eyes Richard?" How come you're not running your big mouth and calling me names anymore? Are you afraid of me tough guy?" I was to ashamed to answer her so I merely cried while I sagged in her strong grip. "You never learn do you? That's alright I've got two weeks to teach you." I nearly passed out from fright when she drew back her fist.

"SMACK!" "When I ask you a question you better answer me boy." "SMACK!" "Because I'll beat the hell out of you if you don't." "SMACK!" "You're to weak to stop me and we both know it." "SMACK!" "So you better do what I tell you." "SMACK!" "I'm the boss in this house big brother." "SMACK!" "Get that through your thick head." "SMACK!" "You're not good enough to whip me in a fist fight." "SMACK!" "And you're to weak to beat me in a wrestling match." "SMACK!" "I'll put you in one hold after another and make you beg." "SMACK!" "Now mind me like a good little boy." "SMACK!" "Before you really make me mad." "SMACK!" I was nearly out on my feet so Linda slapped me around to try and wake me up. "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Open your eyes and pay attention you little wimp." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "You can't learn your lesson if you're asleep." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "I said open those eyes sissy." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Do you hear me boy?" "SLAP!..SLAP!" "You better get those sleepy eyes open Richard." "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Or I'll knock you out." When she saw I wasn't able to keep my eyes open she let me have it. "I'm tired of telling you Richard so say good night." "SMMMACK!" Her powerful punch crushed my jaw and instantly put my lights out. "SLAM!" I was sound asleep when I landed at her feet.

Linda nudged me with her foot until I slowly opened my swollen black and blue eyes. Then she roughly lifted my head up by my hair and rubbed her foot in my rearranged face. I laid there without a struggle and pitifully whimpered. "UUNNHHH! She continued to shame me while she proudly stood there laughing. She mashed her soft skin and toes against my severely swollen mouth and broken nose and moved it around to humiliate me. I was so ashamed because I was to much of a coward to try and stop her. "You like smelling my foot don't you Richard?" "UUNNHHH!" My pathetic whimpering made her laugh. "That's it tough guy. Take a deep breath so you can get a good whiff. I know you love it." I was so humiliated I couldn't stop myself from crying. "Awwww don't cry little baby. I won't take my foot away from you. You can smell it all you want. In fact, I'll bet you'd like to kiss it too. Well I don't mind. I'd like to feel of your swollen lips on my toes. So Pucker up and have a good time."

I refused to humiliate myself anymore by kissing her nasty foot. Which gave Linda an excuse to work me over again. "You just don't learn do you?" She dragged me to my feet and slammed her fist into my wide open jaw. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" I went down like a wet sack and cried my eyes out. "Are you ready to kiss my foot or do you want some more?" "Leave me alone Linda." I whimpered. "Make me." She said while she picked me back up. "SMACK!" "PLOP!" I was spreadeagled in the floor with two fat lips and was squalling like a spoiled brat. "How about it sissy? Will you kiss my foot now or do I pick you up and knock you down again?" "Stop Linda. Please stop." I begged like a bitch. "Sorry big brother I can't hear you." Linda yanked me up from the floor and smiled at the fear she saw covering my face. "SMACK!" "THUMP!" "PLOP!" My eyes rolled back in my head and my legs buckled. I slumped to my knees and dropped to the floor at her feet. "One more chance tough guy. Kiss my foot or I'm gonna beat you to a pulp. Now speak up." I was to far gone to answer her. "Have it your way. One good beating coming up."

Linda hauled me to my feet and jerked my sagging body up. "SMACK!" "You're to stubborn for your own good big brother." "SMACK!" "Stop acting like a tough guy cause we both know you're a wimp." "SMACK!" "You can't fight or wrestle worth a damn." "SMACK!" "I can whip your butt with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back." "SMACK!" "And I'm only twelve years old." "SMACK!" "Now behave yourself and mind me." "SMACK!" "Or I'll spank your butt until you can't sit down." "SMACK!" "Do you understand me little boy?" "SMACK!" "PLOP!" I dropped like a freshly cut tree and landed on my face between her feet. Linda glared down at me with her hard hitting fists on her hips. "Now do as you're told and kiss my foot. Or so help me God I'll beat you so bad you won't wake up for a week." "NOW KISS IT!" I was so badly beaten I could hardly move. But I was afraid she would lose her temper and carry out her threat if I didn't obey her. Linda had completely broken me.

I slowly moved my battered head and put my swollen lips on her left foot. Then I softly kissed her smooth silky skin like I belonged there. "AGAIN!" She sternly command. I lightly pressed my mouth on her cute toes and passionately kissed them before she got angry. "I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO STOP KISSING!" She screamed. I nearly pissed my pants when she raised her voice. I quickly covered her soft skin with sweet kisses and prayed it would please her. Linda finally pulled her left foot away and replaced it with her right. "Now kiss this one." I was so relieved I made her happy I continuously worshiped her creamy foot with tender kisses like an adoring slave. "Good boy. I think it finally sunk into your hard head that I'm the boss. And you better remember it too. Because if you try to stand up to me again I'll beat you half to death. Is that clear?" "Yes.. L.Linda. You're.. the.. boss." I meekly whimpered. "That's right you little wimp. And I always will be. Don't forget it if you know what's good for you."

"Let's see now. You was going to spank me because I wouldn't mind you. Is that right?" She asked with an evil grin. My face turned as white as a sheet when she looked at me. "Now then, It was easy for me to beat you up and prove you wasn't man enough so I think you're the one who deserves to get a spanking. Wouldn't you agree big brother?" Absolute fear spread across my tear stained face while I struggled up on my knees and clasped my hands in front of me. "No.. L.Linda. Please.. don't.. shame.. me.. like.. that. I'm.. begging.. you." I blubbered through quivering lips. "You look good on your knees Richard and I love hearing you beg. But I'm afraid my mind is made up. When little boys don't behave you have to spank their butts to make them mind. And you've been a very bad boy today. I'm the boss and it's my job to teach you a lesson. A good spanking is the best way to make sure you learn how to behave so a good spanking is what you're going to get." I totally fell apart. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed in despair. But Linda didn't listen.

I tried to keep her away from me but Linda slapped my useless arms out of her way and spread her left hand over my swollen face to put me in a claw hold. I grabbed her slender wrist with both hands and frantically tried to break her grip but my pitiful efforts to free myself were pathetic. Linda was easily able to over power both of my tired muscular arms with only her left hand and firmly hold me down on my knees. She casually crossed her left foot over her right and put her pointed toe down on the floor. Then she fluffed her raven colored hair and checked her finger nails like she was bored while she calmly waited for me to pass out. I continued to feebly struggle but I was completely over matched against my twelve year old sister and remained under her control. I felt so humiliated when I realised I couldn't over power Linda's left hand with both of my muscle ladened arms. "Just settle down big brother. I'm to strong for you to break my hold and we both know it. So just relax and go to sleep like a good little boy." Her constant pressure on my face was making me weaker and weaker. In about a minute I ceased to struggle all together. My huge hands slipped off of her slender wrist and limply fell to my sides. I was sleeping on my knees in the firm grip of my twelve year old sisters left hand.

"That's a good boy. Nighty nite big brother." Linda released me and watched as my unconscious body hit the floor. "PLOP!" She took my jeans and underwear off and removed my belt from my pants. Then she straddled my back facing my feet and laid my limp arms over legs. She reached back to grab me by the hair and lifted my head up. After moving her bare feet directly under my face she lowered it down until my nose and lips were resting on her smooth soles. Then she pulled my muscular arms over her thighs and placed then together on my back in a double hammer lock. She spread the fingers on her left hand over both of my thick wrists and got a firm grip. Now that she was ready she reached back and slapped me awake. It took a while for me to fully regain my senses and realise Linda had me securely pinned down in the floor. "It's time for your spanking Richard. You better learn to behave yourself and do what I tell you. I'm the boss and you're not man enough to change that fact. So accept it and do what you're told or I'll keep punishing you until you learn. Understand?"

"Please don't spank me Linda. I'm a grown man and you're only twelve years old. It's not right for you to treat me like this." I pleaded. "Why not? You thought you had the right to spank me when I didn't mind you. But I beat you up real easy and knocked you out. Even though you're older and a lot bigger than I am. I made you cry like a baby and beg me to let you out of my wrestling holds because you couldn't get loose. Now I'm the boss so I can spank you anytime I want to. And you've got it coming because you didn't behave. So you're gonna get a spanking and that's final. Since there's nothing you can do to stop me you might as well shut your whining mouth and try to take it like a man. Even though we both know you're just a sissy." Linda picked up the belt and tightened her left hand around my wrists to hold them in place. Then she bent her legs until my head was pinned against her butt by the soles of her bare feet. I struggled as hard as I could to free my muscular arms but they were so worn out and painful that Linda was easily able to hold them in her lap using only her left hand. All of my pathetic squirming was completely useless against my twelve year old 80 pound little sister. Linda had my 240 pound muscular body securely pinned down and under her control. And on top of it all she was thoroughly humiliating me by mashing the soles of her bare feet in my face.

"Hang on Richard this is gonna hurt." She said with a smile. "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" When the belt hit my ass I screamed my head off. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!" I fought like hell to free my arms but Linda was to strong. "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" "I told you it was gonna hurt you little wimp. Now scream for me again." "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" "AAIIIEEEEEEEEE!" She got her wish. Linda viciously strapped my ass with the belt while I helplessly laid there and screamed like a frightened little girl. "Are you gonna mind me from now on?" "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" "You better answer me Richard. I can do this all night if I have to." "WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!..WHACK!" "Are you gonna do what I say you little wimp?" "YESSSSSSSSSSS!" I screamed with tears pouring out of my swollen black eyes. "If you're lying I'll whip your butt raw. Do you understand me Richard?" "YESSSSSSSSSSS! I'LL BE GOOD I'LL BE GOOD!" Linda stopped whipping me and sat up. She rubbed the soles of her feet in my face to humiliate me while she explained the rules. "Behave like a good little boy or I'll punish you. Do what I tell you without arguing or I'll spank you. Keep your mouth shut until I say you can talk or I'll beat you. Do we understand each other?" "Yes.. L.Linda. You're.. the.. boss." I passively whimpered. "Good boy. I think you finally learned your lesson. Now get up." She said while turning me loose and climbing off of me.

When I stumbled to my feet she grabbed me by the neck and squeezed my red cheeks while she got right in my frightened face. "I'm going to relax and listen to my music while I read a magazine. You're going to massage my feet and keep your mouth shut so you don't disturb me. Is that clear?" "Yes.. L.Linda. What ever you say." I submissively answered. "Good boy. You mind real good now that you know who's boss. Don't you sissy?" She asked with a smile while patting my red cheeks like I was a toddler. "Yes.. Linda." I replied with tears of shame in my swollen eyes. "That's my boy. Now kneel down at the foot of my bed and don't move until I tell you to." I scurried over and dropped to my knees like she ordered. Linda turned her music up full blast and grabbed a magazine before getting into her bed. When she stretched her legs out I reached for her foot with trembling hands. "I told you not to move without my permission. Do you want me to give you another spanking?" She scolded. I completely broke down and squealed with fear.

"Noooooooo. I'm sorry Linda please don't spank me." "Then pay attention and do what you're told. Understand?" "Yes Linda." I sobbed with a broken heart. "Good boy. Put your hands down by your side and leave em there. I want you to massage my feet with your fat lips. So lay still and keep your mouth shut. If I'm not pleased you'll get a very bad beating so you better do your best to make me happy. Now turn your head towards the foot of the bed and lay still." I was shaking like a leaf when I followed her order and turned my head away. Linda slipped her left foot under my head and bent it up until her soft skin and cute toes were firmly pressing against my mouth and nose. Then she hooked her right foot over the top to hold me in position. I laid there and whimpered while she flipped through the pages of her magazine and completely ignored my existence. She gently rubbed her silky soft skin and toes in my swollen face like I was a door mat and totally humiliated me. I was so ashamed of myself for losing a fight with a twelve year old girl. She was treating me like I was dirt under her feet and I was willingly laying there taking it like a pussy. Linda had turned me into a coward like she said she would and I was afraid to challenge her authority.

Linda continued to rub her creamy skin over my face while forcing me to smell her foot. I submissively laid there and accepted it while closing my eyes tight against the shame I felt spreading through my muscular body. Twenty minutes later she turned the music down to answer her ringing phone. "Oh hi Connie. What ya up to?" After a short pause she spoke again. "Nah I'm not doing anything. Just teaching my little brother to mind me." Another pause. "I know I don't have a little brother silly I'm talking about Richard. He tried to give me a spanking because I wouldn't go to bed when he told me to so I beat him up and knocked him out. Then I pinned him down and whipped his bare butt with a belt." Being beaten up and degraded by my twelve year old sister was humiliating enough. But now she was shaming me by telling her girlfriend about it. I grabbed her feet and fought like a mad man to get loose so I could run away and hide. But Linda tightened her foot against my face to keep me under control and continued talking while she easily kept me pinned down.

"No I'm not kidding. He's kneeling at the end of my bed right now and I'm making him smell my foot." Pause. "I know he's older and a lot bigger then I am Connie but he sure as hell isn't a man. It was easy for me to beat him up and knock him out." Pause. "I swear I'm not lying. Then I put him in some wrestling holds until he was crying like a baby and begging me to let him go. But I just laughed and put him to sleep in one of my holds. That's when I pinned him down in the floor and whipped his butt raw. You should see it girl it's got belt marks all over it and it's as red as a fire engine." A pause so they could giggle. "I wish you could see this Connie it is so cute. The little wimp is fighting like hell to get out of my hold because I'm telling you about beating him up." Pause. "No he can't get away. And I'm not even using my hands or arms to keep him pinned down. His head is trapped between my feet with my foot mashed against his face and he's flopping around in a panic because he can't breathe." Pause. "I told you he was weak. His muscular arms are completely worthless. I'm a lot stronger then he is Connie. You probably are too."

I was pushing and pulling and prying and doing what ever I could think of to escape. But my feeble efforts were totally useless against her strong legs and feet. With her bare foot firmly pressed against my mouth and nose I wasn't getting enough oxygen. So I started to lose control of my senses and was getting drowsy. When I realised I was going to pass out if I didn't get loose I resumed my pathetic struggling. But I was helplessly trapped in her hold and unable to break free. I meekly whimpered when my eyes slowly closed and I drifted off to sleep. My muscular arms limply flopped down on the bed and didn't move. "His pathetic struggles are getting weaker Connie I think he's about to pass out. Yep, there he goes. Awwww, the big sissy is sleeping like a helpless little baby. Maybe I should cover his big red butt with a diaper." Long pause while they laughed until they cried. "Hey, why don't you come over and spend the weekend with me. We can turn the little wimp into our slave and make him do what ever we want." Pause. "Yeah it'll be easy girl he's scared to death of me. He knows I'll beat him up or spank his butt again if he opens his mouth. Come on over and slap him around so he'll be afraid of you too." Pause. "GREAT!" "We'll have a ball Connie. I want you to see his bright red butt anyway it's really funny looking." Pause. "OK hurry up and get over here. Bye Connie."

Linda flipped my unconscious body over and slapped me awake. When my sleepy eyes opened up she curled her fingers in my shirt and roughly jerked me up to her face with both hands. She smiled when she saw the fear in my black and blue eyes. "Connie is coming over to spend the weekend and help me train you to be a slave. That means she's gonna be your boss too. So behave yourself like a good little boy and do what ever she says or I'll beat you to a pulp and paddle your butt good. Understand Richard?" She asked while giving me a no nonsense look. I nearly pissed all over myself when I saw the evil glare in her cold blue eyes. "Yes Linda." I passively answered with huge tears streaming down my embarrassed face. "Good boy. Now I want you to go stand in that corner and keep your mouth shut until she gets here. If I hear one sound out of you I'll knock you out. So stand there and be quiet like a good little boy. Is that clear?" Yes Linda." I submissively replied. "Good. Now put your nose in that corner and stay there until I call for you." When she turned me loose I stumbled and nearly went down. "MOVE YOUR ASS WIMP!" She sternly scolded. I was crying like a baby while I scurried over and jammed my nose in the corner. Linda was laughing so hard she had to hold her stomach while she watched my bright red ass wiggle as I ran across the room.

I stood there trembling in my shoes and quietly sobbed. Two young girls were going to thoroughly humiliate me and I wasn't man enough to stop them. My little sister had completely broken me and bent my will to hers. She had turned me into a pussy and now I belonged to her. Absolute shame flooded my muscular body until I was completely overwhelmed by it. Twelve year old Linda was going to dominate me for the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about it. My life was over.