Fifteen year old Ashley Benson beats me up.





Ashley's foot.

It was family day at school and I was prowling the deserted hallways looking for some nerd who had slipped away from his parents to use the bathroom. My girl wanted to go out tonight and I wasn't going to disappoint her so some pathetic little pussy was going to give me the cash I needed to show her a good time or I was gonna beat him to a pulp. I didn't care if the teachers found out because I was bigger than most of them and they were afraid of me. So I could pretty much do what ever I wanted and get away with it. Just as I rounded the corner I saw the bathroom door closing and my unsuspecting victim walking down the hall. I quickly ran him down and pinned his scrawny body against the wall. "What's your hurry Timmy boy? We need to have a little discussion over some funds I need and what you're gonna do about it." "Uhhh.. sure Rich. I've got ten dollars in my pocket you can have." "You better add another zero to that Timmy boy or you're gonna be a huge stain on this floor. Capish?" "A HUNDRED DOLLARS? I don't have that kind of money." He whimpered while his puny body trembled. "That's your problem not mine. Ask your parents or rob a bank I don't care. If I don't have a C note in my hands by six o'clock tonight I'll hunt you down and put you in the hospital." Just as I was about to bust him in the mouth as a reminder of what I would do if he didn't come through I was interrupted by some twit who was sticking her nose in where it didn't belong. "Excuse me. Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" She was maybe fourteen or fifteen years old and all dolled up in a fancy dress and black heels for family day. "Scram girly this is none of your business." "I asked you a question. Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" "Beat it you little twit or you'll be next." I threatened while I glared at her. "Oh I doubt that. Bully's are afraid to pick on someone who will fight back." She said with a cocky little smile. "If you open your fucking mouth one more time I'm gonna shove my fist down your throat. Not get lost before I really get pissed." I snarled through gritted teeth while I poked her in the chest. She looked me right in the eyes and shook her head. "You really shouldn't have done that." "Oh yeah. What are you gonna do about it?" I chuckled. Her hand moved so fast I never even saw it coming. "SMACK!" Her fist unexpectedly crushed my jaw and I hit the floor like a ton of bricks.

She casually removed her heels and held them out to Tim. "Hold these for me please." He slowly raised his hands and gently took them from her slender fingers. "Thank you." She said with a sweet smile. He merely nodded his head while he stood there in shock with his mouth wide open in disbelief. She turned and strolled over to where I was laying while she watched me struggle to get up. "Just for the record my name is Ashley Benson and I'm fifteen years old. I want you to know the name of the girl who taught you a lesson and showed you how it feels to be bullied by someone who can beat you up. Now get on your feet." "you're definitely gonna know how it feels do be afraid you fucking little whore." I heard Tim gasp in horror and turn away when he saw me viciously attack her like a mad man. "SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH!" She easily avoided my murderous punches and smiled as she put her hands on her slender hips. "Was that supposed to make me afraid?" Her taunting mouth was the last straw. "I'm gonna kill you you fucking bitch." "C'mon tough guy I'm not afraid of a little wimp like you." I took dead aim at her smiling lips and threw a deadly combination with mean intentions. "SWISH! SWISH!" I missed her by a mile and left myself wide open. "SMACK! SMACK!" Two sharp jabs watered my eyes and busted my lip. "YOU'RE DEAD!" I screamed while I charged her like a stampeding elephant with my muscular arms pumping like a well oiled machine. "SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH!" (block) She nonchalantly block my last punch and took me apart. "SMACK! SMACK! THUD! THUD!" She bruised my jaw and broke my nose before driving her fists so deep into my stomach she nearly reached my back bone. "UUUGGGHHH!" My eyes bugged out and my mouth flew open gasping for breath while I clutched my aching mid section and doubled over in pain. Ashley turned her back to me knowing I wasn't a threat and smiled at Tim while she snapped her leg up behind her to slap me in the face with the sole of her foot. "WHAP!" I dropped like a dead man and landed on my face behind her heels. 'I'm not afraid of you Richard but I guarantee by the time I'm through you will be afraid of me." "fuck.. ugh.. ugh.. you.. ugh.. bitch." I managed to grunt out between sucking breaths. "We'll see little man we'll see. Now get up."

in with a two solid punches that in an attempt to mangle her body and rip her head from her shoulders. But not one punch found it's mark. She danced around my killer punches like it was child play while continuously taunting me for not being able to hit her. "You missed me again tough guy. You're not very good at this are you?" Suddenly her left arm came out of nowhere to block my right arm and her fist exploded over my left eye. (block) "SMACK!" I could literally feel it swelling up as I keeled over and landed at her feet. "C'mon tough guy I'm just getting started. Get up and fight." I jumped up and charged her like a mad man with murder on my mind. "SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH!" "SMACK! THUD!" "UGGHHH!" After avoiding my ham sized fist like it was child's play she swelled up my other eye and drilled me in the stomach so hard her fist nearly reached my back bone. When I clutched my aching mid section and doubled over in pain she snatched the back of my collar with one hand and the belt around my waist with the other and slammed my head into the lockers. "BLAM!" I went down like a slab of beef and laid there in a daze. "C'mon you little wimp I'm not done with you yet. Get up." She ordered while nudging my swollen face with her toes. I shook my head to clear the cob webs and climbed to my feet. "You're dead you little bitch. Fucking dead." "They all say that at the beginning. But in the end you lose your courage and begin to beg like a frightened little boy." I don't beg bitch." I growled as I cocked my fist to throw a punch. "SMACK!" I never even saw her hand move. One second it was hanging by her side and the next it was slamming into my face and breaking my nose. Tears welled up in my eyes as I hit the floor with a whimper. "Oh you'll beg alright it's just a matter of when. Now get up."

"SMACK!" Now my right Her fists landed with the power of a sledge hammer and drove me back. While I was reeling and unable to defend myself she switched to my stomach and softened it up. "THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD!" I doubled over gasping for breath and dropped to my knees. Ashley calmly took hold of my limp wrists and twisted my arms behind my back. She easily held them there with her left hand while she wrapped her right arm around my neck and pulled my head up snug to her side. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx turns n kisses weak boy on cheek..then smacks me in face with sole and walks off as I drop to floor out cold while weak boy looks on at her in wonder.