Dominated by Kimiko.


"I give up Yusuke you win." The boy whimpered with tears in his eyes. Yusuke proudly climbed off of the beaten young man and stood up. That was the last of them. He had finally gotten his revenge against every boy who had constantly teased him. All thirty five had begged for mercy while the muscular ex nerd had them firmly pinned to the ground. You could clearly see the fear on their tear stained faces while they pleaded with Yusuke to let them up. "Don't ever tease me again Osaka. Now go." The sobbing young man scrambled to his feet and ran like hell. Yusuke was feeling extremely good about himself until a soft female voice cut into him like a knife. "Congratulations Yusuke. I didn't think you could beat up all the boys and force them to stop teasing you. It's a shame really. You would be undefeated and never have to fear anyone again if you hadn't lost the fight with me." Yusuke slowly turned to face the pretty twelve year old girl who had beaten and humiliated him in the gym.

Before Yusuke could say anything one of the boys in the crowd stepped forward. "What are you talking about Kimiko. Yusuke beat up every bully in school and made them cry like a baby. There's no way he could lose a fight with you. He's seventeen years old and more then twice your size." Kimiko put her hands on her hips and smiled at him. "Oh but he did. Didn't you Yusuke?" Poor Yusuke shamefully dropped his head and didn't say a word. She gently placed her slender fingers under his chin and raised his drooping head. "Tell them the truth Yusuke or I'll give you a good thrashing." The confident smile on her beautiful face irritated him all to hell. He couldn't let her shame him in front of everyone and get away with it. He had learned quite a bit about wrestling while defeating the boys. Surely the out come would be different this time. He could finally gain Kimiko's respect and hopefully get her to like him for who he was. Besides, admitting he lost a fight with a twelve year old girl was simply to embarrassing. His only option was to fight her.

"I really don't want to beat up a girl and look like a bully Kimiko but if it's the only way I can keep you from teasing me then I'll fight you." He said with a straight face. Kimiko was hoping he would find the courage to challenge her. The incredible thrill she received when she beat him up the last time was so intoxicating she had to feel it coursing through her veins again. Fortunately the muscle bound nerd had taken the dangled bait and fell right into her trap. "You made a huge mistake by not admitting I beat you up. That lie is going to cost you Yusuke. Remember that when you're lying at my feet crying your eyes out. Follow me to the gym and we'll settle this. I'm not ruining my clothes by wrestling in the dirt." The petite young girl stalked off towards the gym with a smile on her face. She didn't have to look back to know the entire student body was trailing along behind her to witness the massacre. She couldn't wait to see the surprised look on their faces when they saw she could beat up the muscle bound seventeen year old boy with no trouble at all. Her young female body was tingling all over just thinking about it.

Kimiko entered the gym and stepped on the mats after removing her shoes. Yusuke was slightly apprehensive as he stripped down to his shorts and joined her. The confident smile on Kimiko's face filled his heart with doubt and rattled his nerves. If he lost this fight the whole school would know about it. The shame would be so unbearable it would completely destroy him. He had to win this battle of the sexes or his life would be over. "I don't like it when people lie about me Yusuke. I'm going to beat you up and make you tell the truth." The blazing fire in her Oriental black eyes scared the muscular young man out of his mind. He was so shaken by it he absent mindedly took a step back when Kimiko started towards him. Fortunately the collective gasp he heard from the crowd steadied his trembling legs and stopped his retreat. With his massive frame under control again he met his young tormentor with extreme determination and confidence. Sadly that wasn't enough to save poor Yusuke from being thoroughly humiliated by the twelve year old beauty in front of his peers.

When they locked up, Yusuke tried to pull the slender young girl into his powerful arms and crush her in a bear hug. Kimiko hooked her cute little foot behind his ankle and roughly pushed against his barrel like chest. "SLAM!" The students shrieked in surprise when Yusuke hit the floor like a fallen Oak tree. Kimiko backed off with a smile and didn't take advantage of her downed adversary. She knew she could take Yusuke out whenever she pleased and end his misery. But the confident little tomboy wanted to take her time and make him suffer for lying while she taught Yusuke a lesson. When he was completely broken and nothing more then putty in her hands she would finish him off. Yusuke quickly climbed to his feet and shook his head to clear the cobwebs. He was grateful Kimiko didn't attack while he was down. He vowed to make her pay for that huge mistake when he heard the embarrassing snickers coming from the crowd.

"AARRRGGGGGGGGG!" Yusuke growled like an angry bear and charged his female opponent like a stampeding elephant. Kimiko casually stepped to the side and kicked him in the ass when he went by. "SPLAT!" Yusuke felt like crying when he hit the floor on his face and stomach. The crowd was cheering for Kimiko while they laughed at his clumsy incompetence. The burning hatred he felt clouded his judgment and made him act without thinking. Yusuke leaped to his feet and screamed like a raving lunatic while he charged her again. Kimiko calmly raised her slender leg and let Yusuke impale himself on her socked foot. "WHOP!" "UUNNGGHHH!" His rippled stomach collapsed under the pressure and dropped the breathless young man to his knees. There was a lovely smile on her lips when Kimiko planted her foot in Yusuke's red face and pushed him over. "PLOP!" He laid there listening to the roaring crowd while he struggled to catch his breath.

"Let's go Yusuke you can rest after I beat you up" The tough little tomboy said while she helped him to his feet and stepped back. Her condescending mouth made the muscular ex nerd completely lose his mind. He wound up and threw a murderous roundhouse at her cocky grin. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The crowd muttered in surprise while they watched Kimiko lean her upper body back to avoid the killer punch. "You don't want to do that Yusuke." She said wagging her finger at him. He was to far gone to pay any attention. Another wrecking ball punch whistled past her elusive body and missed it's mark. "I'm warning you Yusuke you better stop." Once more he fired his ham like fist at her beautiful face and failed to hit his target. Kimiko snatched his arm out of the air and viciously wrenched it up his back in a hammerlock after spinning him around. She put him in a half nelson with her left arm and bent his squirming body over. "This is your last warning Yusuke. Stick to wrestling or I'll beat you to a pulp." Kimiko turned his hunched over body and threw him against the wall. "SLAM!" Yusuke was groggy and disoriented when he staggered to his feet and drew back his fist. Kimiko shook her head at his stupidity and let him have it.

This is your last warning Yusuke. Stick to wrestling or I'll beat you to a pulp. SLAM!

"THUD!..CRACK!" She buried her female fist in his muscular abs and then blasted his wide open chin with a dynamite uppercut. "SLAM!..PLOP!" Millions of brightly colored stars exploded in front of his eyes when Yusuke crashed into the wall and slumped to his knees. Kimiko slipped behind him and leaned over his shoulder to grab his wrists. She wrapped his muscular arms around his throat and bent him back while she sat down in the floor and leaned against the wall. When she was comfortable she crossed her legs and placed them on his broad shoulders until the back of his neck was resting between her shapely ankles. Now that Yusuke was firmly under her control she tightened her feet against the sides of his face and choked the helpless young man with his own arms. His feeble efforts to break her hold were useless and ineffective. Kimiko rubbed her socked foot in Yusuke's reddened face and chastised him for not listening to her. "If you swing at me again I'll beat you senseless and knock you out. Now do what I tell you and stick to wrestling. Do you understand me Yusuke?" Kimiko took his whimpering pleas for a yes and turned him loose. Yusuke slumped to the floor with tears in his eyes and fearfully stared up at the tough young female proudly standing over him. Kimiko forced her sock covered toes in his quivering mouth and smiled as she gracefully bowed to the applauding audience.

If you swing at me again I'll beat you senseless and knock you out.

Do you understand me Yusuke?

His fighting spirit was gone when Yusuke stumbled to his feet. It left his muscle bound body like a vaporous mist when Kimiko rubbed her foot in his face while she had him helplessly pinned down. But he refused to willingly accept defeat at the hands of a twelve year old girl with the whole school watching. So he drove himself forward with absolutely no confidence or courage to aid him in his hopeless cause. Kimiko could tell by his body language that Yusuke was thoroughly beaten and no longer a threat. An evil smile appeared on her lips when she decided to toy with the weakened male fighter until he was completely broken. When he was cowering in fear at her feet and begging the tough little tomboy for mercy she would let him submit. Until then she was going to enjoy the amazing sensation rushing through her female body like an out of control virus while she humiliated the much older boy. I'm going to turn you into a mindless puppet who obediently follows my commands when I pull your strings. She said to herself as she threw Yusuke in the floor and jumped on top of him.

For the next hour the twelve year old girl handled the seventeen year old boy like he was merely a child. She pinned him down in the floor with her strong legs tightly wrapped around his throat in a strangling neck scissors and playfully slapped his color changing face while he fought to breathe. Then she put the poor boys sagging body in a vicious abdominal stretch and laughed at his painful screams of agony while she repeatedly bent him over. After that he was crying like a baby with his useless muscular arms dangling in the air while Kimiko easily held him in a combination full nelson body scissors hold and crushed his ribs to a pulp. She constantly teased the much larger boy for being to weak to stop her from putting him in any hold she pleased. Kimiko finally threw the severely beaten Yusuke at her feet and proudly stood over his broken body with her hands on her hips.

You're gonna be doing what ever I say when I'm done with you you little wimp.

You won't be giving me anymore trouble after this will you Yusuke?

"Are you ready to admit I beat you up Yusuke? Or do I drag you to your feet and put you in another hold you can't get out of?" Yusuke nearly pissed in his pants when she threatened to put him in another wrestling hold and torture his pain wracked body. Heavy tears fell from his beseeching eyes like two rushing waterfalls while he held out his shaking hands and fearfully submitted to the tough little female fighter. "No no you win. I surrender Kimiko I surrender. Please don't hurt me anymore." "Then you admit you lied?" She asked in an I dare you to challenge me voice. "Yes I lied I lied. I'll say anything you want just don't put me in another hold." He shamefully whimpered. Kimiko took off her sock and slowly lowered her bare foot until her toes were spread over his mouth and nose. A knowing smile lit up her pretty face when Yusuke submissively laid there without moving a muscle and accepted the humiliation. She owned him and they both knew it.

Kimiko shoved her big toe in his mouth and wiggled the others on his red nose and quivering lips. Yusuke whimpered and tightly closed his tear filled eyes against the shame he felt flowing through his muscular body. Kimiko pinched his nose and roughly shook his head with her toes to get his attention. "Get those eyes open boy or I'll give you a good thrashing and close em with my fist." His eyes quickly shot open like they were spring loaded. "That's better. Don't shut your eyes again if you know what's good for you. Just lay there like a good little boy and do what ever I say or you'll be punished. You could have avoided this humiliation if you had just told the truth. But you chose to lie and made the mistake of challenging me to a fight. So keep your eyes open and your mouth shut until I'm done with you. Understand boy?" He passively nodded his head and whimpered when the movement caused her toes to rub against his lips. Kimiko smiled at the disgusted look on his embarrassed face and purposely wiggled her big toe in his mouth to humiliate him.

Lay there like a good little boy and suck my toes or I'll beat you up again. Understand boy? Yes.. Kimiko. (sob)

"Suck my toe Yusuke." She sternly ordered. Yusuke didn't want to blindly follow Kimiko's orders like a whipped pup. But the pretty little twelve year old girl had taken over his will and he was afraid to stand up to her. He hated himself for being a coward while he obediently sucked her toe to save himself from harm. Deep depression quickly filled his muscular body when he saw the triumphant smile on Kimiko's beautiful face. And he couldn't stop himself from crying when he heard the crowd laughing at him for being so submissive. "Good boy. I want my toe to be clean and shiny when I take it out of your mouth so you better do a good job. You know what I'll do to you if I'm not satisfied Yusuke. It wouldn't be pretty but it would be extremely painful. So put some effort into it and make me happy." Yusuke fearfully clamped his trembling lips down as tight as he could and sucked like a human vacuum cleaner. Kimiko smiled at his docile obedience and winked at him. "That's my little puppet. I'm going to enjoy controlling your strings." Yusuke felt so ashamed he shut his eyes and tried to drive it from his mind. But he instantly snapped them open when her toes stopped moving on his face. "Good boy. You're learning Yusuke." The tough little female said with an impish grin.

That's my little puppet. Work that mouth and suck my toe. UUNNHHH! (sob)

Kimiko forced her submissive boy toy to remain in the floor for nearly an hour while she completely degraded and humiliated him. She knew the muscular ex nerd was cowed down and unable to summon the courage to defy her wishes. The little twelve year old girl reveled in the dominance she had over the seventeen year old boy and over dosed on it. The intoxicating feeling rushed through her nearly developed female body like a blood transfusion until she felt like a beautiful Goddess who deserved to be worshiped by all lowly males. She smiled like an evil little minx when she remembered the older girls talking about a glorious sexual experience that completely drove them wild. The perfect opportunity to enjoy that wonderful bliss was subjugated at her feet with no will of his own. Why not use the spineless little puppet to satisfy her curiosity and find out if it was as amazing as they said. Yusuke didn't have the strength or the courage to object and they both knew it.

Kimiko dragged the broken boy to his feet and held his trembling body steady so he wouldn't collapse. She removed her other sock and stuffed it in his mouth while he passively stood there. Then she located the sock she took off earlier and folded it in half while she slipped her shoes on. After wrenching his right arm up his back with her left hand she covered his tear stained face with the folded sock and firmly held it there. "You're coming home with me Yusuke. Don't give me any trouble or I'll put you to sleep and drag you home by your heels. Do you understand me?" He whimpered and nodded his head yes. "Good boy. Remain submissive and I might not hurt you anymore today. Now let's go." She marched Yusuke across the gym and out the door like he was her possession. He shuffled along beside her with his battered body awkwardly bent over and quietly sobbed while he smelled one of her socks and chewed on the other. Kimiko released the docile young man when they reached his car and took the dripping wet sock out of his mouth. Then she ordered him to drive her home and climbed inside. She sat in the passenger seat like a Queen on her throne and periodically rubbed her sock in his frightened face to remind him who was in charge. Yusuke didn't say a word. When they got there Kimiko yanked him out of the car and dragged Yusuke upstairs to her room.

You're coming with me Yusuke. If you give me any trouble I'll put you to sleep and drag you out of here by your heels. Understand? Yes.. Kimiko. (sob) Good boy.

Kimiko undressed and put on her sexy white lingerie with the decorative lacy bottom and matching panties. Poor Yusuke stood in the middle of the floor with his head down and waited for her to finish. "Take your clothes off boy." She sternly ordered. Yusuke quickly stripped down to his shorts and threw his clothes in the corner. "All of them." She said while impatiently tapping her foot. She clearly saw the surprise on his ashen colored face and the pleading look in his tear filled eyes when he raised his head. But Kimiko wasn't about to let a pathetic male deny her pleasure because he was simply uncomfortable with the situation. She quickly stepped up to squash his little rebellion and show him who was boss. "NOW BOY!" She ordered while slewing him with her eyes and roughly squeezing his cheeks. Yusuke wilted in the young girls grasp and immediately dropped his shorts and underwear. "The next time you hesitate I'll paddle your bare ass until you can't sit down. Is that understood?" Yusuke was shaking like a leaf when he nodded his head yes. "Good boy." She said with a cute little smile while patting his red cheek like he was a small child.

Get those clothes off boy. RIGHT NOW! (sob)

Kimiko turned the bench seat in front of her vanity table and ordered him to sit down. Yusuke scurried to do as she asked. She straddled his head after bending his upper body back and braced her hands on the vanity for support. Yusuke whimpered like a new born puppy when her precious womanhood brushed against his trembling lips. Kimiko calmed her excited nerves and spoke to the docile male who was totally under her control. "I'm sure you're smart enough to know what I want Yusuke. You know how cruel I can be when I get upset so you better do your best to please me if you don't want a broken arm or a swollen black and blue face. Now get busy." Yusuke instantly jammed his red face against her pantie covered pussy and vigorously flicked his tongue to get her aroused. Kimiko wet her ruby red lips and closed her beautiful eyes while pure erotic pleasure filled her feminine body from head to toe. Yusuke clutched her slightly trembling legs to steady them and worked his magical tongue until she was moaning with ecstasy.

Please me Yusuke or I'll beat you to a pulp. Now get busy.

When she was ready he moved her panties aside with his teeth and shoved his probing tongue deep in her canal. Kimiko threw her head back and shuddered with pleasure. Yusuke was getting sexually excited himself while he worked his tongue like a mad man to please the dominate young female. A few minutes later his feverish efforts were rewarded when Kimiko's exploding orgasm drenched his face and filled his mouth. Yusuke had never been intimate with a female but somehow he instinctively knew that one orgasm wasn't enough to satisfy their sexual needs. He rammed his tongue in as far as it would go and worked it like a jack hammer. Kimiko screamed with sensual desire and slowly moved her slender hips to grind her pussy on his glistening face. Her gentle movements and sighing moans reassured Yusuke he had guessed correctly. He mashed his face against her sweet sex and took her to soaring heights in seconds. Kimiko's sexually spent body was trembling so bad after having her fourth climax she could barely stand. She collapsed on the bed with a satisfying smile on her glowing face and sighed contentedly.

Yusuke sat up and grabbed his shirt to wipe the slimy juices off of his face. He was so fucking horny his dick was sticking up like a flag pole and beating with it's own pulse. Without giving it a second thought he took hold of his throbbing meat and slid his hand up and down the shaft. Yusuke was off in his own little world and didn't realise Kimiko had regained her composure. When she sat up and saw what he was doing she leaped off of the bed with an angry scowl on her beautiful face. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" He instantly froze like he had been magically turned into ice. When his fearful eyes popped open he saw the destructive punch coming and knew he couldn't avoid it. "SMMMACK!" Yusuke flew off of the bench and hit the floor like a lifeless rag doll. He was barely conscious and unable to focus his blurry eyes when Kimiko jerked his head up and began to rub her foot in his face. He passively laid there whimpering like a lost little boy while she chastised him for his bad behavior. "Have you completely lost your mind? I never gave you permission to play with yourself. You're here for my pleasure not yours. Now behave yourself you little pervert or I'll hurt you worse then you could ever imagine." Yusuke felt so ashamed of himself for making her angry that he apologised for his actions.

I never gave you permission to play with yourself you little pervert. SMMMACK!

"I'm.. sorry.. K.Kimiko. Please.. don't.. hit.. me.. again." "SHUT UP!" "WHAP!" She screamed while kicking him in the face. "AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW HAWWW HAWWW!" Yusuke broke down and squalled like a broken hearted child. "I SAID SHUT UP!" "WHAP!..WHAP!..WHAP!" She brutally kicked him in the face until he was close to passing out. Kimiko stomped back and forth to calm her anger while poor Yusuke laid there whimpering at her feet. When she was back in control she straddled his shaking body and pinned his massive arms down with her knees. Yusuke was scared out of his mind when he saw the look of contempt on her angry face. "Don't you ever touch that thing again without my permission. Do you understand me boy?" "Yes.. Kimiko." He pleadingly whimpered. "You better. I'll beat you to a pulp if you disobey me again. And we both know there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me. I could tie one of my arms behind my back and still mop up this floor with you. Because your big arms and hard muscles are weak and useless. I own you boy and don't you ever forget it. Now get your ass up." Yusuke was afraid to face the dominate young tomboy when he climbed to his feet. He hung his head in shame and his broad shoulders were slumped down in defeat while he nervously waited for Kimiko's orders.


"Put your clothes back on so I don't have to look at that disgusting thing." He hurriedly obeyed. When he was dressed she grabbed him by the collar and marched him over to the phone. "Call your parents and tell them you're spending the weekend with a friend." "But they won't believ.." Kimiko snatched the front of his shirt to cut him off and roughly slapped his tear stained face. "SLAP!..SLAP!" "Are you arguing with me boy?" He quickly lost his nerve. "No Kimiko." "That's what I thought. Now pick up the phone and do as you're told." He was so frightened his voice was cracking but he somehow managed to convince his parents to let him stay. "Good boy. Now come with me." Kimiko hauled him over to the bench and threw him down. "Get that tongue ready puppet boy. You and I are going to have ourselves an oral sex marathon this weekend and you better not disappoint me. Now lie back." Poor Yusuke was wallowing in self pity while he meekly followed her orders. He was trapped in a terrifying nightmare with no chance of escaping. Destined to serve a young female who could easily beat him up. Gloom and despair covered his muscular body like a smothering blanket at the thought of being dominated by a twelve year old girl for the rest of his life.

SLAP! SLAP! Are you arguing with me boy? No.. Kimiko. (sob) Good boy. Now do as you're told.

Kimiko used her submissive puppet the entire weekend to satisfy her sexual needs. Each day he was forced to give her numerous orgasms or suffer the consequences. Each night he slept on the floor at the foot of her bed with his hands and feet tied together and a sock in his mouth to gag him. He had very little food and water to keep up his strength because his health and comfort wasn't important. The only one that mattered in their unusual relationship was Goddess Kimiko. The poor boy received several beatings because she wasn't pleased with his effort and his ass was bright red and on fire from the brutal spankings she gave him when she wasn't satisfied with his services. When the weekend was over she threw him out and ordered him to return the next weekend. Monday morning when he went to school there was no doubt in anyone's mind who was in charge. Where ever Kimiko went her puppet was trailing along behind her like a loyal puppy. If she sat down to talk to her friends he was prostrated at her feet and ordered to clean her shoes with his tongue. Eventually everyone felt sorry for poor Yusuke but they weren't about to challenge the tough little tomboy who could beat up the strongest boy in school. Yusuke was doomed to service the dominate little twelve year old female until she decided to release him. Sadly for him she was addicted to the erotic pleasures of oral sex and refused to give it up. So the poor boys fate was sealed. He was destined to be a slave to Goddess Kimiko until she tired of him.

Kneel at my feet and clean my shoes puppet boy. Yes.. Kimiko. (sob) (sob)