Dominated by Honey.

My beautiful wife Honey.

It was Saturday morning and I had just gotten off of the phone with me best friend Jason. He and my two other friends Brad and Danny were finalizing our plans to go camping for the weekend. Just as I hung up my wife Honey walked through the door carrying a large bag of decorations. "Get the rest of the things out of the car and then we'll start on this house. I want it to be spic and span for Lisa's baby shower tomorrow so hurry it up." She said rather authoritatively. "I'm sorry Honey but me and the guys have decided to go camping so I can't help you clean up." I answered as I started for the door. "Oh no you don't. You promised to help me Richard and by God you're going to. I forbid you to go camping and that's final." She said with her arms folded over her breasts. "FORBID? You forbid me? Where the hell do you get off thinking you can tell me what to do? I'm the man of this house and don't you forget it. Now sit down and shut up before you piss me off." I threatened.

Honey glared at me for a second before stripping down to her top and panties. "You'll either help me with this house or you can clean it yourself after I whip your ass." She confidently replied with her hands on her hips. I nearly went into shock. I out weigh her by more then a hundred pounds and my massive arms are solid and muscular. "Have you lost your fucking mind? You wouldn't stand a chance against me in a fist fight or a wrestling match. Now shut the fuck up or I'll prove it to you." Honey just smiled and swayed her shapely hips as she came towards me. "Then put up or shut up asshole. But let me give you fair warning. If you swing at me I'll wipe up this floor with your bruised and battered body. Now call your friends and tell them you can't go camping or I'll beat you senseless." That's all I could take. If the dumb bitch was stupid enough to threaten me she deserved a good beating. I drew back my ham like fist and fired a lights out hay maker at her face to quickly end her delusions of Grandeur. I don't remember much after that.

Honey avoided my tremendous punch like it was child's play and landed a powerful right cross squarely on my jaw. "SMMMACK!" I instantly lost control of my senses and was out on my feet. I stumbled and staggered around the room like a drunk while thousands of brightly colored stars exploded over my head. Honey smiled and grabbed my weaving body to keep me from falling flat on my face. "Steady there big boy I'm not ready for you to take a nap yet. I'll let you sleep after you learn who's boss around here." I was completely out of it and unable to defend myself. For several hours Honey controlled my limp muscular body like I was a puppet on a string. She wrapped me up in numerous wrestling holds and laughed at my pathetic pleas of mercy while I feebly fought to escape. But Honey was easily able to overpower my manly strength with her slender feminine arms. She put me in one painful hold after another like she was handling a child and I couldn't stop her. All I could do was beg and whimper while she firmly held me in her grip. When she was through with me I was grovling at her feet like a spineless pussy.

SMMMACK! Steady there big boy I'm not ready for you to take a nap yet. I'll let you sleep after you learn who's boss around here.

Honey yanked my head down and stuffed it between her thighs. Then she wrapped her arms around mine to keep them under control and grabbed my wrists while she pulled them up on my back in a double hammerlock. "I guarantee you'll learn to do what I tell you when I'm finished with you little man. Now let's begin your lesson in obedience." She tightened her legs around my head like a vice and viciously jerked my arms up my back. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I screamed like a banshee and fought like hell to break her hold. But I was unable to move my muscular arms even a fraction of an inch. Honey was simply to strong. "You might as well stop trying to escape because you don't have a prayer of getting out of this hold. Your pathetic male muscles are no match for my superior female strength. My arms are much smaller then yours but I'm stronger then you are and I always will be." Honey tortured me in her hold for several minutes. When she finally released me I dropped to my knees with a whimper.

You'll learn to do what I say when I'm done with you young man. AAIIEEEEEEEE!

While I knelt there in pain she stepped behind me and put me in a full nelson. Then she sat down and coiled her gorgeous legs around my waist while bending me over backwards. While my muscular arms were uselessly dangling in the air Honey applied pressure to her full nelson and nearly ripped my shoulders from their sockets. At the same time she locked her ankles in my lap and tightened her legs like a python until my ribs felt like they were going to crack. The excruciating pain was so unbearable I couldn't stop myself from screaming like a frightened little girl. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! I GIVE I GIVE!" Huge tears poured out of my eyes while I helplessly knelt there and begged Honey to let me go. But she merely laughed and ignored my sobbing pleas while she continued to squeeze my ribs and torture my arms. When she finally turned me loose I keeled over in the floor and cried like a baby.


While I laid there sobbing Honey wrapped her incredibly strong arms around my legs and put me in a Boston crab. When she leaned back and applied pressure to her hold it felt like my back was going to snap like a twig. "AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Another loud scream escaped my wide open mouth. "You sure scream a lot for a tough talking man who was going to kick my ass." She teased. I just laid there and beat on the floor while my tears soaked the carpet below me. "You give?" She asked with a sweet smile. "YESSSSSSSSSSS!" I screamed with tears in my eyes. "Good boy. Now let's try another hold." She said as she turned me loose and spun around to sit on my back. "This is a variation of the sleeper hold that I'm sure you won't enjoy." She said while she dragged my useless arms over her up raised knees and wrapped her arms around my throat. When her camel clutch sleeper hold combination was secure Honey raised up on her toes and tightened her arms around my neck. Unbelievable pain shot through my shoulders but the tight sleeper hold she had on my throat silenced the terrifying scream trying to get out. I was completely under Honey's control and couldn't move a single muscle. About a minute later everything went black and I passed out.

I told you not to go to sleep until you learned your lesson.

I was a blubbering idiot when Honey nudged my sleepy face with her toes to wake me up. "I told you not to go to sleep until you learned your lesson. Now I'll have to punish you for disobeying me." She said like it was my fault. I was scared out of my mind when I saw the evil grin on her pretty face. When she reached for me I screamed in fear and tried to crawl away from her. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" But my pain racked body hurt so much I could barely move. "Where do you think you're going you little wimp. I have a lot of holds to put you in so I can hear your little girl scream. Now come here." I tried my best to stop her but Honey slapped my useless arms out of her way and dragged me up on my knees. Then she leaned over to grab my wrists and pulled my arms across my throat from behind. She effortlessly held me in that position while she sat down and leaned back against the couch for support. When she got comfortable she crossed her legs and placed them over my shoulders. The back of my neck was resting in the crease of her shapely ankles while her toes and upper foot were pressed against the sides of my face. "This is another hold you won't be able to get out of you big sissy." She said as she began to choke me with my own arms.

This is another hold you won't be able to get out of you big pussy. (sob)

"Please.. Honey.. I.. can't.. breathe." I whimpered as my face turned blue. Honey just smiled and rubbed her toes over my mouth to humiliate me. "Please.. Honey.. you're.. choking.. me." I pleaded like a bitch. "Don't be such a whiny ass Richard you're a big strong man. Use those powerful muscles of yours and get out of my hold." She taunted. " I.. can't.. Honey.. you're.. to.. strong. Please.. let.. me.. go." "Welllll maybe we can make a deal. I'll think about turning you loose if you kiss my toes. Is that acceptable?" She asked with a grin. "Noooooooooo. I.. don't.. want.. to.. honey.. just.. let.. me.. go." I begged. "I don't really see where you have a choice in the matter Richard. Now be a good little boy and kiss my toes like I told you to." She casually replied with a smile. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" I wailed while huge tears fell from my sad eyes. "I said kiss my toes and I'm not going to tell you again. Now do it you little wimp." She sternly ordered. Hopeless despair rushed through my muscular body when I realised I had to obey. I didn't have the strength to break her hold and I couldn't breathe. Shame completely overwhelmed me when I kissed her toes with my trembling lips. "That's my good little boy. Now stick out your tongue and lick em for me." "OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I wailed with a broken heart. "I said lick my toes and I mean it. Now do it Richard or I'll beat you to a pulp." Honey viciously pulled on my arms to tighten her hold and make me mind. I slipped into the deep dark depths of depression while I ran my slobbering tongue over her toes and cried my eyes out. "That's better. The next time I won't give you a second chance. You'll obey my orders immediately or I'll give you a severe beating. Do you understand me Richard?" She asked in an I dare you to challenge me tone. "Yes Honey." I submissively whimpered with my tearful eyes shut tight against the shame I felt. "You better if you no what's good for you." She replied while I flopped to the floor on my face.

Kiss my toes. (sob) kiss kiss. Good boy. Now stick out your tongue and lick em. Noooooo. Do it Richard or I'll beat you to a pulp. (sob) slurp slurp

I laid there feeling sorry for myself and cried my heart out. Absolute fear covered me like a smothering blanket when Honey knelt down on my back and grabbed my legs. "No more Honey please no more." I sobbingly pleaded. But she didn't listen. "Nonsense Richard you can take much more then you think. I have to make sure you'll mind when I give you an order so you might as well shut your whining mouth." She said as she folded my legs so she could control them with one hand and cupped my chin with the other. "Are you ready for more pain?" She teased. She couldn't understand my mumbled pleas for mercy because her hand was holding my mouth shut. "Here we go." She said as she rolled over on her back and hoisted me up on her shins. My muscular body was firmly pinned across her bent legs in a back breaker with her feet pressed against my side. My legs were immobilized by one of her hands and my head was held in place by the other.

Please.. Honey.. no.. more. I have to make sure you know who's boss Richard so you might as well shut your whinning mouth.

"Let's hear that little girl scream of yours." She said while she bounced me up and down with her legs. Agonizing pain hit me like a lightning bolt but my screams were muffled because her hand was keeping my mouth clamped shut. "MMMFFFFFFFFFF! MMMFFFFFFFFFF! My weakened muscular arms uselessly dangled in the air while Honey continuously bounced my tortured body up and down. Heavy tears were rapidly flowing from my eyes while I managed to scream out my submission. "I GIVE I GIVE I GIVE!" "I didn't ask if you submit did I? Now hush until I'm ready." She scolded as she pulled down on my legs and chin while flexing her legs. I completely fell apart and squalled my ass off like a spoiled brat. "AAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! HAWW! HAWW! HAWW! HAWW! HAWW!" "You really are a pussy Richard. Try to take your punishment like a man. Oops. I guess that's what you're doing." She snickered while she continued to torture me.

I GIVE I GIVE I GIVE! I didn't ask for your submission did I? Now hush until I'm ready. AAAWWWWWWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW! HAWWW!

Just as I was about to pass out from the pain she asked for my submission. "Do you give up?" "YES! YES! I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP!" "Are you sure." She playfully teased. "YES HONEY I GIVE UP! LET ME GO!" "Oh alright you big cry baby. You're such a pussy." Honey straightened out her legs and threw me off of her. "SLAM!" I hit the floor like a heavy barbell and laid there like a dead man. I was afraid to move because my entire body was in pain. But Honey wasn't through teaching me a lesson. When she grabbed my hair and dragged me to my feet I didn't have the strength to resist her. I just stood there and cried while she maneuvered my broken body like I was a rag doll and put me in an abdominal stretch. "I know for a fact you're not going to enjoy this hold but what can you do? Let me answer that for you. You can't do a damn thing you little wimp. Now scream for mama." She bent my weakened body over it felt like I was being ripped apart.

Do you give? YES I GIVE I GIVE! Are you sure? YES HONEY I GIVE UP! Oh alright you big cry baby.

OK you big pussy scream for mama. AAIIEEEEEE! I GIVE HONEY PLEASE I GIVE!

"AAIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! I GIVE HONEY I GIVE!" "Once again I didn't ask for your submission. Are you so stupid you can't learn a simple rule? Now keep your mouth shut until I give you permission to speak. I won't tell you again Richard so you better pay attention and mind me or I'll really hurt you." My only option was to suffer through the horrific pain until she decided to let me go. Honey was to strong so there was no way I could overpower her and get out of her hold. I could only stand there and squall while she held me in her firm grip and bent my tortured body like a pretzel. It seemed like forever before she finally whispered in my ear. "Would you like to give up sweety?" "YESSSSSSS!" I tearfully whimpered. "Then say it." "I give Honey. Please please I give." I was a thoroughly broken man with no will of my own when I landed at her feet. Just the thought of Honey putting me in another painful wrestling hold nearly made me piss my pants. She owned me and we both knew it. When I raised my throbbing head and saw her standing in front of me I was so afraid I completely lost control. My only thought was to save myself at any cost. Without the slightest bit of shame I groveled at her feet and begged for mercy.

Would you like to give up sweety? YESSSSSS! Then say it. Please Honey I give up. Good boy.

"Don't hurt me Honey please don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want just don't hurt me." I blubbered while I repeatedly kissed her toes and bare feet. A smile appeared on her sweet lips while she watched me degrade myself. She knew I was totally under her control and no longer a threat. "That's enough foot kissing Richard we have to set some rules you will be expected to follow without question." She said while she dragged me to my feet. Honey curled her fingers in my shirt to keep my trembling body from collapsing in the floor. An evil smile was on her lips when she pulled my face up to hers so she could look into my fearful eyes. "I believe we've established who's boss in this house. Wouldn't you agree sweetheart?" "Yes Honey." I passively answered. "Then let me hear you say it." "You're the boss Honey." I meekly replied while I hung my head. "Good boy. You're smarter then I thought." She said while patting my cheek like I was a child.

That's enough foot kissing Richard we have to set some rules. Now get up.

I believe we've establised who's boss in this house. Wouldn't you agree? Yes.. Honey. Then let me hear you say it. You're.. the.. boss.. Honey. Good boy.

"From now on you'll do what ever I tell you or you'll be punished. Is that clear?" "Yes Honey." I answered submissively. "If you ever threaten me again I'll beat you to a pulp. If you ever sass me or give me any lip when I give you an order I'll put you in a painful wrestling hold and keep you in it until you've learned your lesson. We both know I can do it so you better behave yourself. Disobedience will not be tolerated. Is that understood?" She sternly asked. "Yes Honey. You're the boss." I said while heavy tears flowed down my red face like two fast running waterfalls. "Good boy. I believe you know your place in this marriage. For the sake of your health you better stay in it where you belong. Or I'll hurt you more then you ever dreamed was possible. Understand?" "Yes Honey. Please don't hurt me." I whined while trembling in her grip. "Obey me and you have nothing to worry about. Disobey and you'll wish you were dead by the time I get through with you. Now you have a house to clean so let's call those asshole buddies of yours and tell them you're not going camping."

Honey spun me around and wrenched my right arm up my back with her left hand to keep me under control. Then she forcibly marched me over to the phone and dialed Jason's number. I did my best to keep my voice from cracking when I told Jason I wouldn't be able to go camping with them. It was hard to do because Honey was applying enormous pressure to her hammerlock and my arm was in extreme pain. But somehow I managed to get through the conversation without crying. She released my arm when I hung up and snatched me by the shirt again while she got right in my face. "I want this house sparkling clean for tomorrow so you better do a very good job. This is just a sample of what you'll get if I'm not satisfied." I nearly fainted when she drew back her fist. "SMACK!" I hit the floor like a limp dish rag and started crying again. "Now get up and get busy." She commanded while she walked away. I pulled my battered body up from the floor and scurried to do her bidding.

I want this house sparkling clean for tomorrow so you better do a very good job.

This is just a sample of what you'll get if I'm not satisfied. SMACK!

Now get up and get busy.

Thirty minutes later Honey was sitting on the couch reading a magazine while I was dusting the furniture. My face turned as white as a sheet when the doorbell rang because Honey had ordered me to wear a frilly pink apron while I was cleaning. I looked at her with imploring eyes but she merely smiled and snapped her fingers while pointing at the door. "SNAP!" My broad shoulders slumped down in defeat as I hung my head and obeyed her command. I was even more embarrassed when I opened the door and saw Jason, Brad and Danny standing there staring at me. "We stopped by to see how you were feeling before we left. What the hell is going on Richard? Why are you wearing an apron and carrying a feather duster?" Jason asked with a bewildered look. Before I could say anything Honey intervened. "He's wearing an apron because I made him wear it. And he's using the feather duster to clean the house because I told him to. Now I'm afraid you gentlemen will have to leave. Richard is already behind on his work and he knows what I'll do to him if he makes me angry. Don't you dear?" She asked while daring me to challenge her authority. I was to frightened to speak so I merely stood there like a zombie. "SLAP!" Honey stepped up and slapped my face. "I asked you a question you little wimp. You better answer me before I get angry and give you a severe beating." "Yes Honey I know." I meekly replied while I hung my head in shame.

You better answer me you little wimp before I give you another beating. Yes.. Honey. (sob)

The guys got over the shock of seeing Honey slap me and decided to interfere. "That's enough of that shit." Jason said while he grabbed Honey by the arm. Even though the odds were four against one she didn't hesitate for a second. Honey snatched Jason's wrist with her left hand and viciously twisted it to break his grip. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHH!" He let out a loud scream and dropped to his knees beside her. While she held on to Jason Honey threw a powerful back fist at Danny's jaw that sounded like dynamite going off when it connected. "SMACK!" He crumbled like a house of cards and landed in the floor. While Brad stood there in a stupor she unloaded a sledge hammer punch to his stomach that nearly reached his backbone. "THUUUD!" He instantly dropped to his knees while gasping to catch his breath. "WHAP!" Honey finished him off with a brutal kick to the face. Brad was barely conscious when he landed at her feet. Honey turned to Jason and smiled at the painful grimace on his face. "You boys should have went ahead with your plans and minded your own business. Now I have to teach you not to butt in where you don't belong. "SMACK!" Honey broke his nose and dumped him in the floor. When she grabbed me and threw me down beside them I was crying like a baby.

You boys should have minded your own business. AARRGGHHHHHH! SMACK!

If you think I'm afraid of you pussy's you're sadly mistaken. THUUUD!

Cause I can whip all of you at the same time with one arm behind my back. WHAP!


"Get up wimps I haven't got all day. Richard still has a lot of cleaning to do and I was only half way through the interesting article I was reading. So get your sorry asses up here." The four of us looked at each other and shook our heads. This was my chance to escape the nightmare I was in and regain my freedom. Honey couldn't possibly beat up four muscular males at the same time. Nearly one thousand pounds of hard male muscle against her one hundred and fifteen pound female frame was a total mismatch. There was no way we could lose a fight like that with everything heavily stacked in our favor. It was simply inconceivable. So we jumped to our feet with extreme confidence and attacked like a herd of stampeding elephants to put Honey in her place. Unfortunately we underestimated Honey and her superior fighting skills. Which turned out to be a huge mistake on our part. Honey took us apart like she was fighting with children and beat us down like dogs. When the dust finally cleared she didn't have a mark on her while our battered and beaten bodies were sleeping at her feet with severely swollen black and blue faces.

"SMACK!..SMACK!..THUD!..THUD!..SMACK!..SMACK!" Danny and Brad collapsed like a house of cards and hit the floor. "SMACK!..SMACK!..THUD!..THUD!..WHAP!..WHAP!" Jason and I crumbled like demolished buildings and quickly joined them. After that the four of us were completely out of it and had no idea where we were at. Honey hauled us to our feet one at a time and beat our brains out. About an hour later the four of us were out on our feet and standing on very wobbly legs. Honey grabbed Brad and Danny by the shoulder and turned their limp bodies so they were facing each other. My sagging body was standing to her right while Jason was slouching behind her with his muscular arms dangling at his sides. "The next time you little wimps stick your nose in my affairs I won't be so easy on you. So you better learn from this lesson and mind your own business. "WHAM!" Honey drove her foot into my stomach and dropped me to my knees. "WHAM!" Then she snapped her leg behind her and buried her foot in Jason's mid section. He also flopped to his knees like his legs had been chopped off. "WHACK!..WHACK!" She slammed Brad and Danny's head together and they dropped to the floor sound asleep.

The next time you little wimps stick your nose in my affair I won't be so easy on you. Understand? WHAM! WHAM! WHACK! WHACK!

"WHAP!" Without looking behind her she slapped Jason in the face with the sole of her foot and put his lights out. He landed on his swollen sleepy face and didn't move a muscle. Honey turned to me and planted her foot right in my face. I was so badly beaten I didn't realise she was humiliating me by making me smell her foot. "If you ever enlist your friends to help you escape from me again I'll beat you senseless. Do you understand me Richard?" I was to far gone to answer her and she knew it. Honey shoved me back with her foot and patiently waited for my body to sprang back up. When I reached the apex and started falling forward she punted my face like a football and instantly put me to sleep. "WHAP!" My badly swollen face hit the floor hard enough to make my head bounce. When I finally stopped moving my puffy lips were resting on her toes. Honey smiled and rubbed them in my sleeping face.

If you ever inlist your friends to escape from me again I'll beat you senseless. Do you understand me Richard? WHAP!

When Honey woke us up and put our battered bodies in the position she wanted we were docile little lambs. None of us had the strength or the courage to resist her. Jason was uncontrollably sobbing when she placed him on his knees in front of the couch. Brad and Danny were also crying like babies when she propped them up on their knees beside him. I was crying my eyes out too when she laid me on my stomach a few feet from where they were kneeling. Poor Jason nearly fainted when she sat her ass right in his face and pinned his head down on the cousion. His arms were trapped between Brad and Danny's bodies and the couch so he couldn't push her off of him. Now Honey was ready to pin me down with her feet. She slipped her right foot under the left side of my head and pressed her toes and upper foot against my mouth and nose. She trapped my left arm between her legs and pinned my right wrist with her ankles when she locked them together to keep me in place. I was firmly pinned down in her hold and unable to move so I was forced to smell her foot. When I was situated she wrenched Brad's arms up his back in a double hammerlock and easily held them there with just her right hand. She used her left arm to put Danny's arms behind his back in the same way and pinned them there with her left hand. Then she wrapped her arms around their throat and bent them back in a dragon sleeper. Both men were firmly pinned down and couldn't move a single muscle. "With four to one odds against me I believe I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt which sex is clearly superior in a battle of the sexes. Wouldn't you Gentlemen agree? No comment huh?" She said with a smile. The four of us cried our eyes out while we shamefully begged Honey to let us go. She just laughed at our sobbing tears and muffled pleas while she easily kept the four of us pinned down and under her control.


Danny and Brad were being choked by her dragon sleeper and Jason was being smothered by her ass. I wasn't getting enough oxygen with her soft skin and toes firmly pressed against my face so I was losing consciousness as well. It wasn't long before the four of us passed out and went to sleep. Honey called their wives while we were sleeping and invited them over to tell them what happened. They were pissed off because their husbands had tried to beat up a female so they decided to take matters into their own hands. They thanked Honey for setting their men straight and promised they would make sure it never happened again. Nicole woke Jason up and scolded him for his actions. Then she beat him senseless without a touch of remorse and left him lying at her feet unconscious. Ashley slapped Brad awake and chastised him for attempting to assault Honey. Then she beat the poor man to a pulp while he repeatedly begged for mercy. He was sleeping at her feet with a multi colored swollen face when she was through with him. Marie wasn't about to be left out of the party. She shook Danny awake and gave him a severe beating for trying to be a bully. His eyes were completely swollen shut when he landed at her feet out cold. Honey sat on the couch with me in her lap and made me watch my friends get beaten up by their wives while firmly holding me in a full nelson. When the girls were done she jerked me to my feet and smiled as she clutched my shirt to hold me steady. "You have my permission to go to sleep now Richard. Say good night you little wimp." "SMMMACK!" Her powerful right cross nearly took my head off. I was peacefully sleeping next to my friends when she smiled and walked away. The four women drank a few bottles of wine and chatted like young school girls while our badly beaten bodies slept in the floor at their feet. Several hours later Ashley, Nicole and Marie dragged their crying husbands out to their cars while Honey made me resume cleaning.

Say good night you little wimps you're going to sleep.

Say good night you little wimp. SMMMACK!

Nikki smiling after beating her husband to a pulp.

Go to sleep you little sissy. SMMMACK!

Marie with a domineering smile after wiping up the floor with her husband.

It's time for your nap you little wimp. SMMMACK!

Ashley looking confident after beating her husband senseless.

You have my permission to go to sleep now Richard. Say good night you little wimp. SMMMACK! PLOP!

Since that painful and terrifying day our wives have become the boss and we are merely slaves who do what ever they tell us to. None of us have the courage or the will to try and regain our rightful places as head of the household. The painful beatings we repeatedly get from our wives keep us in line. They love to prove how superior they are so we submissively follow their orders like cowards and pray they won't punish us. Groveling at their feet is very humiliating and degrading but it's the only choice we have. Fear is an excellent motivator.

Go to sleep you little wimp. MMMFFFFFFFF! Yeah there you go. Good boy. (sob)