(Lack of the) Revenge of the Nerd by MBP (MWFAN318@aol.com) In Japan, a teenage nerd is thirsting for revenge, starting with Kimiko.


"Watch this," conspired Kimiko to her friends Hiromi and Nana. Kimiko sneaked over to where Yusuke stood. Hiromi and Nana had seen Kimiko do it a hundred times. She reached up to the older boy's ridiculous helicopter beanie, which Yusuke never removed, intending to flick it off his head. Suddenly, Kimiko's forearm was ensnared in a surprising vise-like grip, Yusuke whirling around to see who he captured.

"Oh, it's only you, Kimiko," the disappointed teenager exclaimed. "I had hoped it would be one of the boys." Yusuke still didn't release Kimiko's arm. "Well, you're as bad as they are; it's time to teach you a lesson." With that, he began dragging the 12-year-old girl to parts unknown. Caught unaware, the other girls were at a loss as to what to do. They trailed Yusuke and Kimiko at a discreet distance.

Yusuke's destination was the newer of the boys' gymnasiums. The spanking facility, only a year old, was filled with mats and gymnastic equipment, but void of students and faculty. It was the perfect place for what he had in mind. Yusuke pulled Kimiko through the heavy entrance door and threw her inside. He began removing his navy blue sports jacket, matching bow-tie, and starched white dress shirt. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" a suddenly nervous Kimiko demanded. On cue, Nana and Hiromi entered the gym. Yusuke saw and ignored them. He stripped down to his white undershirt and took off his shiny black shoes. Newly-developed muscles covered his biceps and chest. The pre-teens were shocked. This was the school nerd who was weak and wimpy and was always picked on by the other kids. Now, Yusuke looked like a junior bodybuilder. He sneered as he saw the amazement in the faces of the girls.

"I've been working out with weights in secret for more than a year," derided Yusuke as he flashed an impressive double biceps pose. "I'm going to get revenge on the people who've been mercilessly teasing me and making my life a living hell. I'm going to start with you, Kimiko, and then I'm going to beat up all of the boys. But don't worry too much. You're just a girl so I can't really hit you. But I am going to make you cry and beg and you'll never pick on me again. Now get ready and I'll make this quick." Nana and Hiromi were frightened for their friend. Nana asked, "what are you going to do, Kimiko? Hiromi and I could run to find an instructor."

Hiromi chimed in, "we could try to get in his way just long enough so you could escape." Kimiko wasn't really listening. She just kept staring at Yusuke who was busy admiring his visage in the steel reflection of one of the support beams. Kimiko began removing her patent leather black shoes, part of the virtually identical navy blue school outfits that the trio wore. "He's a nerd," Kimiko began. "I don't care how many muscles he has: once a nerd, always a nerd. I'm going to fight him." "You can't!" Nana wailed. "He's way too big." She was certainly correct. Yusuke had always been pretty tall and was more than a foot taller than the 12-year-old. Kimiko, who stood only 141 centimeters tall (4'7+), barely reached up to his chest. And his well- developed physique dwarfed Kimiko's slim, girlish, sort of sexy appearance. Nana was right. It looked like suicide. But Kimiko was adamant. Now down to her white socks, she moved to the nearest mat. "OK, nerd, I'm ready. Let's get it on!"

Yusuke guffawed and joined Kimiko on the large, orange-red mat. Nana and Hiromi looked on apprehensively. The 17-year-old strutted over to the small girl and grabbed her, but Kimiko managed to escape. Yusuke did it again and again the girl slipped out. A little frustrated, Yusuke charged at Kimiko, but she sidestepped and he tripped, falling clumsily onto the mat. The onlookers cheered and smiled for the first time since the start of the ordeal. Yusuke arose slowly, nasty determination set in his eyes. As the older boy got up, Kimiko pulled off her socks. She was slipping and sliding despite her elusiveness, and she needed more traction. Yusuke slowly approached and managed to clutch her wrists with his strong hands. Moving close to the small girl, he roughly brought her arms up behind her back while still facing Kimiko. The tight bearhug didn't hurt but the pre-teen appeared unable to break the hold of the stronger boy. Just then, the twosome stumbled to the mat. The resourceful girl had hooked one of her small feet behind Yusuke's knee and leaned forward. Kimiko landed on top, some of the wind knocked out of the older teen. Her arms freed by the fall, Kimiko quickly moved forward to Yusuke's chest and attempted to schoolboy pin him. He easily flung the slim girl off. Kimiko scrambled to her feet. She didn't want to get into a "ground war" with Yusuke. At least not yet.

Breathing a little harder, Yusuke got back to his feet. This was not going as he had planned. He was going to throw Kimiko to the floor, sit on her shoulders to pin her, then bend her fingers or tickle her to make her cry and submit. Yusuke was planning to do this a little longer than was necessary to exact revenge. Instead, he was starting to get a little winded, and the tiny girl seemed pretty fresh. To top it off, despite his great strength and big size and age advantage, Kimiko had the better of the fight so far. Yusuke hadn't expected this to go 10 seconds and yet they were still fighting. He didn't think Kimiko would be a match for him and still didn't, but the tiniest of doubts crept into his mind. He would watch out for her tricks, and end this quickly.

As Yusuke advanced towards her, Kimiko nimbly danced away. She was one of the quickest and fastest runners in her coeducational gym class, and always did great in any tag games with her natural elusiveness. Yusuke was powerful, but lumbering; Kimiko evaded his clumsy attempts to ensnare her. The chase was having its toll on the older boy, who was never athletic. Building up his body did little to improve Yusuke's stamina. Every attempt to trap Kimiko took something out of him. If the young girl wanted to, she could have used the entire gym and Yusuke never could have caught her. Even on the much smaller mat, he still had difficulty cornering her. The merry chase continued. Yusuke could hear the spectators laughing as he futilely tried to capture the quick girl.

Yusuke finally got a hold on the 12-year-old and had little trouble dragging her to the mat. He mounted onto Kimiko's small body, his huge weight advantage keeping her trapped beneath. Yusuke shinnied up higher, trying to capture Kimiko's flailing arms. Nana and Hiromi thought their friend would be crushed under all of Yusuke's weight, but her small, surprisingly strong body seemed to be holding up well. And Kimiko kept moving. She began driving her knees into Yusuke's back. It didn't have much effect, but kept the older boy occupied. He still couldn't secure her arms, but managed to grab one of them. With his attention on her arms, Kimiko dangled her other hand as bait. Taking the poisoned fruit, Yusuke moved even farther up Kimiko's small frame. He was off-balance and distracted, and Kimiko, with her entire lower body free, swung up her legs in a reverse somersault, and the sudden movement freed her from under him. Kimiko rose to her feet, and the weary boy did likewise.

Not giving the tiring Yusuke any time, Kimiko got low and tackled the bigger boy, her small shoulders driving into his shins. The boy fell hard, and Kimiko jammed her feet into his neck, leaning back, both of her arms controlling his left hand. All of the petite girl's inconsiderable weight was pushing into Yusuke's neck, and it hurt. His left arm was completely immobilized, and his right arm was ineffective. Every time he would try to reach over to dislodge her legs from his neck, Kimiko, would lean back and pull on his hand, causing considerable pain. Hiromi and Nana were applauding and talking excitedly. They had been scared, fearful of what the angry boy would do to Kimiko. And they didn't think their friend should have fought the strong young man. But now, with Kimiko taking control, they understood that she was correct. Yusuke was a nerd, a wimp and a nebbish. He still had the mindset of what he was, despite the outward bravado and supposed confidence. Kimiko had recognized this. She was always the rebel of the little trio, the little tough girl, and was the only one who had teased Yusuke. It wasn't right, but it was always funny. What Kimiko was doing to the older boy now was even more humiliating and the girls couldn't help themselves. They'd feel bad later, but for now Hiromi and Nana would enjoy it.

Through great pain and effort, Yusuke had managed to free himself. Kimiko didn't even bother to go on the attack. She knew he was finished, could feel it in her bones, and wanted to extend the process. Yusuke looked over at his tormentor. Despite their five year difference and the fact that Kimiko was still a kid, Yusuke had always secretly been attracted to Kimiko. He knew that in a few years, Kimiko would be a small, gorgeous young woman. It made it that much worse when she picked on him. By overpowering her, he hoped to garner a measure of respect from her. After she cooled off, Kimiko would realize that Yusuke was kind of okay. Instead, well, Yusuke couldn't imagine, couldn't have ever imagined, how bad it could be if the object of his crush, a slim, tiny pre-teen, beat him up. And the nightmare was happening.

Kimiko stood in her sailor schoolgirl outfit, posing prettily. She gave Yusuke, who was still on the mat, a few seconds to look at her. Then she jumped on him and they started wrestling again. With the last reserve of his strength born from desperation, Yusuke turned over Kimiko onto her back, pinning her again. He hoped his weight would help, but both combatants KNEW that this was short-lived. Kimiko slowly began extracting herself from the situation, and the big, muscular boy couldn't stop her. Her resolve and confidence overcame his weakening muscles, to the point where she appeared to be the physically stronger of the two. As Kimiko got the advantage, she grabbed both of his legs and began pulling his feet back to the mat behind his head. She leaned back to the point where she was nearly sitting, her small pretty feet trapping his arms which were extended on the mat. Yusuke's back was on the mat, legs gripped by Kimiko's arms, and his butt was up in the air. He was entirely immobilized; couldn't move anything.

"Free shots, girls," cooed Kimiko, as she held the submission position. Hiromi and Nana walked over and took turns spanking Yusuke. Their light slaps didn't hurt, but their giggling did as the humiliated boy couldn't do a thing. A year and a half of planning, four hours a day of working out, all going down the drain as the pre-teenage girl dominated him. Yusuke began to cry."Hear that, girls," the victor said. "The big, strong boy, who was going to make me cry and beg, is crying himself. Now beg, and I'll let you go." Yusuke pleaded, and Kimiko surprised her friends by releasing him immediately. "He's had enough embarrassment for one afternoon," noted Kimiko. She retrieved her shoes and socks, and she and her friends left the sobbing boy on the mat. "Good luck with the boys," Kimiko called as she left the gym.